How To Find Shopify Stores: Best 7 Tips in 2024

As an e-commerce website-building tool, Shopify is popular for its powerful features and easy operation. With the help of Shopify, we can easily create stores in Shopify. 

But how to run our Shopify websites better is not an easy thing. It is worth learning for a long time. Perhaps we can learn more from some successful shopify stores examples  – see how they decorate their websites, set up incentives, run marketing campaigns, etc. This article is about how to find Shopify stores.


1. Why should you find other Shopify stores?

2. 7 methods to find Shopify store

3. How to find top Shopify stores?

4. How to find the newest Shopify stores?

Why should you find other Shopify stores?

As a Shopify shopper, you can learn a lot from other Shopify stores. 

1. Good for competitor analysis and research

You can get valuable insight by finding and analyzing your competitors’ Shopify stores. This will be of great help in optimizing your customers’ Shopify online shopping experience.

From visiting some shopify best stores, you can analyze their product selection strategies, pricing models, marketing strategies, and customer engagement strategies. By analyzing and comparing this information, you can find the strengths and weaknesses of your business. This in turn helps you make smart decisions to improve your competitive advantage.

2.Good for keeping up with the latest market trends

Different from the traditional business environment, the biggest feature of e-commerce is the rapid change. Market trends change quickly, consumer preferences change quickly, and even product updates quickly. Therefore, as a Shopify merchant, we need to stay on top of the latest market developments.

For example, if you are a pet clothing store owner, you can quickly keep up with the current trends of pet clothing by viewing and comparing the 10 Shopify top stores. You can then adjust your goods selection strategy. Besides, you can also learn from them in terms of price and promotion strategies.

3.Good for innovation and inspiration

Each Shopify store has its unique features. Merchants can customize their website, home page, product details page, and more. They can not only customize the order of the goods displayed but also customize the page elements of the website.

If you are a consumer, would you rather go to a common shop, or would you prefer to browse an entertaining shop? Good store design can make your store stand out and leave a deep memory for consumers. It is also conducive to promoting product sales!

7 methods to find Shopify store

Now that you know the importance of searching Shopify stores, let’s take a look at how to find Shopify stores. Since there isn’t an official Shopify store list, we need some tools to find them.

In the following section, I will guide you through these seven available resources.

1. How to find Shopify stores with Google

Want to search for something? Google it! 

You can use the Shopify URL to get a list of Shopify stores.  Further, adding specific keywords can get a list of store options in a particular niche.

This method is not only efficient but also provides insight into stores that are optimized for specific keywords. It also reveals their market focus and product offering.


1. Open Google Browser

2. Type on the search bar

3. Want to find some particular niche, add a keyword behind, like: “food”

4. Done

In addition to the above query keywords, you can also use the following keywords on how to find Shopify e-commerce stores in your niche with a Google search:

  • + “keyword”
  • + “keyword”
  • intitle:” Shopify store” +  “keyword”
  • “powered by Shopify” + “keyword”

Picture: Type “food” on search bar

2. How to find Shopify stores via BuiltWith

BuiltWith is a website profiler tool. By using this tool, you can find out what the website you are visiting is built with.

In addition, this tool has a very powerful information summary function. You can download a list of stores using shopify with one click. On the list, you can see key information about where the stores are located, how much revenue they generate, and how many employees they have. This is very helpful for your competitive analysis.


1. Go to

2. Register or log in.

3. At the top of the home page, click [Tools]

4. Click [eCommerce lists]

5. Select [GlobalShopify Stores]

6. Download and get a list of current Shopify customers

7. Done

Picture: Websites using Shopify from BuiltWith

3. How to find Shopify stores via

As we all know, most Shopify stores share the same IP address. Therefore, you can easily find websites built with Shopify via

Myip. ms is a website that provides information about IP addresses, websites, and related data. It can find websites through a certain type of IP range.

Note that the IP addresses of can be:


1. Go to

2. On the home page [whois lookup], enter the IP address you want to query

3. Done

Picture: To find Shopify stores via

4. How to find Shopify stores on FindNiche

In addition to getting a list of Shopify stores, do you want to know more about their marketing strategies and profitability? FindNiche can help you.

With FindNiche, it can not only quickly help you find out a list of Shopify websites, but it can also tell you the key information of these websites such as their user visits, the number of products on sale, and the monthly revenue. It makes sense in market research and competitive analysis.


1. Go to

2. Find [shopify] at the top of the home page

3. Click [shopify store]

4. Type in any keywords you want to search for, such as “food”, “shoes”, etc. You will get a list of shops that sell these items

5. Done

Picture: To find Shopify stores on FindNiche

5. How to find Shopify stores from Webminer

When it comes to doing market analysis of your Shopify website, TheWebMiner helps a lot. It has very strong data scraping capabilities. 

One of its power tools is TheWebMiner Filter. With this amazing tool, we can quickly screen websites using Shopify.


1. Go to

2. At the top of the home page, find [tools]

3. Find and click on [TheWebMiner Filter]

4. In the search bar, type in “Shopify.”

5. There you will get a list of current Shopify stores

6. Done

Picture: To find Shopify stores from Webminer

6. How to find Shopify stores via Publicwww

I highly recommend you try PublicWWW. It is amazing for digital and affiliate marketing research. Just type in the Shopify keyword we’re looking for, and it will give us the answer. Best of all, it supports free downloads!

If you want to find Shopify stores, just type in the keyword ‘’.  You will then see a list of Shopify stores. Click the CSV button on the right. Then you can get a list of all Shopify stores for free.


1. Go to

2. Type “” text in the search box and click the Search button

3. Get a long list of Shopify stores

4. Want to download? Click URLs, CSV, or CSV+snippets

5. Done

Picture: To find Shopify stores via Publicwww

7. How to find Shopify stores with social media

Many Shopify owners choose to promote their stores on social media. They update their products and release the latest marketing campaign on social media. Therefore, it is very easy for you to find many Shopify stores on social media.

You can type keywords and use hashtags to find them. For example, if you are a green food Shopify shopper, you want to know your competitors. You can search ‘green food + Shopify store’ on these platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

Additionally, you can follow influencers on Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn. These influencers may update their insight on Shopify marketing daily. In this way, You will get a lot of the latest and most informative information.

How to find top Shopify stores?

Want to know the most successful Shopify stores? There are multiple ways to figure it out. You can check the latest industry news. You can follow some popular marketing analysts within Shopify circles on social media. 

And you can also use the ‘’ method above to help you find top Shopify stores.


1. Go to

2. Type the IP addresses mentioned above (the third of the seven methods given above) and click “Whois Lookup”.

3. Next, click “View All Records”

4. Click “World Site Popular Rating”

5. The smaller the number, the more popular the store is.

How to find the newest Shopify stores?

Want to get the newest information? 

You can follow some Shopify-related social media groups and forums. People in these groups will frequently update some interesting messages on Shopify topics. 

You can also keep an eye on trending products on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest to discover new stores.


how to find Shopify stores
  1. How to find Shopify store URL?

You can find your Shopify store URL in your Shopify admin. Here are the instructions:

1. Go to your Shopify website

2. Find [setting] on the right of the navigation page

3. Click [Domains]

Here, you’ll find the URL that ends with for your store.

  1. Where can I find a full list of Shopify stores?

You can use the Shopify API to get a list of Shopify stores. It allows you to programmatically access various store data. Here are some information on how to get Shopify store lists using the Shopify API:

1. Sign up for a Shopify Partner account

2. Go to the “Apps” section, click on “Create app” 

3. Create an API key

4. Include your API key and secret in the header of your HTTP requests

5. Authenticate your API requests

6. Use API endpoints to get store lists (you can use the “GET /admin/api/2021-07/graphql.json” endpoint with a GraphQL query to search store information)

7. Receive the store data in JSON format and parse them to extract the desired stored information

8. Done


In this article, we talk about the importance of finding other Shopify stores. Then we give you 7 methods on how to find a Shopify store. You can use Google, BuiltWith, Myip. ms and so on. By these methods, you can get valuable insight on how to better operate your shopify stores. You can re-decorate your homepage, reset your price strategy, and change your marketing campaigns. 

By learning from these successful stores, you can attract more potential customers and then increase your sales. By focusing on the newest stores, you can be alert to the marketing trend. This will help you make informed decisions about product selection and product upgrades.

Wish you great success in your Shopify businesses.

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