Best Guide to Build Your One Product Shopify Store in 2024

In the highly competitive e-commerce market, an innovative sales strategy often brings more revenue. One-product Shopify stores are arguably the most underrated method of all time, and this is due to the fact that many people don’t understand the pros and cons of this sales model.

In this article, we’ll compile all the basic information you need to know about starting a one-product Shopify store. If you read carefully, you will get a mental framework on how to create your own single product brand. By using this model, your store is expected to achieve higher profits in the near future.

one product shopify store

What is a One Product Shopify store?

It refers to a Shopify store that only offers a single product, and merchants can focus on selling one item in the store to customers. Unlike a store that offers multiple products, customers can only find a single product on the page and only need to decide whether to buy it, rather than which one to buy.

Contrary to common thinking, single-product stores may even be more competitive than multi-product stores. In fact, single product stores still have their own uniqueness and irreplaceability. Through scientific operation and planning, this sales strategy may bring unexpected surprises to your sales.

Pros and cons of a One Product Shopify store

Of course, as an operating model, single product stores have their pros and cons, which you need to fully understand before making a decision.


•Better positioning:

Compared to stores with more products, your information is less likely to be diluted. Because you only have one product, you can focus on more precise brand positioning.

•More effective advertising: A single product is better suited to Facebook and Google algorithms. Once you have established accurate data on specific buyers who are interested in your products and formed a more accurate recommendation system, it will be easier to monetize your digital advertising.

• Reduce distractions: Managing and marketing one product is simpler than trying to develop thirty different strategies. Focusing all your resources on a single product improves your odds of success. As soon as your earnings become stable, you can always consider expanding into other product lines.


1. More pressure

Profitability for a single product store basically depends on choosing the right product. You also invest a lot of money in marketing. If you don’t get the right product to the right people, you risk failure. And with only one product to sell, you face a lot of pressure. You need the ability to handle this pressure.

2. A lot of research

Before opening a single product store, you must conduct in-depth market research. Know a lot about the product and why people buy it. If you ever wanted to run a regular drop-shipping store, you could rely on past data, insights, and previous customers to research and select products with the highest success rate.

How to Build a One Product Shopify store

Step 1: Find a Product Shopify Store Idea

Ideas are the prerequisite for opening a store! The first step is to find an attractive product idea.

•Start with what you have: Think back over your years of operations and ask yourself some questions. Which products can solve some of the pain points of customers? Do you have a product that could be improved in some way?

•Research Amazon’s best-selling products: You can browse Amazon’s best-selling product list, organize and integrate the data, and discover products with high demand. For example, a waffle maker wants to create a single product brand.

Once you’ve come up with a product idea, it’s time to put it into action. You can then try ordering multiple samples from different suppliers and choose after comparing the quality.

Step 2: Choose a single product Shopify theme

To create a product Shopify store, you first need to install a store theme. To maximize conversions, the core products you choose should align with popular themes. With the support of a unified theme, your brand can hopefully be established in a short time. Therefore, it is necessary to do necessary preliminary research before setting a topic.

Additionally, you’ll want to design easy-to-understand navigation, which is to provide shoppers with a clear path of action so they can quickly navigate your store without interruption. You must know that a comfortable shopping experience can make you stand out among many stores.

Step 3: Brand one of your product Shopify stores

Once you’ve chosen your sample and chosen your theme, it’s time to start building your unique brand identity. Your logo, copy, imagery, and color palette are the elements that make your store come alive and together make up your brand.

Some quick tips to get you started. Like try describing who you are in three words. For example, you could say it’s “sophisticated,” “minimalist,” and “bold.” You can also identify your ideal customers and build a store that resonates with them. It is recommended that you design your store around only two main colors that attract your ideal buyers.

Step 4: Create an eye-catching homepage

With only one page needed to be optimized for a single product, you’ll be able to put all your heart, sweat, and tears into creating pages that will wow your shoppers: your homepage and product pages.

One tip is that since you only have one product to sell, rather than multiple items crowding your page, you can design your homepage like an ecommerce landing page. In other words, the buyer’s purchasing path is shortened, and he can directly browse and purchase with one click. Integrating these elements into your own product pages will push buyers directly into the next stage of the funnel, greatly increasing your odds of closing a deal.

Step 5: Optimize your product pages

An attractive product page is crucial for a single-product Shopify store, influencing a customer’s initial impression of a product. So it’s worth your time to adjust different elements of your page, such as font color and copy, to achieve higher conversion rates. If customers can obtain products at a lower cost, your competitiveness will be greatly improved.

As shoppers scroll down, strong testimonial copy and attractively styled photos build powerful reasons why they should buy. In addition, it is recommended that you infiltrate brand characteristics such as “simple”, “scientific” and “credible” into the elements of the page. These are the attraction points that modern customers value.

Step 6: Establish after-sales channels

To add more profits to your product store, you’d better provide one or two related products to customers after they purchase, or introduce more after-sales services.

Offering additional products early in the purchase distracts users from your core product, may send them elsewhere, or make them question whether they need to purchase your product. That’s why adding an upsell to a single product store should be done on a thank you page.When sales of your core product are secured, you can safely offer other products to your customers without the risk of losing sales.

7 Tips to build a well-qualified One Product Shopify store

Building a single product store requires a comprehensive and systematic strategic approach rather than rushing in without any preparation. Your focus should be on highlighting the unique value of your product. Being able to provide a seamless customer experience is also one of the competitive tools. Here are some important tips to consider:

1. Choose an attractive product

You can consider whether it solves a specific problem, the magnitude of the niche market. Related products should ideally offer innovative features that differentiate them from competitors.

2. Build a strong brand image

If your brand image resonates with customers and reflects the personality of your product, you will have an advantage.

3. Invest in high-quality product photography

Low-resolution, less than professional-looking product images showcasing your products may discourage customers from purchasing. You can use multiple angles, close-ups, and lifestyle shots to showcase your products.

4. Implement an effective marketing strategy

Consider investing in content marketing and SEO to increase traffic. Our SEOAnt tool is the world-leading SEO Solution For E-Commerce, which can bring you an efficient marketing experience.

5. Provide excellent customer service

Providing prompt and thoughtful customer service is also an important part of marketing user selection. Customers need to handle inquiries in a timely manner and resolve their concerns quickly. Our live chat Shopify app – Willdesk can turn your customer service into a profit center,

6. Design a user-friendly online store

For users, the operability of the interface and the efficiency of obtaining information are important factors in marketing their choices. It’s important to design your website so that it’s easy for customers to navigate, find information, and make purchases to improve their shopping experience.

7. Simplify the checkout process

Checkout can be said to be the last step in user conversion, which directly affects your revenue. An inconvenient checkout process can cause customers to lose patience and abandon their carts. One-step checkout is a solution that simplifies the checkout process for customers.

7 successful One Product Shopify store examples

1. Fybelle

Fybelle is a store that sells FDA-approved IPL (intense pulsed light technology) hair removal handpieces. The device’s main selling point is that it reduces hair growth within a few weeks. From store design to content, it’s easy to gain customer trust and convince potential customers to convert. Officially used in stores with thoughtful designs, customers tend to believe that the product has actual effects rather than deceiving users.

2. Kulala

Kulala mainly sells a beautiful wooden lamp, which helps users sleep by emitting a specific wavelength of red light, which is very popular in these anxious times. It works by promoting the release of melatonin, which helps you fall asleep. This single-product Shopify store uses a consistent and simple color scheme, typography, and simple copy that is very popular with customers.

3. Brew Blue

Brew Blue is considered an Australian brand founded by women, for women. Its product, Hormone Balance Bliss™, targets common conditions in middle-aged women, such as menopausal symptoms, mood swings, stress, bloating and indigestion. Its medicines help customers quickly relieve these symptoms and lead to a better life. The website’s design highlights a muted color scheme, and some of the user reviews can be read inside.

4. Bokksu

Bokksu, which means “box” in Japanese, is a small family-owned business in Japan that sells beautifully designed Japanese snack subscription boxes. If you browse this store page, you will find that in addition to the obvious web design, there are also other features such as a comfortable color palette, good copywriting, easy navigation, customer reviews, etc., which can bring comfort to customers. experience, thereby increasing your customer acquisition rate and revenue.


Balls is a men’s grooming store that designs to appeal to customers’ emotions and increase purchase conversions through eye-catching style. Take a look at its interface and you’ll see great photos, great typography, a flattering color palette, and beautiful social proof. The most surprising thing is that its overall style is very simple and clearly displays each function of the product. Customers feel safe about the product and happily place their order.


Tushy sells bidet accessories in its Shopify store and stands out for its high quality and affordable prices. Although the company also sells other accessories, bidets are the single product that the store focuses on. The eye-catching image design of its product pages allows customers to perceive the service experience of the products at a glance, thus greatly increasing the conversion rate. In addition, magazines such as Vice and The New Yorker rated it as the “#1 bidet attachment,” which is enough to prove its brand advantage.

7. HeySilkySkin

The products sold in the HeySilkySkin store are mainly laser hair removal equipment! The credibility of this product comes mainly from the data. Customers need to make sure it works and won’t harm the skin. It showcases a large amount of user-generated content on all landing pages, including homepage and product pages, which is extremely persuasive. Additionally, they have built a large social media presence that helps generate leads. In addition to social proof, store design, copywriting, etc. are also very solid.


In short, one product shopify store allows you to focus on the products you are currently selling, reducing the burden on your operations and investments, but it also faces risks such as a narrow audience. If you are interested in building a one product shopify store, please be sure to do a preliminary risk investigation and investment risk estimate in order to make the right choice.

If you want to learn more about store operations, you can try our Trustoo tool, which can provide you with a customized shopping experience within a certain range of products. The SEOAnt tool can help you optimize search engines and improve your customer acquisition efficiency.

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