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The best shipment tracking software
for eCommerce

Enhance your post-purchase experience to maximize customer satisfaction and generate more sales.

Why choose ParcelPanel as your post-purchase service provider?

Keep track of all your orders effortlessly, from payment to last-mile delivery. Benefit from real-time tracking information updates and accurate courier matching. 

Increase order lookup by 3.7 times. Get customers back to your store for orders they are concerned about without putting pressure on customer service.

Effectively engage your customers with automated emails that update them on the latest order status so that they can have peace of mind and get ready for pick-up.

Get insights on shipments, order tracking lookups, notifications, upsell offers, delivery and transit time all in one place. Analyze shipping and upsell performances easily.

ParcelPanel is seamlessly integrated with 20+ popular apps in reviews, email marketing, translation, website development, helpdesk, etc., to help you save time & costs.

Top-rated enterprise-grade platform

Enterprise-grade platform & industry compliance.


ISO 27001 certification

Compliant with the most rigorous standards for information security and privacy in the world.


GDPR compliance

We are not only GDPR compliant, but we also put data & privacy protection as a top priority. 


1,000+ carriers

We have an extensive network of carriers to serve businesses worldwide.


20+ integrations

Integrated with popular eCommerce platforms and apps for advanced automation.


24/7 support

Have any questions? Top-notch customer support is always available here.


40,000+ customers

We help 40,000+ eCommerce businesses increase revenue and grow faster.

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Trusted by 34,000+ Shopify businesses

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to e-commerce website builders, currently, Parcel Panel supports Shopify, Shopify Plus and WooCommerce. Integrations with other e-commerce platforms will be coming soon.

After you install Parcel Panel, a branded tracking page under your domain will be automatically created. A variety of elements on the page can be customized. You just need to copy the link and add it in your navigation menu.

Parcel Panel supports various Shopify email templates, including order confirmation, shipping confirmation, shipping update, shipment out for delivery, and shipment delivered notifications. Just go to the settings of your Shopify admin, choose "Notifications," and choose an email template to which you want to add your order tracking link. Please click here to check the detailed instructions.

Parcel Panel is integrated with Shopify and WooCommerce via API to sync your order data in the last 30 days. After an order is fulfilled and a tracking number is generated, the tracking number will be synced to ParcelPanel. Finally, ParcelPanel will pull tracking information from 1,000+ supported couriers in the world.

Just go to Parcel Panel admin, click the "Tracking page" tab and choose "Estimated delivery time" to enable the feature. You may set up the estimated delivery time frame according to your needs. The advanced setting based on destinations can also be enabled. These settings will be useful when Parcel Panel can't fetch the estimated delivery time from the couriers. 

Click here to check out the CSS codes that you might need to change the alignment of the tracking page title, font size, input fields, track button, hover effect, colors, padding, and so on.

Improve your post-purchase service with #1 tracking solution

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