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Best Shopify App for SEO to Boost Your Rankings​

Avoid wasting numerous hours on manual optimization of your Shopify store. Here’s the most cost-effective ecommerce SEO solution you need! Use our all-in-one automated SEO software to yield spikes in organic traffic easily! 

Why is SEOAnt the best choice for Shopify SEO?

Leverage our comprehensive solution to enhance your website visibility. Let potential customers find you easily!

Optimize your store for search according to the best SEO practices and the latest Google trends. We help with website indexing, technical SEO, page experience, and backlinks. Choose us to get more free traffic and reach more buyers!

Perform a thorough SEO audit and identify any potential issues that are roadblocks to your SEO success. Get a detailed report full of insights and suggestions for troubleshooting so you can easily fix meta tag errors, broken links, etc.

Want to reduce your page loading time to enhance user experience and boost conversion rates? Our app checks your website speed regularly and helps you bulk compress images without losing quality and build accelerated mobile pages.

Get keyword suggestions to target the right keywords and highly relevant long-tail variations that guide your content creation. Meanwhile, easily identify your competitors’ top-performing keywords and narrow the content gap.

What can SEOAnt do for you?

Check on-page SEO

Thoroughly scan your Shopify store and check whether all SEO elements work well. Discover what can be improved easily so that you can fix basic errors accordingly.

Compress images in bulk

Resize images automatically in one go while keeping the quality. Instantly improve your website speed and reduce bounce rates arising from slow loading.

Edit meta tags in bulk

Improve your efficiency in creating and changing meta titles and descriptions. Make your content more accessible to search engines for higher rankings and CTR.  

Add image Alt texts in bulk

Describe what your images are showing efficiently to search engine crawlers to enhance accessibility, improve user experience and even drive traffic with images.

Fix 404 errors/
broken links

Easily find broken links and use 301 redirects to prevent them from adversely impacting user experience, which is an essential SEO ranking factor.

Generate JSOD-LD schema

Add structured data to HTML codes instantly so that your web pages will be preferred by Google crawlers and given preferential treatment.

Set up AMP

Create super-fast pages optimized for mobile shoppers with just one click. This is especially useful when you rely on traffic from mobile devices.

Build backlinks

Build a perfect backlink profile easily. Discover thousands of link-building prospects in no time and send backlink outreach messages efficiently.

Auto-suggest keywords

Save hours on keyword research! Get a list of the right keywords and set about creating high-quality content to attract your target audience right away.

Add Robots.txt noindex

Prevent certain pages, such as pages with duplicate and think content, from being indexed so that they won’t be accessed via search queries.

Add Robots.txt nofollow

Easily find and add the nofollow attribute to links existing in your store. Avoid the link juice flowing onto low-value pages or other websites.

Find competitor keywords

Discover valuable keywords that your competitors rank for in seconds to guide your content marketing strategy and narrow the content gap easily.

The must-have profit-optimizing marketing tool

SEO is the optimal long-term marketing strategy that promises exponential growth on a budget. Just focus on what matters to your sales, and let us do the tedious SEO work for you. Sit back and see your website gain traction and your investments in SEO pay off.

5x       Increase in website traffic and sales

85%    Time- and cost-saving feedback

30      Seconds needed to get started

Trusted by 34,000+ Shopify businesses

Frequently asked questions

SEOAnt has a free plan which allows you to run our SEO checker, compress images, identify broken links, optimize keywords, exchange backlinks and bulk edit image alt text easily. You can access advanced features by choosing our flexible paid plans to further improve the SEO performance of your Shopify store. 

You will likely get higher rankings, but the results are not guaranteed. 90% of our users have found increases in search rankings of their Shopify stores after using SEOAnt. Honestly, SEO is a long-term game that takes time and effort, and it's associated with many factors, including content quality, relevance, domain authority, etc. 

Of course. SEOAnt has a professional team of SEO experts and web developers who are dedicated to providing guidance to you at any time and helping you fix technical SEO issues. Notably, you can get expert advice and guidance for free. If you need further assistance, such as website speed optimization and troubleshooting, you'll be required to pay a service fee.

Yes, absolutely. SEOAnt helps you build a solid foundation for Shopify SEO. By using SEOAnt, you can easily discover what should be optimized and fix a variety of on-page and off-page issues immediately. All these can take your website ranking and organic traffic to the next level!

Sure. As long as you cancel the paid plan within 30 days of the purchase date, you will be issued a refund whose amount is equal to the full refund minus the value of the services that have been completed. 

Discounts and promo codes that apply to our SEO app and expert services can be found within our app sometimes. Just install our app, and you'll find them.

Boost your Shopify SEO easily with SEOAnt

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