Blueridge Success Story with and ParcelPanel in Revenue Retention

Products Used

Industry: Collectibles (Car-related collectibles)

Platform & Agency: Shopify

Challenge: How to improve customer experience and brand reputation and increase revenue cost-effectively to fuel growth.

Solution: Invest in ParcelPanel to improve order tracking capabilities and to help collect and display reviews.

Results: Monthly sales and conversion rate growth, signaling better customer loyalty.


BlueRidge is a car-related collectibles company that designs and sells building blocks for miniature cars. It aims to help fellow enthusiasts rediscover the nostalgic joy of their favorite car models in miniature. To this end, BlueRidge focuses on quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and innovative designs to provide a vast array of possible model designs.

“However, we quickly discovered that an awesome product is only half the story of sustained growth,” notes the customer service manager. “The other half is a thoroughly satisfied customer.” Consequently, BlueRidge sought partners to help them make order processing seamless and fast, make tracking transparent, and manage customer reviews.


The toy car collectibles industry is niche but very competitive. Both established and new players jostle for a slice of the market share, competing on product quality, pricing strategies, and customer satisfaction. To survive and thrive in such a cutthroat environment, BlueRidge’s primary challenge was enhancing customer satisfaction to improve loyalty and customer lifetime value.

To provide a truly pleasurable experience, building and collecting cars goes beyond offering a superior product. The purchase journey must be seamless and satisfying as well. BlueRidge decided to process and deliver orders faster and to make the whole process transparent so that the customer never had to worry about their order.

At the same time, it had to cope with a dynamic marketplace and evolving consumer preferences. Engaging the customer for feedback was the most effective way to determine changing tendencies. The challenge was to find an effective yet affordable way to request and manage reviews.

Moreover, to improve the brand’s popularity, BlueRidge had to maintain its brand visibility at every opportunity and continue creating awareness for its products and offers. These needs proved obstacles but also offered opportunities. If BlueRidge could overcome these challenges efficiently and cost-effectively, it could provide a superior product and experience that could edge out the competition.


“We wanted an app that made it easy for the customer to interact with our processes, an app that made them feel appreciated and an integral part of our business. Besides fast shipping, we also needed to empower customers to track their orders. We have to make the customer feel we need and appreciate their feedback.”

Precisely, BlueRidge wished to satisfy the following needs:

1. Ensuring revenue growth to fuel scaling efforts. This was only possible by increasing the number of customers and encouraging them to spend more.

2. Cost-effectiveness—The solution had to be cost-effective, affordable, and enable more efficient and productive use of resources.

3. All-in-one tracking—BlueRidge works with multiple carriers. The tracking solution had to be convenient, even when tracking different carriers, and it also had to be transparent and accurate.

4. Proactive tracking information notifications keep the customer updated about the status of their shipment before they need to ask.

5. The solutions had to be easy to implement and use for BlueRidge staff and customers.

6. Smart analytics—Since they form points of interaction with the customer, the apps must be able to collect relevant and valuable customer data and synthesize it so meaningful insight can be gained.

7. The ability to engage customers across multiple platforms—Many BlueRidge customers encounter the brand on different platforms, and the brand must be willing to engage with them where they are most comfortable.

8. Seamless integration—BlueRidge uses other specialist e-commerce tools to run its business efficiently. The solution must integrate with these tools to eliminate the inconvenience of switching between them.

BlueRidge settled on ParcelPanel, a third-party tracking site that can track over 1000 carriers. ParcelPanel also offered shipping notifications that relieved us from distracting WISMO queries. On ParcelPanel’s branded tracking page, BlueRidge gained more visibility for its brand and offers. To top it off, ParcelPanel integrates with many other e-commerce tools, such as, which BlueRidge already uses.

For collecting reviews, BlueRidge chose the review collecting app that would enable it to collect and import reviews from multiple platforms like Facebook, X, and Instagram. also offered BlueRidge attractive and customizable widgets that drew in more business. With, BlueRidge could auto-collect reviews using email invitations, SMS, and discount coupons.


“ParcelPanel and have been key to transforming our customer experience by making order tracking easy and transparent and establishing social proof through reviews. We have increased customer retention by enhancing trust, driving loyalty, and growing their lifetime value. Both apps have helped us overcome the challenges of growth. We certainly shall continue using them to drive growth.”

These are the achievements we have made with ParcelPanel and 

1. $40,000+ in retention revenue based on the effectiveness of both apps in building customer loyalty and encouraging spending. Notable features in this regard include ParcelPanel’s convenient tracking capabilities and branded tracking page, as well as’s attractive widgets.

2. A 4.89 review star: has made it possible for our clients to express their satisfaction with our product, which has, in turn, encouraged more business.

3. 3200+ reviews have been collected since beginning to use’s features that make it easy to request reviews and collect reviews from multiple platforms. The number of reviews and the high star rating have established BlueRidge as a reputable and trustworthy brand.

4. BlueRidge has experienced a 210% surge in CVR on review requests, affirming the effectiveness of’s review auto-request feature and enticements like discount offers.

5. The use of ParcelPanel and led to an increase of $132,000+ in monthly sales, based chiefly on enhanced customer experience, increased brand and product visibility on ParcelPanel’s branded page, and levering the power of reviews.

6. BlueRidge’s branded tracking page has made $300 from all the marketing channels on the page.

The Future

Without a doubt, our investment in ParcelPanel and has shown positive results. By helping us provide a superior customer experience and improve brand reputation and visibility, we have not only survived but also grown in a very competitive industry. All the numbers show an upward trend.

ParcelPanel and Trustoo have helped us leverage opportunities that would have otherwise been obstacles and will continue to be an integral part of the next stage of our journey.

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