JK Boots Uses ParcelPanel to Reduce Order Tracking Tickets by 63%

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Brand: JK Boots
Industry: Handcrafted Footwear
Platform: Shopify Plus
Location: Spokane, Washington, USA
Founded: 1996
Employee Count: 11-50
Online Presence Initiated: August 2022
Shipping Partners: Fewer than 5
Integrations: Not Available

Brand Story

Founded by John Khadhzi, JK Boots has grown from a passionate craftsman’s dream into a prominent name in handcrafted boots, celebrated for their durability, comfort, and quality. Based in Spokane, Washington, this family-operated business prides itself on producing top-tier work boots for various outdoor professions and daily wear, blending traditional leatherworking skills with modern needs.

Growth and Challenges

The brand experienced unprecedented demand in September 2022, particularly for its Fire Inlander boots, driven by a significant increase in wildfires across the US. This surge, amplified by targeted advertising, brought a new set of challenges, notably a spike in customer inquiries regarding order statuses due to the meticulous craftsmanship involved, leading to longer lead times.

The Quest for a Solution

Determined to maintain their reputation for exceptional customer service, John and his sons embarked on a search for an order tracking solution that could offer customers transparency and peace of mind during the waiting period. Their criteria included an estimated delivery date feature, shipment analytics for operational efficiency, and a customizable tracking page to reflect their brand’s ethos.

Implementing ParcelPanel

The choice of ParcelPanel as their order tracking solution was unanimous. It met all their essential needs, providing customers with detailed updates on their orders’ manufacturing and shipping stages, thus significantly reducing customer service inquiries and enhancing the overall post-purchase experience.

Impactful Results

The implementation of ParcelPanel led to a dramatic 63% reduction in order tracking inquiries and a 0.7-day improvement in average shipping times, which, in turn, increased customer satisfaction scores by 6%. This not only streamlined their operational efficiency but also reinforced JK Boots’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Looking Ahead

JK Boots is poised to continue supporting frontline workers with both high-quality boots and an exemplary tracking experience. The partnership with ParcelPanel has allowed the Khadhzi family to focus on their craft, ensuring that their customers remain well-informed and satisfied with their purchase journey.


JK Boots’ collaboration with ParcelPanel has transformed their approach to customer service and logistics, marking a significant milestone in their journey. As they move forward, JK Boots remains dedicated to providing frontline heroes with the support they need, grounded in tradition but embracing innovation.

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