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ParcelPanel Order Tracking


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Repeat Purchases

Products Used

ParcelPanel Order Tracking

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Company Overview

CTRL, a dynamic brand in the meal replacement sector, is specifically tailored to the fast-paced lifestyles of gamers and content creators. With a focus on “Catered to Real Life,” CTRL aims to empower its audience with functional, nutrient-rich foods like meal shakes, protein cookies, and on-the-go bars. This initiative enables users to maintain a healthy diet, save precious time, and excel in their performance.

  • Brand Name: Drink CTRL
  • Sector: Food & Beverage
  • Platform: Shopify Plus
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Establishment Year: 2019
  • Employee Range: 2 – 10
  • Usage Start Date: March 2022
  • Carrier Partners: Fewer than 10
  • International Reach: Shipping to over 10 countries
  • Integration Details: Not Applicable

In 2020, the gaming powerhouse FaZe Clan became a significant investor in CTRL, exposing the brand to its vast network of 230 million followers. This partnership propelled CTRL’s growth, leading to the sale of over 1 million meals by February 2022 and the expansion of its retail presence to 750+ stores across the U.S.

Operational Challenges

Despite its success, CTRL faced hurdles in enhancing shipment transparency and customer trust. The process of tracking deliveries was cumbersome for the majority of CTRL’s clientele, negatively impacting repeat purchase rates and the popularity of its subscription model. The company was in urgent need of a solution that could automate order tracking and elevate the customer experience post-purchase.

Solution Search

Claire Sigmon, Vice President of Operations & Business Development, outlined the essentials for an effective tracking solution: ease of implementation, precise tracking across multiple couriers, custom CSS for brand consistency, comprehensive analytics, and cost efficiency.

Implementing ParcelPanel for Enhanced Tracking

After evaluating various options, CTRL chose ParcelPanel for its ability to offer an on-brand tracking experience seamlessly integrated with Shopify. This solution not only met CTRL’s requirements for accuracy and ease of use but also allowed for custom branding adjustments with minimal technical effort.

Impactful Outcomes

The integration with ParcelPanel led to significant achievements:

  • A surge in repeat purchases, contributing to the sale of an additional 4 million meals globally.
  • A partnership expansion with GNC, making CTRL products available in 2,000 U.S. stores.
  • Increased tracking efficiency by 82%, reducing manual tracking work.
  • A 25% reduction in customer service workload.
  • A notable improvement in customer retention and loyalty.

Future Directions

Looking ahead, CTRL, bolstered by its success in the U.S., aims to conquer the European market by continuing its partnership with ParcelPanel. The goal is to replicate its stateside success by ensuring top-tier post-purchase experiences, thereby increasing global customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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