Shopify Shipping Insurance Excelling Your Store’s Sales

Make customers feel protected by offering customized shipping insurance with the best Shopify shipping insurance app. Ensuring the successful delivery of products improves customer’s dependence on your business.

Best Shopify Shipping Insurance App
Revenue increased
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Personalized Shipping Insurance 

ParcelPanel Insurance app offers everything your customers need, from single shipment insurance to heavy product insurance. Giving personalized insurance solutions helps your customer save extra money spent on unwanted insurance.

Customizable insurance widget

Offering additional features in the order protection widget helps your customers to make easy purchases from your store. Convenient add-to-cart and check-out options lead to more successful sales, boosting customer trust.

Product Insurance Offering Product Safety

Having their products delivered on time to the customer’s doorstep saves them money. Providing insurance to customers is a landmark in protecting their products. Adding this widget offering insurance can boost your store’s sales within weeks.

Customizable Options in Insurance Widget 

Design your insurance widget to fit your store’s theme. This helps to add uniqueness and attractiveness to your store outlook. Make it more responsive and user-oriented to make it convenient for your customers to use without getting into trouble. You can decide where you want to place your widget so that more customers can see and use it for adding insurance to the delivery plan.

More Benefits

ISO 27001 certification

Compliant with the most rigorous standards for information security and privacy in the world.

GDPR Compliance

We are not only GDPR compliant, but we also put data & privacy protection as a top priority. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Letting your customers know that their valuable products have shipping protection and they will get returns in case of any calamity gives them peace of mind and satisfaction with your store.

More Returning Customers 

Protecting customers’ products through insurance attracts more customers plus helps loyal customers  return to your store for more purchases.

24/7 support

Have any questions? Top-notch customer support is always available here.

Excel from Competitor

The only way to excel from your competitors is to by offer emotional satisfaction to your customers which many businesses lack nowadays.

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