Pipeliners Cloud Slashes WISMO Tickets by 83% While Getting a 650% ROI with ParcelPanel

Products Used

Company Spotlight

Manuel Gonzalez, a seasoned welder, recognized the need for a robust welding umbrella while on the job. Frustrated by the offerings from existing brands, he decided to take matters into his own hands, leading to the creation of Pipeliners Cloud in 2019. Initially focusing on welding umbrellas suited for windy conditions, the company soon expanded its lineup to include welding caps and bespoke welding hoods, catering specifically to the needs of welders.

  • Brand Name: Pipeliners Cloud
  • Sector: Tools and Arts & Crafts
  • Platform: Shopify Plus
  • Location: United States
  • Founded: 2019
  • Team Size: 11-50
  • Active Since: March 2023
  • Shipping Partners: Less than 5
  • Integrations: Not Applicable

By 2023, Pipeliners Cloud had established itself as a brand built by welders, for welders, renowned for its durable products. The introduction of lightweight, customizable carbon fiber welding hoods further solidified its position as a preferred choice for welding professionals. However, the brand’s growth brought to light the necessity for a robust order tracking system.

Operational Hurdles

Pipeliners Cloud prides itself on its commitment to quality and timely delivery, encapsulated in their motto, “Small enough to listen, big enough to deliver.” Yet, the brand faced challenges with prolonged lead times and a lack of clear communication regarding order status, resulting in a surge of WISMO (Where Is My Order?) inquiries.

In Search of a Solution

In response to customer feedback, Pipeliners Cloud sought an order tracking solution that could offer estimated delivery dates, enhance customer engagement through email notifications, and potentially increase sales through product recommendations.

Choosing ParcelPanel

The decision to partner with ParcelPanel was driven by its ease of integration and ability to meet the brand’s specific needs without requiring extensive resources. ParcelPanel’s 24/7 support and low-code solution proved to be the ideal choice for Pipeliners Cloud’s digital team.

Benefits Realized

The implementation of ParcelPanel led to significant improvements for Pipeliners Cloud:

  • A drastic 83% reduction in WISMO tickets, alleviating pressure on customer service.
  • An impressive 625% ROI from tracking, fueled by product recommendations and effective email marketing.
  • Enhanced customer engagement, with a 70% open rate for shipment notification emails.

Looking Ahead

With a reinforced reputation and a growing social media presence, Pipeliners Cloud is now focusing on enhancing its delivery experiences in Canada, leveraging ParcelPanel to ensure a seamless post-purchase journey for international customers.

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