Hiring Shopify Experts: Your Guide to the Top 10 for 2024

You need a Shopify expert. Why? Most likely, you don’t have the required skills to make your store pop.

But even if you do, a Shopify expert can provide several benefits to your business. Their skills include optimization of product pages, designing SEO campaigns, and more.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to 10 Shopify website experts who are masters of their craft. 

FYI: Yet to start your e-commerce journey? Then you may want to hire someone to build a Shopify store. Development consumes a lot of time, which you can save. You’ll have more hours to focus on other areas of your business, like accounting and customer support.

What is a Shopify Expert?

Before we discuss how to hire a Shopify expert, let’s go over their meaning.

Shopify website experts are professionals who optimize online stores to drive increased traffic and revenue. They possess high-level skills and often focus on one area of store optimization.

The best Shopify experts ask potential clients about their objectives before agreeing to their project. They also analyze whether the Shopify store is set up correctly for them to run their optimization.

You can find Shopify experts for several e-commerce optimizations, including:

  • Custom theme development
  • Website layout improvement
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Store Migration
  • Setup development
  • And more

It’s worth mentioning that Shopify experts don’t always classify as Shopify developers. Yes, many Shopify experts offer design and development services. But others offer services in the areas of marketing, SEO, etc.

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Are Shopify Experts Worth It?

Hiring a Shopify expert comes with many benefits. These professionals bring a variety of skills and offer targeted solutions in areas like marketing, SEO, and more. With a Shopify expert by your side, you’ll:

Save time

You can let the expert handle the complex tasks while you focus on other aspects of the business. This helps you avoid trial and error, improving efficiency across the business.

Boost sales

Working with a specific professional, like a Shopify SEO expert, can improve your sales. The expert optimizes your storefront for conversions, boosting your average order value and overall revenue.

Reduce stress

Technical issues can be daunting. A Shopify expert takes care of these, meaning you don’t have to stress over website downtime and other complexities.

Support growth

For those running a large e-commerce store, a Shopify Plus expert can help scale their operations. These professionals specialize in optimizing code execution, using CDNs, and other areas that support high-volume stores.

Top 10 Shopify Experts in 2024

1. Anton Kraly

Instagram | LinkedIn

Anton Kraly is the founder and CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle. He’s best known for his online course that teaches beginners how to start a dropshipping business

Anton can help you with store setup and management, plus provide advice on how to enhance your customer experience both pre-purchase and post-purchase. 

His constant research and testing to discover what works best in online marketing is also useful for anyone looking to scale their operation. 

2. Peter Pru ‍

LinkedIn | Twitter

Anton can help you make money online via e-commerce dropshipping. Unlike other Shopify experts, he focuses on sales funnels over traditional methods like e-commerce stores. 

3. Steve Hutt 

LinkedIn | Twitter

Steve Hutt excels in boosting Shopify direct-to-consumer brands with strategies that attract and convert customers. He offers to consult with design, development, and usability services to both agencies and businesses.

Steve can help you fast-track your growth with proven digital marketing and customer retention tactics. You can go through his blog, The eCommerce Fastlane, for more information on how he helps merchants achieve sustainable business growth.

Steve himself says that his digital marketing and e-commerce implementations will enhance your leads, sales, traffic, and overall profit. 

4. Caroline Balinska

LinkedIn | Twitter

Caroline Balinska is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 12 businesses under her belt. Her expertise lies in driving growth and loyalty for direct-to-consumer Shopify brands.

Caroline has an agency—Just Ask Parker—that helps generate traffic and sales for emerging Shopify stores. You can get in touch with them for various kinds of e-commerce marketing, social media SEO, PPC, and development.

Caroline and her team aim to build not just immediate sales but lasting customer relationships for Shopify brands.


Easy to customize your brand loyalty program

Build a community
Refer a friend
Rewards, Referral
Popup, Email, etc

5. Matt Schlich 

LinkedIn | Twitter

Matt Schlich is an expert in making Facebook Messenger work for businesses. He’s helped big brands like GoPro and Universal Music Group use online chats to boost their sales.

If you’re a brand that relies heavily on social media to drive awareness and growth, Matt can help you gain customers via online chat engagements. 

Matt’s clients say he has deep knowledge of social media that goes beyond the basic functionality. So if you’re looking to gain an edge over your competitors, his services might be the perfect fit for your brand.

6. Dylan Kelley 

LinkedIn | Twitter

Dylan Kelley is a renowned Shopify expert with a track record of helping top e-commerce brands generate revenue through email marketing. His approach is innovative and often sets new standards in the industry.

As the founder of Wavebreak, Dylan leads a team that specializes in unlocking new revenue opportunities for e-commerce brands. If you’ve been struggling to generate sales via email, you can contact Matt to unlock new opportunities for growth and profit.

Dylan also hosts the Wavebreak Podcast, where he goes into the details of email and SMS marketing for direct-to-consumer brands. Through interviews and insights, he shares valuable knowledge.

Dylan shares nuggets of wisdom on webinars. Here’s a video of him talking about using SMS and email marketing to grow a brand:  https://youtu.be/5kRX2StZqo0 

7. Joe McFerrin 


Joe McFerrin is an expert in boosting eCommerce brands on platforms like Adobe Commerce, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce. He boasts a variety of skills, but his work on eCommerce user interface designs is most noticeable. 

Joe’s also a pro at optimizing Google rankings, traffic, and conversion rates. His efforts have led to the success of over 50 online stores, each generating multimillion-dollar revenues.

Joe’s leadership extends to managing teams. He oversees designers, developers, and marketing specialists. His keen eye for market trends and expertise in project management, internet marketing, and eCommerce consulting set him apart from other experts.

Joe also runs the IWD agency, which he talks about in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CQNMPdmEmI

8. Keith Matthews 

LinkedIn | Twitter

Keith is the founder of Milk Bottle Labs, an agency that focuses on creating standout e-commerce experiences. They work on Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms for brands globally… 

In his career, Keith combined his love for travel with roles in sales and marketing. He’s worked with big names like O2, Telefonica, and Digicel. You can hire Keith to work on UI or design digital campaigns that drive revenue and loyalty for your business.

9. Claus Lauter 


Claus Lauter runs the E-commerce Coffee Break podcast, a show where he invites thought leaders from e-commerce, SaaS, and AI. He suggests using podcast interviews and sponsorships for a better reach

Claus helps brands in the Shopify ecosystem connect with lots of potential clients. With his 20-plus years of experience, he also advises brands and e-commerce merchants on how to up their marketing game.

If you’re running an established Shopify brand, you can try getting in touch with Claus to connect with consultants (or even appear as a guest on his podcast).

10. Brett Curry  

LinkedIn | Twitter

Brett Curry specializes in growing D2C brands using strategies and tools like email marketing and Amazon brand management. As the founder of OMG Commerce, his leadership with hard skills in online marketing and e-commerce to scale businesses. 

Brett is also the author of the Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping for Shopify. It’s valuable for anyone looking to boost their e-commerce presence.

Brett guides a team skilled in online marketing and SEO in his day-to-day. For anyone looking to solidify their brand presence, Brett is a great choice as a Shopify expert.

Criteria for Evaluating Shopify Experts 

When selecting a Shopify expert, you’ll want to look at certain factors to ensure they’re the right fit for your business. Here are the criteria that can be considered:

Technical Expertise

First, assess their technical skills. See if they can manage the backend of a Shopify store, write custom code, make design optimizations, etc. These skills are critical for improving the core structure of your website. 

Experience and Track Record

Look for someone with a solid history of successful Shopify projects. A track record of consistent performance indicates they have the expertise to handle your store’s unique needs.

Portfolio and Case Studies

Don’t forget to revenue the expert’s portfolio. Doing so will give you an idea of whether they’ve optimized stores like yours. Additionally, go through any case studies they’ve published to gain insight into their approach and results.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

Don’t skip client feedback. Testimonials and reviews reveal much about their reliability and the quality of their work. Positive feedback from past clients is a strong indicator of a high-performing expert.

Communication and Collaboration Skills

Finally, consider their communication style. Ensure they understand your goals and can articulate their strategies clearly. With effective communication and collaboration, you’ll ensure a smoother partnership with the expert. 

How to Choose the Right Shopify Experts for Your Store?

Choosing the right Shopify expert for your store is easier said than done. You’ll find many experts for a single service, so you’ll need to take some steps to ensure you’re hiring the best resource. Here’s how to approach this:

Consider Your Needs and Goals

Get things going by assessing your main objective. This could be setting up your store from scratch or pushing your site up in Google rankings. Knowing your goal is key to finding a Shopify expert who aligns with your vision. 

Pro tip: You can write “Shopify expert near me” on Google if your objective is to hire someone close to your proximity.

Align Their Expertise With Your Objective

Next, assess how closely the expert’s ability aligns with your needs. This is to make sure they have the skills to address your specific challenges. You can do this by:

  • Conducting interviews and evaluating candidates: Ask candidates about their experience with projects like yours. How do they overcome problems? What measures do they take to ensure efficiency? This step is less about their resume and more about how they think and work.
  • Reviewing proposals and considering costs: Experts will send over their service breakdowns and prices. Look over these to ensure the price is right for the service they offer. Pro tip: don’t make the mistake of hiring the cheapest expert. Rather, think about the ROI you’ll get from their service to make an informed decision.
  • Considering everything: Now, weigh everything, including the expert’s skills, experience, strategy, cost, and how you felt talking to them. Then choose a Shopify expert who not only has the skills but also gets your vision and is ready to work closely with you.

Follow these steps to make sure your investment in a Shopify expert pays off for your store.

Tips to Work Effectively with Shopify Experts

To work effectively with Shopify experts, it’s essential to nail down some key strategies. Here’s a straightforward guide to ensure a smooth and successful collaboration:

Set Clear Expectations and Goals

Start with a clear objective in your head. Whether it’s boosting online sales, revamping your store’s design, or scaling up your business, lay it out plainly. This clarity helps your Shopify expert understand exactly what you’re aiming for and tailor their approach accordingly

Communicate Effectively

Establish a solid communication plan that involves two-way conversations. Let the expert share their perspective and ideas too. You can collaborate via email, phone calls, or video meetings—whatever works for you and the expert

Monitor Progress

Keep a close eye on the developments. Regular updates, be they through reports, demos, or real-time analytics, let you track the progress. This ongoing monitoring is about staying engaged and making informed decisions as the project evolves.

Balance The Budget and Timeline

Financial and time management are crucial. Regular check-ins on the budget help avoid any financial surprises. Likewise, keeping a watchful eye on the timeline ensures the project stays on track. If delays occur, work together to figure out a plan to get back on course.

Working well with a Shopify expert is about setting clear goals, talking, tracking your project, and managing money and time. Get this right, and you’re on the path to e-commerce success.


Shopify experts can turbocharge the store’s performance. These professionals have the know-how and creative chops to differentiate your brand from the rest. As a recap, here’s what we learned about hiring them

  • Shopify experts are all-rounders. They do way more than just design. Think SEO and content marketing…
  • Picking the right expert involves evaluating skills and past work. See what the expert has done before and get a feel of their communication style. This helps you find someone who gets what your store needs.
  • To find the best fit, match their skills with your goals. Have a good chat with them and look over their proposed plans and what they charge. This can help you identify the right partner for your business’s future.
  • Keep the lines of communication open and set clear goals. Regularly check in on how things are going to monitor performance and adapt to changing trends.

Overall, getting a Shopify expert on board is a wise choice for your business. Armed with this guide, you’re all set to pick the best person for the job. Bring the right expert to your team and watch your revenue soar.


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