How To Edit SEO-Friendly Meta Description on Shopify

Want to improve your Shopify store’s click-through rate? Shopify meta descriptions have the power to do that. They’ll not only boost your store’s impressions but sales too. Meta descriptions guide the search engines to understand what your page is about. You need to add a clear, concise, self-explanatory meta-description to your store pages.

Knowing what a meta description should include and how long it should be will help you hit the right point. In this article, you’ll explore all the secrets to editing meta descriptions in the Shopify app. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the best app for single-click meta-description optimization.

What is a meta description?

A description tag on a website is an HTML part that gives a brief overview of the page. It can be a small part of the page’s website address and title on Google’s search results pages (SERPs).

Google makes a summary of your pages. This is done depending on what’s searched for, the content and description from that page in Google. Whichever Google thinks best answers what the person is looking for in their search.

This shows that your meta descriptions must be different and clear about what’s on the page and related to it.

Here’s what a meta description can look like on a SERP:

Meta description examples

As you only have 155 characters, making a good meta description needs more than just putting some words together. To inspire you to think creatively, here are some examples of meta descriptions that can help.

Walmart Meta Description

Shop at Walmart today for low everyday prices. Sign up for Walmart+ for unlimited free delivery from our store; no minimum order is needed. Begin your free 30-day trial today!

Tesla Meta Description

Tesla is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, offering the safest, quickest electric cars on the road and integrated energy solutions. 

BBC News Meta Description

BBC News provides impartial news coverage of the key events of the day, using the best journalism from the BBC around the world. 

Reddit Meta Description

Reddit provides the best of everything on the internet in one spot. Get a regularly changing stream of the latest news, enjoyable tales, pictures, memes, and videos made just for you.

How to edit the meta description in Shopify?

To change the description that search engines show for your Shopify site, log in and go to “Online Store.” Click on “Preferences” then find “Search engine listing preview.” You can edit this here. Make a short and interesting story using the given character limit. When you finish, remember to keep the changes. This makes sure your shop’s special note tells search engines important info. This might help show up more and draw in extra people. Keep changing these notes to match what changes on the website or when you have new deals so it works best.

Are meta descriptions important for SEO?

The effect of meta descriptions on organic rankings takes time. But the answer changes to “yes” when considering the advantages of a well-written meta description for conversion and user experience.

Meta keywords and descriptions were once a part of search engine ranking algorithms. However, such has not been the matter since 2009. This means that alone, creating a meta description with your targeted keywords won’t raise your ranking.

Because meta descriptions appear in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as page “snippets,” they are still important. Consider this a little passage of writing that condenses the information on your page into a few sentences. It’s a top way to entice users and increase click-through rates.

What Should A Meta Description Include?

Start by considering what might entice a search engine user to click on your title tag. That calls for responding to two queries:

What do you have to offer?

How is it going to help the viewer?

You’re not encouraging people to visit your page if your meta description is too general. You’ll likely get clicks, but not as many as you may have in the previous scenario.

For illustration purposes, let’s imagine you wish to create a meta description for the piece of writing you are currently reading. Perhaps this is a bad example:

“Ever wonder what meta descriptions are all about? We’ll answer all of your questions, so stop wondering.”

It discusses the article’s core subject, but it could have described what’s on that page better. Let’s try it again now, bearing in mind the essential components we wish to incorporate:

“In addition to explaining the purpose of your website, meta descriptions can also improve rankings. Find out here tips to write the most effective meta description.”

This is quick and easy, and we had additional room to include a simple call to action.

How to write a SEO friendly meta description

Now, you know the simple things a meta description should have. We will give you a few tips to make your meta descriptions perfect.

Use Keywords

Putting keywords in your meta descriptions is a good way to do SEO. It helps search engines understand what your content is about better. But, like always, you should put those meta keywords in naturally. This means filling your descriptions with only a few keywords.

Remember Meta Description Character Count

Remember, Google suggests not to use very short descriptions for meta tags. So you have to write brief descriptions, but not too fast, that repels the readers. Check the examples once more. They are really good, top-notch one-liner meta descriptions.

Make Your Meta Description Actionable

Making your blog post briefly helps people know what it’s about. But if you don’t make it interesting and exciting, your meta description may seem dull or like everyone else.

To fix this, make your meta description easy to act on. This means making the reader take action when they click on your headline and go to read your article.

Consider Your Target Audience

Thinking carefully about your meta description for the audience will help you connect with perfect customers. For example, if Gen Z is your main reader, adding some jokes and casual talk might be a good choice.

Best Shopify App to optimize your meta description

With the SEOAnt app, you can quickly and rightly improve your Shopify store’s meta descriptions. This app helps Shopify do better with SEO. Make interesting descriptions, get more people to click on your links and it will be easy for visitors to find you in search results. SEOAnt makes the process easier, making your product pages look better and be found faster on search engines. Make your Shopify store more visible on search engines easily.


  1. What are the best meta description practices?

Be brief to maximize the impact of your meta description. To entice readers to click on your link, incorporate simple language into the information you provide.

  1. What should I do if I don’t have a meta description?

Ensure the content is understandable, or let Google provide a snapshot if you do not have a meta description.

  1. What Are Shopify Titles?

Shopify Titles are page names that describe the content of the page.

  1. How To Write An SEO-Friendly Title

Write simple titles that contain key phrases and are brief to have them rank highly in search results.

  1. Does Google rewrite meta descriptions?

To keep relevance, Google might rewrite the meta descriptions depending on their usefulness in the search results.


The meta description is a very important SEO tool that helps you do better than your competition. Many people should focus more on it, because they miss a big chance to get their ads clicked by others.

Create a thrilling description to get users interested in you. SEO is about improving the search, not just tricking algorithms. Ensure your work positively impacts users.

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