Kimstore Yields an ROI of 3000% with ParcelPanel in Order Tracking

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  • Brand: Kimstore
  • Industry: Consumer Electronics
  • Platform: Advanced Shopify
  • Location: Philippines
  • Established: 2006
  • Employee Range: 201-500
  • Active On Shopify Since: June 2022
  • Delivery Partners: Less than 5
  • Key Integration: None specified

Journey to Digital Eminence

Kim Lato launched Kimstore in 2006 with a visionary seed capital of PHP 20,000. Today, it stands as the most trusted online electronics retailer in the Philippines, boasting over 250 employees, a million annual transactions, and a wide array of digital gadgets. The rise of digital nomads during the COVID-19 pandemic propelled sales by 400%, spotlighting Kimstore’s critical role in equipping remote workers with essential tech.

The Challenge: Elevating Customer Experience Amidst Growth

Kimstore’s exponential growth spotlighted a crucial challenge: enhancing the post-purchase experience to meet rising customer expectations for shipment visibility and fast delivery. The surge in customer acquisition costs further emphasized the need for effective customer retention strategies. Senior Manager Anna Lorraine Galura and her team pinpointed order tracking enhancement as the initial step towards fostering customer loyalty and engagement.

Strategic Solution Exploration

Kimstore sought a Shopify-compatible order tracking solution that could integrate seamlessly with its unique operational needs, including support for local couriers like Grab Express and manual status updates for in-store pickups. The desired solution had to offer customizable tracking pages, personalized product recommendations, and real-time email notifications, all aimed at improving customer engagement and boosting ROI.

Implementation: Partnering with ParcelPanel

After evaluating various options, Kimstore selected ParcelPanel, attracted by its capability to deliver an outstanding ROI and a seamless customer experience. ParcelPanel’s solution met Kimstore’s criteria, offering customizable tracking pages, AI-powered product recommendations, and integrated email notifications, thereby enhancing the overall customer journey.

Impressive Outcomes

Kimstore’s collaboration with ParcelPanel yielded remarkable results, including:

  • Enhanced Order Tracking Engagement: Customers engaged with the tracking page an average of 2.4 times per order, significantly improving customer retention and loyalty.
  • Quadrupled Customer Engagement: Shipment notification emails saw an 80% open rate and a 22% click-through rate, quadrupling the engagement compared to promotional emails.
  • Exceptional ROI: The introduction of AI-powered product recommendations on the tracking page led to a monthly return that was 30 times the investment in ParcelPanel.

Future Directions

With the appointment of Ralp Moris Brondial as Head of Customer Experience, Kimstore is set to further refine its focus on delivering superior post-purchase experiences. Leveraging ParcelPanel, Kimstore aims to enhance its omnichannel presence and continuously improve the quality of service offered to its customers, ensuring that Kimstore remains at the forefront of the consumer electronics market in the Philippines and beyond.


Kimstore’s strategic use of ParcelPanel exemplifies how technology can be leveraged to meet customer expectations, drive engagement, and secure loyalty in the competitive e-commerce landscape. As Kimstore continues to innovate its customer service approach, its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains the cornerstone of its success and expansion strategy.

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