Step-by-Step Guide: Dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify in 2024

Don’t underestimate the power of the drop-shipping industry. It is one of the top industries, growing exponentially. According to Grand View Research, the Dropshipping market is projected to reach 257 billion USD by 2024. Guess what? Its growth rate of 23.4% annually is another shocking fact you’ll know. It will make 1 trillion USD by 2030! Amazon and Shopify are both the top platforms for easy dropshipping, fast shipping, and smooth integration. Want to know how to dropship on Shopify? This article will disclose the step-by-step guide to the dropshipping process of Amazon and Shopify!

What Is Dropshipping? 

Maybe you have heard of B2B or B2C businesses. In that business model, sellers keep the inventory in stock before selling.  To your surprise, dropshipping is a bit different and cool. 

In dropshipping, the seller vends the inventory without having stock in the warehouses. They ship directly from third-party service providers. 

Why? It saves multiple overhead costs, such as warehousing costs. 

How Does The Whole Dropshipping Process Work? 

Before even the complete disclosure, there are three main chainlinks of the dropshipping process. 

  • The manufacturer or supplier. It is most often the product factory that manufactures the products and stores them. 
  • The seller. The seller is the person who has a retail store where he/she can sell the inventory. 
  • The consumer. The buyer visits the products in the seller’s store to purchase them. 

Here is how this dropshipping chain connects these three business entities:

  • In the dropshipping business model, the seller connects himself with the supplier. Import the product listings. And sells the inventory to the buyer. 
  • The shipping occurs directly from the supplier to the buyer. 

In the route, the seller can ask the supplier to change the shipping labels or add customized packaging. Plus, the shipping fee depends on the seller. 

How does the seller make money? 

Suppose you buy a mouse from a supplier in stock for $5 per piece. But in your store, you list it for $10 or $15. Whatever you’ll margin up from $5 will be the money in your pocket. That is how you’ll make some bucks. 

Dropshipping Trends 2024

Dropshipping is constantly rising over time. It is growing at an exponential rate. You can read the detailed data of the forecast from 2024 to 2032, which is expected to reach 2 trillion USD

Don’t miss the train of dropshipping and enjoy higher profits by selling popular products like the following: 

  • Clothing and accessories
  • Electronics
  • Beauty Items
  • Home Goods
  • Baby products
  • Pet supplies

These are the most popular items in terms of sales and profits. You can prefer these niches based on your business prospects. 

Shopify vs. Amazon Dropshipping: In-Depth Analysis

Whether on Shopify or Amazon, one thing is for sure: you want to sell. And it is mostly the business model which ensures the exact selling mechanism. 

Here is a comparison of the different features of both sites. 

Platform Type

Amazon is an e-commerce platform where you can market your product to consumers. Whether you are a company or an individual seller, Amazon entertains you. Does Amazon allow dropshipping? Yes, it does. You can dropship.

On the other hand, Shopify is a store builder. Hundreds of features, themes, and plugins are there to create a branded store. Moreover, you manage all your sales from a single dashboard with access to detailed analytics.


Amazon has two plans. In one plan, you can pay per sale for 99 cents. In the second plan, you have to pay 39.99 USD per month. 

Shopify has basic to advanced selling plans. And selling plan costs range from $39 to $399. Moreover, if you are an enterprise, Shopify Plus is a good choice. 

Template and Design

Amazon doesn’t offer customization for stores. Sometimes, it is difficult for you to adorn your Amazon store. 

In contrast, Shopify is king of its den by offering full customization. From changing themes to installing the plugins, you get all the facilities from Shopify. A real-time helper to make your store elegant. 

Marketing Options

Amazon has PPC ads and sponsored ads for you to promote your products. It is, therefore, easier to generate sales only if the competition is less and your marketing strategy is a superpower. 

Shopify allows integration with many channels, such as social media channels. You can directly promote your products. It is, again, very effective for your dropshipping business. 

Transaction Fees

Amazon transaction fees are a specific percentage of the given product category. You need to calculate the fee based on your selling type. 

Shopify doesn’t charge a fee if you use its payment processors for the transactions. For external payment processors, you must pay a 2% transaction fee with 30 cents on each transaction. It also varies depending on what subscription plan you are following. 


Amazon has millions of sellers on its platform, creating ferocious competition. You will get compressed for a single mistake. A careful dropshipping blueprint can save you. 

Shopify does not have high competition. With optimal customization, you can stand out among the other competitors. It all depends on your efforts! 

Customer Support

Amazon supports the sellers through Seller Central. In case of any problem, the seller has to contact the Amazon team. 

Shopify offers the whole methods to support. 

  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Email support
  • Phone support

Sellers can contact the team whenever they want. 

Platform TypeThird-party MarketplaceStore Builder
PricingThe individual plan costs 99 cents per sale, and the professional plan costs 39.99 USD per month. The basic Plan costs $39, while the Advanced plan is $399
CustomizationLimited customization is available. Full access to customization
Marketing OptionsAmazon PPC AdsSocial media integration and marketing through various channels
Transaction feesBased on Category2% for external payment processing with 30 cents per transaction
CompetitionHigh competition among sellersEvery seller has their way of performing
Customer supportChat support through Seller Centraltral24/7 customer support through phone, live chat, and email. 

Benefits of Dropshipping From Amazon 

Dropshipping from Amazon has attracted thousands of entrepreneurs globally. All thanks to the easy dropshipping. Here are some more benefits as well. 

Dropshipping From Amazon  to Shopify

Fast Shipping Service

It is a timely shipping service. Amazon has its shipping service and offers perks to sellers.

Since you are dropshipping from Amazon sellers, it will be a huge opportunity—better trust from your consumers. And smooth business expansion will make your bank.

Case:  Mr. Tze is a drop shipper who made over 19k USD in just two months by dropshipping on Shopify. He sells plush toys and relevant merchandise. Success was not straight, but customer trust and quality product service with shipping led him to make a considerable amount in two months. (Subtle Asian Treat)

Diversity of Products

Amazon has millions of products in its directory. Many sellers are competing just for one product and making their fortune. 

Such a high range of products does one thing: it gives you a DIVERSITY of inventory. It is a piece of cake to find the correct item at affordable prices to make high margins. 

Top Quality

Amazon has no compromise on quality. An order defect rate greater than 1% kicks out the sellers

That means the drop shipping business is going to skyrocket your trust ratio among customers and will give you quality products to dropship on Amazon. 

No Overhead Costs

Your supplier is undoubtedly an FBA seller. That makes the whole supply chain smooth and overhead-free. You don’t have to pay for the warehousing. 

Multiple tools go easy on the importing process and help you optimize your business. 

How Does Shopify Help Dropshipping Brands with Customer Relationships? 

The customer journey is the crux of the matter for success. And Shopify gives you the power to create a successful brand identity. 

Here are some ways to build relationships with consumers when you dropship Amazon products on Shopify. 

Benefits of Dropshipping From Amazon

Customized Stores

One of the unique ways to present your brand in front of consumers is to customize your stores. Shopify helps here with hundreds of themes and plugins for your support. 

You can set up a store. Embellish its button according to your business logo. 

The best part? 

You have 100% control over your store,  not like Amazon, where you have to worry about the ORDER defect rate and many more issues. 

Organize every single feature as per your business. A separate brand identity is there! 

Customer Engagement Tools

Shopify gives you many customer engagement tools to market your products and engage more consumers. 

Send emails to your consumers. Message them about some exciting efforts. And never leave any stone unturned for your customer engagement. 

You can try Loloyal for consumer engagement as well. 


Easy to customize your brand loyalty program

Build a community
Refer a friend
Rewards, Referral
Popup, Email, etc

Messaging Tools

Shopify has a