12 Powerful Social Media Christmas Interactive Posts

In the e-commerce world, Shopify reigns supreme with over 1.7 million global merchants. As a Shopify merchant, you know Christmas is that time we all wait for each year. From a marketing perspective, creating cool Christmas posts can help you establish lasting relationships with your followers and customers. That relationship might even help strengthen brand loyalty and boost brand sales.

But, do you know what an effective Christmas interactive post looks like? Are there tricks to get lots of people to join in the Christmas fun? No worries, this article has easy tips and examples to help you make awesome Christmas posts and win the Christmas campaign.

What are interactive posts?

Interactive posts, namely engaging posts, are like digital invitations to encourage visitors to participate and interact on social media. However, they’re not like your usual posts – they want you to do more than just scroll. 

The forms of interactive posts, such as polls, quizzes, and holiday challenges, can help your audience become active participants. These posts are the key to making your online gathering exciting and unforgettable. From opening virtual gifts to sharing their holiday stories, interactive holiday posts turn your social media into a lively place.

Christmas is the perfect time to try this out. Use cool Merry Christmas social media posts to turn people who just watch into active contributors. Ask them to like, comment, and share your posts on social media with your holiday interactive posts. It’s like turning your social media into a Christmas party!

Now please check out these 12 festive Christmas post ideas to win your marketing game and spread some holiday cheer online!

12 festive marketing ideas for Christmas social media posts

1. Santa’s Selfies:

During this festive season, don’t overlook the timeless significance of the iconic Santa Claus! Here’s a cool Christmas idea: get your followers to show off their holiday spirit with a Santa selfie!

Encourage them to dress in their most festive attire, snap a pic, and share it using a dedicated hashtag. This not only involves them in an enjoyable, holiday-themed activity but also transforms them into advocates for your brand’s festive charm. 

And how about hosting a contest? Give a prize for the best Santa selfie, building a cool community vibe and loyalty among everyone involved! 

Santa's Selfies:

Source from: chroniclelive@Michelle Morgan

2. Christmas Wish List:

One of the traditional activities of Christmas is making wishes. How about asking your followers to spill their Christmas wish lists?

Tell them to share their wishes by commenting on your post. Make it interactive by asking them to tag your brand. They might get a shot at winning or snagging some cool discounts on the stuff they want.

It’s not just about gifts; it also makes your brand a happiness-maker, turning wishes into awesome experiences and making everyone love your brand even more! 

2. Christmas Wish List:

Source from: Pinterest @Etsy

3. Christmas Carol Karaoke:

Music can amp up the joy in our lives! Singing the classics like “Jingle Bells” or jamming to newer tunes is a surefire way to have a blast.

Let’s turn our social media into a virtual carol concert! Tell your followers to record and share their fave Christmas carols. Don’t forget a special hashtag for entries, and ask them to tag your brand.

And guess what? How about giving a prize for the most awesome performance? It’ll make this musical journey even more fun and connect your brand with holiday happiness! 

3. Christmas Carol Karaoke:

Source from: Pinterest @Simple Desert Designs

4. Christmas Movie Marathon:

Want more reach? How about throwing out the idea of a Christmas movie marathon?

Here’s the deal: Everyone shares their list of favorite Christmas movies one by one. So, why not create a chill vibe by suggesting a Christmas movie marathon for your crew? Start by posting your all-time favorite Christmas movie, and then ask your followers to share theirs. Don’t forget to tag your brand when they spill the beans.

And you know what could be cool? Toss in some exclusive discounts on movie night must-haves. That way, your brand becomes a part of their holiday traditions in a snap!

4. Christmas Movie Marathon:

Source from : TikTok @Jenniferlalee

5. Stocking Stuffer Suggestions:

Need a fun Christmas post idea? Why not ask followers for stocking stuffer suggestions?

A stocking stuffer is just a small gift perfect for popping into a Christmas stocking.

Here’s the plan: Ask your followers to join in creating a shopping guide. Tell them to share their top stocking stuffer ideas and tag your brand. You could even throw in some special discounts on those highlighted items, making their suggestions a super useful shopping resource. It’s not just about selling stuff; it also makes your brand a go-to for thoughtful holiday gifts!

5. Stocking Stuffer Suggestions:

Source from: Pinterest @Empowered Single Moms

6. Chrismas Trivia Challenge:

Want to make your Christmas campaign sparkle? Try the holiday trivia challenge. 

Christmas trivia is a game packed with cool facts about the Christmas holiday.

Here’s how it works: Get your peeps involved with lively holiday trivia questions. Ask about Christmas movies, songs, and traditions for both adults and kids. Tell them to answer the questions, tag their buddies, and tag your brand for bonus points. And guess what could be cool? Offer discounts or prizes for the right answers. It makes the challenge not just fun but also a way to learn cool stuff, getting everyone even more into your brand!

6. Chrismas Trivia Challenge:

Source from: Pinterest @Printablee

7. 12 Days of Discounts:

Want to help boost sales? Try the “12 Days of Discounts” trick!

This holiday marketing event spans 12 days, revealing a new surprise discounted item each day. It’s like a daily treat that makes people super excited to check out your shop. And you know what might happen? They might end up snagging not just one but maybe a bunch of cool stuff!

Lead your audience on a festive shopping adventure with the “12 Days of Discounts.” Tell them to keep an eye out for awesome deals every day, creating this cool vibe of excitement and “gotta check it out now.” And here’s the fun part: If they share the joy, throw in an extra discount. Turn the whole thing into this super fun and shareable holiday event! 

7. 12 Days of Discounts:

Source from: IKRUSH

8. Reflect on the Year:

Maybe this could be one of the coolest Christmas ideas – looking back at the past year.

Reflection on the past year is like checking out all the good and tough stuff that happened. Figuring out what was a good decision and what was poor, you can do even better next year.

How to play? Tell your squad to share their highlights from 2023 and tag your brand. Show some love by giving them a discount code or putting them in for a giveaway. This whole looking-back thing isn’t just about chatting; it’s about making your brand part of the good times and good vibes. 

9. New Year’s Resolutions Preview:

Crafting New Year’s resolutions is a tradition embraced by many as the New Year commences, making it an ideal theme for Christmas social media post ideas.

Now, a New Year’s resolution is a personal goal you set to make the most of the fresh start the New Year brings. 

Here’s where the fun happens on social media: Ask your crew to share their resolutions for the coming year and tag your brand. Throw in a discount on stuff that matches common resolutions. It’s not just about setting goals; it’s turning their plans into a chance for positive change and getting them more connected with your brand! 

9. New Year's Resolutions Preview:

Source from: Pinterest @verasweeney

10. Ugly Sweater Day:

Ugly Christmas sweaters became a thing in the 50s when Christmas got super commercialized. At first, they were called “Jingle Bell Sweaters” and had low-key Christmas decorations.

Since 2011, there’s been a whole day to celebrate these funky sweaters – Ugly Sweater Day. It happens on the third Friday of December.

Here’s the fun part: Tell your followers to show off their craziest, ugliest sweaters and tag your brand. They might even win a prize! Throw in some special discounts on your holiday stuff, and it’s not just about the sweaters; it’s a cool and playful way to shop and get everyone loving your brand even more!

10. Ugly Sweater Day:

Source from: engelska

11. Magical Decor Tour:

During Christmas, we all deck out our homes with cool stuff like Christmas trees, stockings, and ornaments. A fun idea is to get your followers to share their Christmas decorations on social media.

Turn your social media into a holiday visual feast by asking your audience to show off their festive decorations. Tell them to tag your brand for a chance to get featured. Throw in some discounts on holiday decor, making it more than just a tour but an immersive experience. This way, you showcase your brand in different holiday traditions and get everyone more excited and engaged!

11. Magical Decor Tour:

Source from: connecticutchildrens

12. Story Highlights Showcase:

Make your best Christmas posts stand out on Instagram by using story highlights. It’s an easy way for both new and old followers to check them out.

Here’s the plan: Get your followers to share their holiday story highlights and tag your brand. Those who join in can get a discount for sharing their favorite highlight. It’s not just about showcasing; it turns into this cool storytelling event. This user-generated story adds more vibes to your brand and makes everyone feel like they’re part of the holiday fun!

12. Story Highlights Showcase:

Source from : socialmediaexaminer @ANNA SONNENBERG

Best 5 marketing tools to build Christmas interactive posts


Trustoo enables merchants to swiftly gather product reviews with photos and videos from their customers automatically.

Utilizing the Trustoo app facilitates the seamless import of product reviews from AliExpress, allowing for the addition of 50 items at a time without any limitation on the upper threshold. Furthermore, it facilitates the acquisition of more reviews through various channels such as importation, email prompts, and social media engagement. 



Growave is a Shopify app that provides a versatile, feature-rich app, including loyalty, referrals, rewards, gift cards, VIP tiers, reviews, and wishlists. 

Tailored exclusively for Shopify, Growave offers extensive customization options compatible with any theme. By utilizing the Growave app, you can effortlessly gather photos and product reviews automatically. Moreover, the app facilitates the display of Instagram photos and user-generated content, serving to build social proof and significantly enhance conversion rates.



Shoelace emerges as a dynamic retargeting tool, perfect for boosting the sales of your Shopify goods during Christmas. 

This app functions by crafting personalized messages across various social platforms, like Facebook, Instagram & more, re-engaging your audience with festive offerings. The personalized touch increases customer engagement, making it an excellent choice to rekindle interest in your products during the holiday season.



Tada adds an element of excitement to your holiday promotions with interactive spin-to-win and scratch-off games such as discount wheel popups, and gift game pop-ups. 

This app functions by turning the shopping experience into a thrilling adventure, making it ideal for boosting Shopify goods sales during Christmas. The engaging nature of Tada’s games not only captures attention but also increases customer participation, ultimately driving more sales during the festive season.



Loyalty stands out by boosting customer retention rates and increasing sales with its powerful loyalty and rewards system.

By utilizing the Loyalty app, you can effortlessly monitor and evaluate your loyalty and referral program ROI, AOV, LTV, and more during the Christmas season. Moreover, the app can import data from other apps like Smile.io, Rivo.io, Growave, Yotpo(Swell), Joy(Joyio), BON, and Loyaltylion to unlock even more value.



In essence, coming up with great Christmas post ideas is super important. It helps get your products out there, brings in more new followers, and keeps your current customers excited. In this article, we share with you 12 festive marketing ideas for Christmas social media posts. Besides, we also give five cool tools – Trustoo, Growave, Shoelace, Tada, and VYRL – to help you shine in this big Christmas marketing thing. 

The five tools have some cool features worth exploring. Let’s take Trustoo as an example. Utilizing Trustoo, you can quickly bring in reviews from customers, customize the review widget on your website, and get your existing customers excited to share more reviews. It’s like building a solid brand that visitors can trust, making it easier for them to make smart buying choices.

Overall, I hope you win the e-commerce Christmas campaign and success sincerely!

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