Top 10 Best Shopify Wholesale Apps in 2024 [manually tested]

Do you want to optimize your Shopify store by adding pricing, quantity breaks, VAT details, shipment tracking features, and others to drive more sales? Shopify Wholesale apps are the best way to earn $100,000 per year, like other drop shippers.

Are you worried about thinking about how to find secure and reliable wholesale apps? In this article, you will explore the top 10 best Shopify Wholesale apps in 2024 that will help you sell bulk products to retail merchants. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Shopify Wholesale Apps

Before heading to in-depth details, let’s take a look at the table below which has been prepared based on ease of use, features, integrations, pricing, and customer reviews.

  • Ease of use: The 10 best wholesale apps are determined by simple installation, ease of use, and compatibility with Shopify stores and other apps.
  • Features: We examine the app’s features to see how actionable they are, such as order limit, cart level discounts, B2B multi-currency compatibility, etc.
  • Integration: We find out the Wholesale app’s compatibility with other apps.
  • Pricing: We focus on the app’s pricing (free trial or free plans) and the affordability of premium plans.
  • Ratings: We go through merchants, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other customer reviews to understand if the app is worth using.
Shopify Wholesale Apps Pricing Integrated with Shopify Apps
B2B/Wholesale Solution Free to install and paid Product Labels Pro, Dealer Store Locator, product options, B2B Login Access, B2B Customer Portal
B2B Wholesale Club Free to install and paid Shopify POS
Wholesale ‑ All in one Free trial is available and paid Latest themes
SparkLayer B2B & Wholesale Free to install and paid Linnworks, Brightpearl, Sage, Netsuite, Xero, Quickbooks
Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B Free to install and paid Wholesale Lock Manager, Pagefly, Smile Swell Loyalty, Wholesale Order Form, Product Filter Search, Shogun

1.  B2B/Wholesale Solution

B2B/Wholesale Solution

Customer Rating: 4.9/5 (over 500 reviews)

Key Features

B2B/Wholesale Solution by BSS Commerce is an all-in-one wholesale app for merchants. This app provides a seamless shopping experience for B2B customers by allowing merchants to collect and manage vital insights from wholesale customers.

Also, you can offer custom product pricing on your selected items and skyrocket your Shopify dropshipping business. The B2B/Wholesale Solution app offers users robust functionalities:

  • Custom pricing, quantity breaks, and extra fees
  • Wholesaler registration form and auto-tag customers/orders
  • Order limit, quantity increment, manual orders, and shipping rate
  • Help businesses automate VAT exemption and tax display rules with regulations.
  • Offer buyers discount codes, “buy one, get one free”, adding fields to orders, and public API.

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  • Great functionality and easy-to-use app
  • Hard to manage multiple customer accounts
  • Excellent support for online stores.
  • Provide customized checkout processes for wholesale customers, like tax ID and business name
  • Impressive UI/UX interface

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

The B2B/Wholesale Solution app works with several popular Shopify apps, including:

  • Product Labels Pro,
  • Dealer Store Locator,
  • Product options,
  • B2B Login Access,
  • B2B Customer Portal

Pricing Plans

The B2B/Wholesale Solution app offers a 14-day free trial and comes with different pricing plans, such as:

  • Free plan: Forever free plan for development stores, partner test stores, and stores under Shopify free trial.
  • Essential plan: You must pay $25/month for an unlimited quantity break to auto-tag customers/orders and many others.
  • Advanced plan: The plan costs $50/month.
  • Platinum plan: The plan costs $100/month.

2. B2B Wholesale Club

B2B Wholesale Club

Customer Rating: 4.6/5 (over 651 reviews)

Key Features

Another effective and renowned Shopify Wholesale app is B2B Wholesale Club, which helps to increase your B2B business. From creating wholesale pricing to tagging B2B customers, showing them special wholesale pricing, and others, you can do it all by yourself.

It’s an all-in-one app that every business wants to sell wholesale. For listing your product pricing and variants, you don’t need to create multiple variants or Shopify stores. The B2B Wholesale Club offers a wide range of advanced features, such as:

  • Account tagging functionalities allow you to offer wholesale pricing.
  • You can create discounts for different groups of wholesale customers.
  • You can offer volume discounts and order minimums to work with larger orders.
  • Allows you to control pricing (custom prices and product visibility).
  • Provide net terms and quick-form features.

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  • Easy to set discount groups and levels.
  • Difficult to set up.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Super easy B2B integration.
  • Cost-effective and flexible functions.

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

The B2B Wholesale Club app works with different popular Shopify apps, such as Shopify POS.

Pricing Plans

The B2B Wholesale Club offers a 30-day free trial and its paid plans are:

  • Free plan: Free plan for Shopify partners and development stores.
  • Basic plan:  Costs $39/month.
  • Professional plan: For updated features, you must pay $69/month.
  • Premium plan: You must pay $99/month for advanced features.

3. Wholesale ‑ All in one

Wholesale ‑ All in one

Customer Rating: 4.7 (Over 125 reviews)

Key Features

The most popular Shopify wholesale app is Wholesale All In One, which allows you to offer your wholesale customers checking out with or without coupon codes. Customers can checkout in different currencies.

Also, you will have access to advanced features and add-ons that fulfill all your Shopify store needs. You can create discounts for all wholesale customers or tag-based customer groups. Here, we’ve listed some key features of Wholesale All In One below:

  • You can create custom wholesale pricing rules or tiered pricing rules for specific products and customers.
  • Provides embedded wholesale sign-up form for approving wholesale accounts.
  • Allows you to manage shipping, order limits, cart level discounts, and other add-ons (i.e., countdown timers).
  • Allows customers to create discounts for specific product collections or variants across the entire store.

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  • Built-in and customizable wholesale application form.
  • Some functions require additional payment.
  • Easy to use and smooth to run the wholesale site.
  • Best pricing plans with all essential features.
  • Cooperative development team and very responsive.

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

The Wholesale All-In-One app is built to boost your Shopify dropshipping business and it works with the latest themes. Also, you can use this app directly in the Shopify admin.

Pricing Plans

You can enjoy a 14-day free trial after installing the Wholesale All-In-One app. For more advanced features, you need to choose:

  • Basic plan: Costs $24/month.
  • Professional plan: Pay $29/month to get advanced features and everything from the basic plan.
  • Business plan: You must pay $39/month to enjoy multiple Wholesale Signup forms, cart level discounts, and more.

4. SparkLayer B2B & Wholesale

SparkLayer B2B & Wholesale

Customer Rating: 4.8 (over 112 reviews)

Key Features

Are you searching for the best Shopify Wholesale app that helps you with order tracking and earning more revenue? SparkLayer’s B2B & Wholesale app offers you advanced functionalities that convert your existing Shopify store into a powerful B2B ordering solution.

There are numerous features available, ranging from creating B2B “shopping lists” to managing customer accounts, repeat orders, and more. Let’s check out some awesome features of this famous Shopify wholesale app.

  • You can set price lists, net payments, quantity rules, pack sizing, and pre-orders.
  • Enable your wholesale customers and sales reps to place B2B orders, manage accounts, track orders, and do rapid checkout.
  • Manage B2B customer accounts to empower your sales reps.
  • Allow multi-language, B2B multi-currency, and support Shopify markets.
  • Combine B2C & B2B with your existing Shopify store.

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  • Provide full support for OOnline SStore 2.0 (the latest one).
  • High costs
  • Integrate with existing Shopify theme.
  • Well–domumented API.
  • Allow B2B customers to load CSV orders into the cart (SKU & QTY columns).
  • Custom pricing per customer group works.

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

The SparkLayer B2B & Wholesale app works with different inventory, business, and order management apps, such as:

  • Linnworks
  • Brightpearl
  • Sage
  • Netsuite
  • Xero
  • Quickbooks

Pricing Plans

The SparkLayer B2B & Wholesale app offers you a 14-day free trial. Also, you can choose any paid plan from the lists:

  • Enterprise: Free to install.
  • Starter: You must pay $49/month to get up to 50 B2B orders per month and many other features.
  • Growth: Up to 2 sales agents can use all features of the Starter Plan, which costs $149/month.
  • Pro: Costs  $299/month and provides all advanced features.

5. Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

Customer Rating: 4.7 (Over 442 reviews)

Key Features

Want to set up B2B wholesale pricing, discounts per variant, net payment terms, shipping rates, and much more? The Wholesale Pricing Discount app allows you to offer discounted pricing options for selected product categories and different customer groups.

You can provide all essential functionalities and a B2B experience to your customers, which helps drive more revenue. Let’s check out the app’s features below:

  • Merchants can set up tiered pricing or offer volume & quantity breaks to customers who buy bulk products
  • Bulk import/export of different products and variants Customizable wholesale Signup form
  • Net terms for flexible payments
  • Interactive UI/UX and intuitive design

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  • Easy to use for managing different pricing tiers.
  • Offers no VAT validation, VAT pricing options, or compiling bundles.
  • Suitable for both B2B & B2C.
  • Has issues with mult
    iple currencies support.
  • Responsive customer service.
  • No need to upgrade Shopify Plus to separate the wholesale section.
  • Cost-friendly pricing.

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

The Wholesale Pricing Discount works with several Shopify apps, including:

  • Wholesale Lock Manager
  • Pagefly
  • Smile Swell Loyalty
  • Wholesale order form
  • Product filter search
  • Shogun

Pricing Plans

After installing the Wholesale Pricing Discount app, you will enjoy a 21-day free trial. For more advanced features, you can choose:

  • Basic plan: The plan costs $19.99/month.
  • Professional plan: The plan costs $34.99/month.
  • Enterprise plan: From discounts & cart requirements to bulk imports, everything you get at $44.49/month.

6. Wholesale Bear ‑ Bulk Discount

Wholesale Bear ‑ Bulk Discount 

Customer Rating: 4.4 (Over 51 reviews)

Key Features

The Wholesale Bear – Bulk Discount app is the most effective app that allows you to segment customers into different groups. With this app, you can easily maintain your B2B wholesale strategy.

Also, you don’t need any custom integrations or developers to install this app. Here’s why you’ll love this Wholesale Bear app:

  • Wholesale pricing, bulk discounts, and customer tag-tiered pricing
  • Allow your wholesale customers to place orders offline
  • Volume discounts, Shopify add–to–cart button value discounts, and product amount discounts are available
  • Customizable product pricing lists for specific variants and B2B customers (wholesalers & dealers)

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  • Easy to install features.
  • Requires more advanced, customizable features.
  • Built-in analytics dashboard (revenue tracking and engagement).
  • Safe & secure app.
  • No need to install codes to use this app.
  • Excellent customer service

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

The Wholesale Bear works with the latest Shopify themes and you can use it directly in Shopify admin.

Pricing Plans

You can enjoy a 14-day free trial after installing the app. If you want to get advanced functionalities, you can switch to:

  • Wholesale Bear plan: You must pay $34.99/month.

7. Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Customer Rating: 4.5 (Over 1,042 reviews)

Key Features

One of the best wholesale apps for Shopify is Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale, which allows you to create several coupon codes for setting up discounts. You can also create a tiered pricing structure for your wholesale customers.

With an auto-tagging feature, you can change the customer’s membership based on their purchase value. Let’s check out some key features of the app:

  • Multiple wholesale and tiered pricing
  • Multiple wholesale B2B pricing options with bulk discount offers
  • Customizable customer pricing based on product frequency, spending, or manual
  • Upload the CSV and collection to manage

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  • Custom pricing features for individual customers
  • Has limitations when working with third-party checkout buttons (Amazon Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, Google Pay, etc.)
  • Automatic bulk purchase discounts
Save time by supporting both B2C & B2B customers
  • Super easy to use
  • Integrates with other apps perfectly

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

The Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale integrates with different Shopify apps, such as:

  • Bold Discounts
  • Bold Memberships
  • Bold Loyalties
  • Bold Multi-currency
  • Bold Bundles

Pricing Plans

The Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale offers you a 14-day free trial. Also, you can choose any pricing plan to enjoy more advanced functionalities:

  • Quantity breaks: The plan costs $20/month.
  • Basic plan: You must pay $39.99/month.
  • Premium plan: Offer quantity-based discounts at $59.99/month.

8. Wholster: Wholesale B2B

Wholster: Wholesale B2B

Customer Rating: 4.2 (Over 43 reviews)

Key Features

Who doesn’t want to streamline their wholesale business with the most effective Shopify wholesale app? Wholster: Wholesale B2B grows your marketing list with discounts and converts your eCommerce store visitors to customers.

From quick bulk order creation to a fully synced store and customer-specific pricing (suppliers and store buyers), you get all the features in one app. Here we’ve listed some important features of this app:

  • Allows you to manage your various accounts as per customer group pricing
  • Provide automated payment terms (NET 30 per customer)
  • Track outstanding receivables within time.
  • Multi-destination shipment invoices
  • Tax overrides

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  • Interactive user interface.
  • Slow loading.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • Saves time on manual order entry.

Pricing Plans

The Wholster: Wholesale B2B app offers free plans in its basic plan. For more
functionalities, you can choose any plan from the listings:

  • Standard plan: The plan costs $29.99/month.
  • Premium plan: You must pay $99.99/month.
  • Enterprise plan: The plan costs $999.99/month.

9. Wholesale Pricing Now WOD

Wholesale Pricing Now WOD

Customer Rating: 4.7 (Over 250 reviews)

Key Features

Are you searching for a free Shopify wholesale app with advanced functionalities? Wholesale Pricing Now WOD streamlines your online business with net orders and individual product pricing.

You can also feature tiered pricing tables embedded in your product categories or pages. Let’s take a look at key features that make this app popular among merchants:

  • Wholesale orders with no hidden duplicate variants or discount codes
  • Allows B2B customers to place orders without checking out
  • Multiple wholesale discount groups
  • Quantity breaks on specific products and collections

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  • Easy to install and compatible with various themes
  • Has quantity restrictions and checkout issues
  • Excellent customer support
  • Offer multiple discounts
  • Allows customers to manage wholesale pricing
  • B2B checkout for logged-in customers

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

The Wholesale Pricing Now WOD Shopify wholesale apps work with different apps including:

  • In Cart Upsell
  • Bulk Discounts Now
  • Preorder Now
  • Trackify X
  • Product Customizer

Pricing Plans

After installing the Wholesale Pricing Now WOD, you will get a 14-day free trial. If you want to explore its features, you can choose a Free Plan too. Additional charges are applicable for:

  • Shopify Basic: The plan costs $14.95/month.
  • Shopify Standard: The plan costs $24.95/month.
  • Shopify Advanced: You must pay $39.95/month.

10. MagicPass Wholesale

MagicPass Wholesale

Customer Rating: 3.3 (Over 65 reviews)

Key Features

MagicPass Wholesale helps you secure your Shopify store with a lock or password. You can encrypt individual goods, collections, and pages by providing secret keys or client tags if you desire.

Also, you can offer discounts to your wholesale customers by providing bulk or percentage discounts. Here we’ve listed some key features of this app:

  • Allow authentic users to set passwords by customer tag.
  • Secure your individual pages, collections, and articles.
  • Login discount code.

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  • Easy to set up and impressive UI
  • The discount is not applicable for the protected page
  • Protect wholesale tabs or price list tabs.
  • Allow to sell retail and wholesale in one app.
  • Cost-friendly pricing that suits all types of business needs.

Pricing Plans

The MagicPass Wholesale app has no Free plan, but if you want to give it a try you get a 30-day free trial. Also, you can choose any paid plan that are listed below:

  • Basic plan: The plan costs $5/month.
  • Shopify plan: You must pay $19/month.
  • Advanced plan: The plan costs $49/month.
  • Plus, Enterprise plan: The plan costs $99/month.


As you know, dropshipping businesses and their shipping methods are different from traditional ones. With the top 10 Best Shopify Wholesale apps, you will be able to convert your store visitors into permanent customers.

Don’t limit yourself to one app. Try multiple items from our listings and determine which one works best for your Shopify store and generates more revenue.

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