Shopify Starter Plan Review 2024: Is it Still A Good Option?

Unveil the key to e-commerce prosperity with Shopify’s Starter plan. Priced at $5 per month, it’s an affordable choice for young entrepreneurs. The plan’s lower price offers unlimited product listings, ideal for rookies. It’s a perfect choice for budget-conscious entrepreneurs looking to get started. Shopify Starter offers fewer basic features but supports sales through social media platforms. It accommodates users who use social media for effective sales.

This post explores Shopify Starter, guiding you in launching an online business on a budget.

Shopify Starter Plan Review

Features of the Shopify starter plan

The features in the Shopify Starter Plan keep things simple for social selling. Shopify starter is a platform for merchants which enables a simple interface and flexible features. The essential functions include linkpop, a free link-in-bio tool. Moreover, the starter plan comes with selling features to allow simple inventory management. Join Shopify Starter for an easy online store journey.

Link pop: Strengthen Your Online Image

Linkpop is Shopify’s free ‘link in bio’ tool, which is like Linktree in its function. The Linkpop page in the Shopify Starter Plan gives you flexibility and freedom. In Shopify, Starter allows the inclusion of social media links, business details, and images. That allows for customization and enhancement of your online store experience. You can embed the Linkpop link into your TikTok or Instagram bio. Thus, you can maximize your brand exposure and draw more viewers.

Streamlined Social Media Selling

Shopify Starter suits merchants aiming to boost direct sales through social media. It offers an effective platform for establishing an online store presence. It simplifies product management by providing the smoothest photo uploads and description writing. These things are also shareable across the top social channels.

Seamless Buying Experience

Shopify Starter enables the use of shared product links as shortcuts. These links direct users straight to the product pages, providing convenient access. Buyers can view, add, and complete purchases with Shopify Checkout. This feature allows for a streamlined buying experience.

In-Person Selling Made Easy

Get the most out of Shopify POS Lite and take your selling to the next level outside the digital channel. Download the Shopify POS app on your smartphone or tablet to sell in person at will. This adds versatility and proximity to your business operations.

Sale Analytics And Order Management

Bring improved results by using the Analytics feature that Shopify offers. This tool provides insights into total sales, popular products, and order history. It’s a comprehensive resource for understanding your business performance. Comparing current sales with previous periods helps check sales channel effectiveness. It guides informed decisions for strategy enhancement through data analysis. Operate your orders with easy-to-understand analyses. So it keeps your business active and customers happy.

Security & Customer Service 


Shopify focuses much on ensuring users’ data safety. It is also PCI compliant; thus, secure credit card transactions are possible. SSL certificates encrypt data to prevent compromising information. Two-factor authentication adds another security layer to stop unauthorized access.

Customer Service

Access comprehensive customer support through various channels:

Online Documentation

Check out articles and tutorials on store setup and inventory management. They’ll help you enhance your experience and make it more enjoyable.

Community Forum

Work with your peers and share your experiences. Seek guidance from reliable users to improve your store performance.

Email And Chat Support

Reach out to the support team to get fast resolution of individual problems.

Features Like Other Plans

While the Shopify Starter Plan is more basic, it offers standard features such as:

  • Unlimited product listings
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Brand assets management
  • Fraud analysis
  • Manual order creation
  • Discount codes
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Analytics
  • Finance reports
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Shopify order management
  • +60 types of reports
  • Duties and import taxes

Pros and cons of the Shopify starter plan

Explore the pros and cons of Shopify’s Starter Plan. It provides insights into its suitability for online selling ventures. 



The Starter Plan is reasonable. Thus, it is accessible for beginners and those operating on a strict budget. It offers a cost-effective alternative to significant financial investments for establishing a store.

Easy Setup

Taking advantage of Shopify Starter will allow you to create a store in a few minutes and with much ease. The platform provides simple tools and templates. Thus, users can make high-quality storefronts with little technical skills required. This product solution is intuitive and easy to use. So beginners can start their store in mere a few minutes.

Social Media Integration

The Starter plan is suitable for marketing and selling on social media platforms. It includes Linkpop functionality, where merchants can display products on their social channels. It extends their reach and creates traffic to their websites. Integration with popular social networks makes it simple to advertise products and interact.

Essential Features

The starter plan is the most basic option. Yet, It still provides essential features that are necessary for the success of the store. These comprise product listings, unlimited bandwidth, and brand assets management. Merchants can also enjoy fraud analysis, discount codes, and cart recovery. It increases sales and enhances customer experience.


The Starter Plan is suitable for small businesses and startups. But Shopify’s scalable infrastructure enables upgrades as companies grow. This flexibility supports seamless growth transitions for merchants. Merchants can access the advanced features and functionalities they need. That helps them optimize their store operations.

Reliable Support

Shopify is efficient in customer support. It helps merchants address any queries or complications that may occur. Support options for merchants include online documentation, community forums, and chat support. These resources are available to help merchants get help when needed.

Secure Transactions

Merchants can remember the security of their client’s transactions with Shopify Starter. For security, the platform is PCI compliant. It is compliant with security standards. High-security standards ensure the protection of sensitive payment information. SSL certificates encrypt data to thwart croppers. The two-factor authentication adds another level of security.


Limited Features

The Starter Plan is light on advanced features and customization options. This might prevent merchants from customizing the online stores to fulfill specific demands.

Transaction Fees

The Starter plan charges transaction fees for every sale made through the platform. This sets it apart from the other plans. Although the costs are on the lower side, they can build up to cut into the profits.

Branding Limitations

The Starter Plan has branding restrictions. This means users can’t remove Shopify branding from the checkout page. This can deprive the store of appearing professional to customers. It affects how buyers envision it.

Limited Support Options

Indeed, Shopify provides support for all plans. Yet, the level of support with the Starter Plan could be higher compared with higher-level plans. Merchants might experience longer response times. They may also have limited support channels available.

Transaction Limitations

The Starter Plan allows for a fixed number of transactions. Additionally, it imposes a limit on the most excellent order size. It also supports only a few select payment gateways. This limitation can pose problems for merchants. It might restrict their capacity to handle large volumes of transactions.

Limited Customization

Some merchants might need more customization options in the Starter Plan. Owners might find that higher plans offer more features and flexibility. This might make it challenging to create a unique online store with a strong brand identity. It could be not easy to differentiate your shop from competitors.

What are the differences between the Shopify starter and basic plans?

Explore the differences between Shopify’s Starter and Basic plans. Gain insights into their features and suitability for diverse business requirements.


The price of Shopify Starter is $5, making it ideal for merchants on a tight budget or those starting. It’s an excellent option for new businesses looking to cut costs. In comparison, Shopify Basic is priced at $39 per month. It’s best for companies with more advanced needs or higher sales volumes. 

Custom Domain

Shopify does not support custom domains as part of the Starter plan. This means merchants on the Starter plan can’t use their own domain names. Lack of this feature affects their brand image and credibility. It limits their ability to establish a unique online identity. Shopify Basic allows merchants to use custom domains. This feature helps them stand out from competitors. Plus, It enhances their brand image and credibility.

Discount Codes

Another limitation of Shopify Starter is the inability to create discount codes. This means users on this plan cannot generate promotional codes for discounts. Shopify Basic offers this feature, which is crucial for marketing and promotions. It’s an important factor to consider when planning your marketing strategies. Retailers on the Starter plan cannot offer discounts. This might make it hard for them to attract customers. This limitation could pose challenges in building and sustaining customer loyalty.

Access To The App Store

Shopify Starter does not include Shopify’s app store access. This confines merchants from extending the functionality of their stores with third-party integrations. It could result in limited possibilities to customize products. Shopify Basic grants access to the app store. Users can improve their store’s capacity and workflow using various apps and plugins.

Transaction Fees

Shopify Starter has a simple pricing structure with a $5 monthly fee. But it applies a 5% fee on each transaction. This sales fee can cause a lot of adjustments during clearing, especially for the big sales. But, Shopify Basic takes lower transaction fees: 2.9% + 30¢ for online credit card payments. And it takes 2% from third-party payment gateways. Lower total transaction costs might reflect this. So, it will be a more reasonable choice for merchants in the long run.

What’s Next?

Shopify Starter is ideal for merchants who only sell online. It caters to those who don’t need a complete ecommerce website. It includes basic functionalities such as payment processing and inventory management. Consider your requirements and select a plan that best fits your needs. For a primary online store selling over social media, Shopify Starter will suffice. It is always possible to upgrade according to the growth of your business. In general, Shopify Starter supplies you with core sales tools. Plus, a straightforward interface is beneficial for new companies entering the e-commerce market. It assists them as they start their journey in online selling.

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