Phenom Elite Reduces WISMO Tickets by 66% and Boosts CSAT by 4.5% with ParcelPanel

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Brand Name: Phenom Elite
Industry: Sports & Outdoors Apparel and Equipment
Platform: Shopify
Location: USA
Founded: 2013
Employee Count: 10-50
Shopify Utilization: Since August 2021
Shipping Partners: 5+
Key Integration: Klaviyo

Origin and Growth

Originating from a modest $65 loan, Phenom Elite was established by Nathan Dorton, a walk-on wide receiver at Appalachian State University, to create a pairof football gloves in 2013. Today, it has evolved into a premier brand in the sports industry, offering high-performance football cleats, gloves, apparel, and licensed Warner Media and DC Comics football gear. Embracing print-on-demand services, Phenom Elite has significantly impacted the sports apparel market.

Challenge Faced

Despite gaining momentum and increasing its online presence since launching its Shopify store in 2017, Phenom Elite encountered a significant challenge by 2021: the growing volume of WISMO (Where Is My Order?) inquiries. This issue arose from prolonged processing and shipping times, which ultimately affected the brand’s reputation and customer satisfaction levels. Recognizing the need for an effective solution, the team set out to find an order tracking system that could alleviate customer concerns and streamline post-purchase communications.

Strategic Solution Search

In response to the rising customer service inquiries, Phenom Elite embarked on a mission to identify a tracking tool that could offer transparency and real-time updates on order status. The ideal solution would feature an estimated delivery date (EDD), integrate seamlessly with Klaviyo for efficient communication, and serve as a smart marketing channel to enhance customer engagement and revenue.

Solution: Partnering with ParcelPanel

After thorough research and testing, Phenom Elite chose ParcelPanel for its comprehensive features that aligned with the company’s needs. ParcelPanel offered a customizable tracking page, automated real-time shipping notifications, and easy Klaviyo integration, addressing the core challenges Phenom Elite faced. This strategic decision allowed for an immediate improvement in the order-tracking process, providing customers with much-needed visibility and confidence in their purchases.

Outcomes and Impact

The implementation of ParcelPanel brought transformative results to Phenom Elite:

  • Significant Reduction in WISMO Inquiries: By 66%, alleviating the pressure on customer service and enhancing the overall buying experience.
  • Increase in Customer Satisfaction: A notable 4.5% uplift in CSAT rates, reflecting improved post-purchase satisfaction.
  • Revenue Growth: Achieved a remarkable 4.4x ROI, thanks to effective product recommendations on the tracking page, which encouraged repeat purchases.

Future Vision

Encouraged by the success of ParcelPanel’s integration, Phenom Elite is now poised to expand its international presence, planning to launch additional country-specific Shopify stores. The brand aims to replicate this success in new markets, ensuring athletes worldwide can enjoy Phenom Elite’s high-quality products coupled with an exceptional online shopping experience.


Phenom Elite’s journey from a simple idea to a leading sports apparel and equipment brand underscores the importance of adapting to customer needs and leveraging technology to enhance the e-commerce experience. With ParcelPanel, Phenom Elite has not only resolved its immediate challenges but also set the stage for future growth and international expansion, reaffirming its commitment to providing athletes with the tools they need to excel.

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