Professor Amos Scale with and SEOAnt

Products Used

Industry: Home & Garden/Cleaning

Platform & Agency: Shopify

Challenge:  Getting new customers through reviews and social proof, while boosting organic traffic with SEO.

Solution: Use apps designed to collect, display, and share reviews and improve SEO for e-commerce sites.

Results:  increase in social proof, SEO score, customer retention rates, and revenue.


Bearing the same name as its founder, Professor Amos is an international manufacturing and marketing company specializing in cleaning products. Professor Amos provides high-quality and effective soapless cleaning solutions that have been proven time and time again to get rid of tough stains. The founder, Professor Amos, has demonstrated his products on popular late-night talk shows, and he is known as an innovator of the first cleaning infomercial.

Professor Amos has over 30 years of experience in the household and commercial cleaning product industry. Additionally, the company has used various marketing channels,

such as TV, social media, and YouTube. Although using multiple marketing channels is an industry best practice, it can dilute staff time, increase costs, and lead to losing marketing control.


  • Professor Amos struggled to incorporate new ways of leveraging social proof to increase customer acquisition and retention.
  • The company’s SEO practices were lacking, which further affected their organic search.
  • Since the company sells products across different channels, it needed a solution to pull social proof from various platforms.

Professor Amos mainly encountered challenges in improving website traffic in their online store and retaining customers. The current company head, Professor Amos III, sought to find the best customer acquisition and retention strategies and ways to improve website traffic.

The company mainly uses its online store to sell products to consumers even though its products are available on numerous online stores and platforms. Customers can find Professor Amos cleaning products on HSN, Shopping Live, eBay, Amazon, and TSC, among others. Therefore, the company needed a robust solution that works across many channels to deliver the desired result. Professor Amos needed more visibility (high performance) and social proof to increase store credits, retention, and sales in the US and worldwide. 

Professor Amos knew the quest to find the right app or solution would be challenging.  The right app must incorporate e-commerce SEO and social across platforms and boundaries.

“In the past, infomercials and print media ads made up most of our marketing. Now, we need to take a bold step into the digital and social media era and use all the amazing tools available to grow our brand. “Amos Harp III, chief executive officer.


The journey to finding the right solutions for their social proof and ranking needs started soon after the company knew exactly what they wanted. The cleaning company did not just need an app that could improve its SEO performance and help it utilize social proof; the solutions would also need to integrate with its official site. The company boasts of providing its customers with high-quality products and great shopping experiences, so it wanted to avoid solutions that diminished user experience. As a result, the team emphasized finding solutions that complemented or, at best, improved user experience on store.

“We wanted to leave nothing to chance. Sure, we had the budget and the right team on board, but if the end product doesn’t meet our goals, then we would have to do it all again.” Amos Harp III.

The team tasked with finding the solutions identified the following core goals

1.    Save costs and time

The company needed an effective yet affordable solution that was easy to integrate into their system and use.

2.    Improve store credits and customer retention

The perfect apps are needed to improve store credits and boost engagement rates by turning one-time buyers into repeat shoppers. 

3.    Collect and display genuine social proof

The company wanted an app designed to collect social mentions from different platforms and display them on their store.

4.    Improve store SEO

One of the company’s most important objectives was to reduce marketing costs by improving its organic traffic numbers. SEO is one of the best ways to improve website visits in the long term.

The search for a review and SEO solutions led the team to and SEOAnt, two apps that could integrate well with their existing tech infrastructure and offered the features to meet challenges.

Professor Amos was able to collect social mentions and reviews from different platforms and display them on their site as soon as they installed Grouping reviews based on products also became easier with the Product Grouping feature. The company also found that the auto-translate feature worked wonders when sharing reviews across different regions. SEOAnt, on the other hand, was able to find and fix most of the company’s SEO issues, which were holding their ranking back.


It didn’t take long for their partnership with and SEOAnt to show results. A few months after installing the apps, Professor Amos saw a considerable increase in their retention rates as customers engaged more with their content and campaigns.

The new changes have also allowed the company to reduce staff time spent on search engine optimization practices. SEOAnt ensures Professor Amos’s SEO performance doesn’t need constant monitoring from staff. Now, they can reallocate that time and effort into other important projects, such as marketing and customer acquisition.

“We’ve been able to fetch countless reviews from our Facebook and Instagram accounts without much hassle.  And now we can even do it on autopilot while displaying them properly. Trustoo has changed our company and allowed us to connect with our customers in a whole new way.” Amos Harp III

Overall, the two apps have saved the company about 108 hours of work and $1388.8.

Other achievements reached by the company after installing Trustoo and SEOAnt include:

1. $132,000+ sales monthly: A couple of weeks after installing the apps, Professor Amos started seeing a gradual increase in monthly sales. Three months later, the company saw its first $100,000 increase in sales

2. 8700+ page views: With the increase in social proof, the sales team saw a significant increase in organic and paid traffic. The bulk of the new page views came from foreign regions thanks to the auto-translate feature on the reviews and improvements in SEO.

3. 2000+ reviews collected: Professor Amos pulled hundreds of reviews from their social media and other online platforms. Now, the company continues to collect and display reviews on autopilot.

4. 80%+ SEO site score: Thanks to SEOAnt, Professor Amos site has seen tremendous growth in SEO and an increase in authority. Now, search engines see the site as a great help to users and thus rank it better.

5. SEO issues found: 607, SEO issues fixed: 432. Immediately after installing SEOAnt, the company was able to see all the issues that were pulling its ranking down. These issues included broken links, images with missing alt text, missing keywords, and tag errors, among others.

6. Traffic growth: +1,800 or 56%+—the improvements in social proof and changes in SEO have allowed Professor Amos to reach and exceed their growth goals. Now, the company is looking for new ways to improve its rankings and revenue growth.

Professor Amos plans to further improve customer experience with new solution

Professor Amos plans to continue using the two apps to further improve customer experience on the site. Having seen how effective SEOAnt-AI SEO Optimizer is, the company plans to also use its sister software: SEOAnt-Trust Badges & Icon. The badge app can help the company better engagingly communicate its features and policies. All in all, Professor Amos remains steadfast in its commitment to providing the best products to consumers and a great experience while shopping.

“We believe in working smarter, not harder. And in the spirit of this, we set out to get smart solutions to our problems.” Amos Harp III

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