Best 35 Christmas Marketing Ideas in 2024

The holiday season is a flurry of activity in the world of eCommerce, especially on platforms like Shopify. This is the time of year when companies of all sizes get busy and start a range of interesting campaigns to make the most of the final year-end marketing chance to increase sales.

For businesses, Christmas is more than just a holiday; it’s a competitive race that promises to be just as exciting as it sounds. When talking about marketing at Christmas, you need to decide whether to change the package outside or incorporate your business’s personalized elements into your marketing.

Businesses can also use some more engaging copy for their product titles, such as some questioning phrases like “Christmas without it? That’s not good enough!” and so on; they can also capture the sense of ritual, all of which we’ll discuss individually in the follow-up Christmas marketing campaign ideas.

Best 35 Christmas Marketing Ideas

1. Christmas greeting emails

For sellers, email is a completely functional marketing tool. Businesses can send out emails with a Christmas theme to reach out to their customers and can use larger fonts to highlight special offers. Include a Christmas “countdown clock” and links to related products to remind customers to make their purchases soon in order to highlight the fact that Christmas is rapidly approaching.

2. Highlight the ‘holiday value’ of Christmas

As the last holiday within a year, people hope that they can get sufficient rest and relaxation during the Christmas period. At this time, enterprises specialising in the “relaxation” industry can make use of this opportunity to promote their products; for example, businesses selling massage equipment can use this opportunity to conduct end-of-year promotions.

3. Suggestions for Gift

People love to play the “Secret Santa” game during the holidays, which is a time for gatherings and relationship maintenance. Businesses can use this to their advantage by offering to help customers select Christmas gifts or even package some products into “Christmas packages” and explaining that these kinds of gifts are more popular when paired with similar advertising slogans.

4. Christmas Romantic

“Merry Christmas while marrying me” is a well-known proverb. Couples love to surprise one another around Christmas, and brands that put some thought into this can reap significant profits. Manufacturers of bags, for instance, could write “Filled with love” in their advertisements and so forth.

5. Collaborating with charities

Given that Christmas is regarded as a season of love, companies can commit to donating a percentage of their sales during the holidays. Customers will perceive the brand as more trustworthy and socially conscious, and overall brand equity will rise significantly.

6. Festive Featured Brand Logo

During the Christmas month, brands can add temporary Christmas elements to their name or logo, like Father Christmas hats and festive socks. Consumers are more likely to snap a picture with the logo and create unique memories, both of which will help promote the brand.

7. Make recommendations for holiday activities

Apart from sharing dinner, what other activities are there for Christmas? Businesses can capitalise on the confusion that most people have by offering a list of films to watch together, scenes to play together, and other ideas on their website. Consumers can view other products on the website while simultaneously accessing this list.

8. An improvement in gift packaging

Retailers can promote the release of the yearly Christmas packaging, as there will be a large number of customers drawn in by the attractive packaging and buying psychology. Based on the original packaging, merchants can start a variety of package activities, like setting up the Christmas packaging. However, if you purchase Christmas packages, you can upgrade them for free to the exquisite Christmas packaging, which can also increase your profits.

9. Holiday cards

With Thanksgiving marking the end of the year, company executives can craft some cards that say something like “thank you for the companionship over the past year” or something similar. This is a great chance to increase customer loyalty and will touch many customers.

10. Give special significance to product categories.

Customers may need to choose the gifts they need most in a short period of time, and this is where “categorization” becomes particularly important. Merchants can be directly customer profile-specific, such as “technology enthusiasts,” “high-quality music enthusiasts,” or “beauty enthusiasts,” and customers can directly find the corresponding classification! This saves time and greatly improves the customer experience.

11. Organize a festive photography competition.

Merchants can propose to their customers that they run a photography competition on the theme of Christmas, with the best image being used as a logo for a future new collection or as a background image for their website. Such a competition can be conducted through social media, websites, or even offline physical shops, and customers will feel excited to participate in the brand interaction.

12. Social Media

Social media is definitely the most important platform during the festive season, and customer discussion about the festival increases dramatically during this time. Merchants should first define their customer profile and figure out which social media outlets most of their customers use, and then go ahead and talk to the social media outlets about advertising partnerships. Merchants only need to pay for advertising and can let the target audience see their own; this is an opportunity not to be missed.

13. Social Media Holiday Coupon Triggers/Popups

Merchants can ask cooperated social media to do some settings on the production of the programme. For example, if customers search or talk about some keywords of the brand, the brand’s advertisements or products will pop up correspondingly. They can announce to customers that there are different keywords, and they have a chance to trigger the brand’s coupons and so on. So that customers involved in the activities of the experience will be enhanced, the brand corresponding to the search volume will also be enhanced.

14. Christmas giveaways

Organizing a giveaway with the Christmas logo may cause a lot of sensation; customers will feel that during the Christmas period they can also receive the brand of Christmas gifts. The campaign can be divided into online and offline at the same time, so that it can not only enhance the brand’s visibility but also increase the number of fans on social media. Especially for some small businesses, the number of followers on social media often makes a huge impact.

15. Christmas advertising videos

Consumers are often more likely to be drawn to videos than text. Brands can make a video of Christmas wishes with all their heart, and with the popularity of short video platforms, advertising videos can be more easily seen by potential customers. With the popularity of short-form video platforms, advertisements can be more easily seen by potential customers. Consumers are more likely to see quality content than in the usual product promotions. Brands can take this opportunity to convey their blessings to customers and also use it to raise brand awareness.

16. Co-operate with KOLs

The ability of some KOLs with huge fan bases to bring in products is terrifying. Sometimes, brands go to great lengths to promote their products, but it’s not as convenient as a short comment from some KOL. Especially during the Christmas period, when fans themselves need to make product purchases, they will choose to trust the products chosen by the KOLs more, and the KOLs can use the reason of “recommending the product” to release implicit advertisements.

17. Joint marketing with the catering industry

During the Christmas period, we all want to go eat a big meal or go to the bar to drink a glass of wine. The catering industry during this period must be on fire. Brands can cooperate with them; for example, if a meal costs more than $30, you can get a 20% discount voucher from the brand; or if you spend more than $50 in a bar, you can get a hand-me-down gift from the brand.

18. DDL Countdown Alert

In the pre-Christmas period, brands set up a variety of activities and issued to consumers limited-time coupons. Once a deadline is set, customers will think that this is a rare opportunity to buy products or services at such a low price, and if the expiration date is reached, it will be a waste of time and a pity for the mentality.

19. Short-term offline marketing

Many brands still have an online presence, and even if they have a large following, they still don’t have a physical shop. Such brands can try to short-term rent some shops during the Christmas period to create a “limited time” to meet with fans, display some of the brand’s main products, and also open up more potential customers.

20. Pet gifts

Brands can find another way to send Christmas gifts that are exclusive to pets. For example, the purchase of products can be added to send a pet snack or pet clothes; the purchase of services can be added to send a pet bath or pet insurance. For most people, paying attention to their pets will make them feel valued.

21. Free delivery

Manual shipping is usually expensive, so brands can offer promotions such as “free shipping on purchases over $50” or “half off shipping on purchases over $30” during the Christmas month. Such limited-time events allow customers to purchase more products to make up for the free shipping.

22. Second item, half price

Customers love to use discounts to buy goods. If the merchant in the Christmas month pushes the second product for half-price activities, consumers will be more willing to continue to buy because we all have to take advantage of the psychology of cheap. Merchants can categorise goods for product push; for example, if customers buy a top, the site will immediately push with the matching hat, or other integration of Christmas elements related to the product; in the case of the second product half-price concessions, the probability of consumers successfully placing an order will be greatly enhanced.

23. MBTI in Christmas

MBTI is the hottest personality classification in the world today, and the topic is so hot that it contains 16 different personalities. Brands can take this opportunity to launch merchandise with the names of different personalities, such as mugs and hats. Consumers often like to buy goods with their own labels, especially during the Christmas period. Because people’s desire to spend is greatly enhanced, the MBTI series of product sales will not be disappointed.

24. Focus on Personal Space

Brands can do the opposite of what they want to do in a jolly atmosphere. At this time, brand marketing can focus more on personal space and be sensitive to the needs of different people. Some consumers find loud environments exhausting. Brands can provide quiet spaces during the noisy Christmas period or immersive personal world aids, such as massage equipment, which can make even introverted people feel “in the spotlight.”.

25. DIY experience

During the Christmas period, people will be willing to manually make something to share with friends and family. Brands can capture this consumer psychology and launch some semi-finished products to sell to customers, such as biscuits or cake raw materials. Brands can be a certain percentage of the material packaged for sale. Brands can also launch puzzles with Christmas patterns, and consumers will be willing to make purchases.

26. Mulled wine party

Mulled wine is a very trendy way of drinking wine, adding all kinds of fruits to it and heating it up together, which is a very popular way of drinking wine. Businesses can use this event as an excuse to hold a mulled wine party during the Christmas period, during which they can add their own brand promotion and product marketing.

27. Christmas song production

It is very important to have a theme song of your own; the brand can be integrated into the enterprise, and the elements of Christmas, brainwashing melody, and repeating the lyrics can let consumers, in a short period of time, produce a deep memory, and inadvertently, with relatives and friends humming the song, but also for the brand to bring a certain spread of the effect.

28. Live performance

This is a more traditional marketing tool; merchants will invite some famous singers or dancers from the shop to sing. During the Christmas period, if the business can provide consumers with songs suitable for the festive atmosphere and provide a warm and comfortable environment, I believe there will be many consumers who are willing to stay for this.

29. Christmas Santa dress-up party

Merchants can guide consumers to play a game of Father Christmas Dress Up” and let the other audience choose who dresses up the best. Such activities can be carried out online and offline at the same time. For merchants, this is an opportunity to gain customers from the contest-customers make an evaluation of the audience.

30. Produce Christmas applet games

Brands can develop some small games and push them; however many times consumers win the game, you can get a Christmas discount to match. You can rely on this discount and then go to the consumer. This activity makes the act of “buying” full of entertainment but also attracts a lot of potential customers with a strong desire to win.

31. Annual review

Brands can create a “year in review” feature on their website. During the Christmas month, every customer who points into the website will be transferred to this area. The website can indicate the customer’s preference to buy products in the past year, the number of times the product has been purchased, the products recommended for the future, etc.; the customer can join the Christmas music at the same time as the memories, so that the customer will have a greater sense of experience.

32. Exhibition bazaa

More popular bazaar themes are: art, antiques, mystery, jewellery, etc. Brands can be stationed in them and announce their booths on their own social platforms to create a Christmas atmosphere throughout the booth, which will bring customers a lot of warmth and novelty and is also a good opportunity to open up new customers.

33. Group marketing

During Christmas, brands can post information about their promotions on their official websites and invite their followers to join the discussion group that the brand has started. After a large number of fans enter the discussion group, the brand can send benefits to the group from time to time, such as discount coupons, etc.; you can also ask some small questions and give exclusive gifts to the fans who answer correctly.

34. Set up the brand’s own Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are an indispensable element of Christmas. Brands can carefully design their own Christmas tree, incorporating their own logo. Such a beautiful Christmas tree will attract many people to stop and take photos, and when they send the photos on social media platforms, it will also attract more people to follow the brand!

35. Kissing activities

Brands can set up kissing games and give gifts. For example, “if you can kiss for more than 15 seconds, you can get a free gift from the brand”. The brand can record a video of this, edit it, and then post it on social media platforms later with a Christmas-related topic. Many people will be attracted by the free gift, and the brand will be promoted.

8 useful strategies for your Christmas marketing strategy

1. Take advantage of what social media has to offer

The advantage of social media is that it spreads quickly, and merchants choosing to cooperate with social media platforms commonly used by the public at this time will bring unexpected results. Brands can advertise Christmas promotions and customer events directly on social media, for example, by posting some Christmas-related quizzes to increase customer engagement, issuing exclusive fan benefits from time to time, and offering different coupons to customers who have been following the brand for different lengths of time, so that customers are motivated to subscribe to the brand as early as possible. This not only enhances the interaction between the brand and customers but also strengthens the bond between the brand and its customers.

2. Short video platform live

TikTok is now very popular in the world, and especially with this platform live, the traffic will be very considerable. Some businessmen can seize the opportunity of live broadcasting at this time, which is a good time to show the charm of the brand but also to strengthen the close relationship with customers so that customers feel that their doubts can be solved at any time, which will significantly enhance the goodwill of customers.

3. Advertising video production

Advertising videos launched during the Christmas period will be more likely to infect customers with emotions. The video can include elements of family, love, or friendship, and combined with the Christmas atmosphere, customers will not be able to help but bring the story of the characters in the ad into their own. Customers will then be more willing to trust and rely on the brand.

4. Co-marketing with web celebrities.

Merchants can send their Christmas collections to web celebrities for free in advance, and after these celebrities have tried the products, they can post or video to recommend Christmas goodies to their fanbase. Some fans are more likely to trust the web celebrities they follow for their aesthetics and quality control than they are to trust the brand directly, so brands should take this opportunity to go ahead and talk to the web celebrities about cooperation in the run-up to Christmas.

5. Christmas marketing emails.

Many customers, even loyal ones, will not be able to keep up with the brand’s activities if the brand does not send out a timely Christmas marketing campaign. Brands can carefully design their Christmas greeting emails, adding Christmas elements, etc., so that customers feel that “they have not been forgotten.”.

6. Tailor-made greeting cards.

Greeting cards are a good excuse for brands to invite customers during the Christmas period. Brands can customise a batch of cards with the customer’s own name written on them, expressing their greetings, and accompanied by some brand coupons. A simple card can be a great way for a brand to increase the customer’s perception of the brand, and it’s a great option for brands.

7. Christmas Tree Present Marketing

Christmas trees are very important in everyone’s heart, and giving them as gifts is also a very good choice. Some soft material manufacturers can choose to push some DIY materials to make their own Christmas tree; customers can do it themselves, and in the process of making it, they can feel the quality of the business.

8. Attending a Christmas market.

People are always eager to visit lively, beautifully decorated Christmas markets in order to kill time. Companies that specialize in jewelry, perfume, and vintage goods may decide to open an additional stall at the bazaar to showcase their goods to consumers face-to-face. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method of attracting new clients.

5 Useful Christmas Marketing Tools for Your E-commerce Store


Christmas is a time when consumers are more willing to spend money, but they also don’t want to waste their money on unworthy matters. The TT Ali Reviews product review app can put this concern to rest for many consumers. It helps consumers rule out inappropriate products or pick out better brands by displaying honest and reliable reviews. Consumers can directly pick out the gifts they want to give to their relatives and friends on this app, and they don’t need to hesitate anymore, which helps consumers save their time considerably.

2. Loloyal

The Loyalty Smiles Rewards referral app has the potential to greatly boost customer engagement and loyalty during the holiday season. By providing enticing incentives and referral schemes, it encourages users to make purchases and recommend the store to others. During the holidays, when customers are more likely to receive rewards and recommend their favourite stores to friends and family, this tactic is especially successful. During this crucial shopping season, you can use this app to make your customer base become brand ambassadors, raise awareness of your store, and boost sales.

3. CW Back in Stock Restock Alert

The CW Back in Stock Restock Alert app is particularly useful during the hectic Christmas shopping season. It proactively notifies customers about the restocking of popular items, which can be a game-changer in such a busy period. This timely communication ensures that interested customers are immediately informed when sought-after products become available again, significantly reducing the chance of missed sales opportunities. This functionality not only improves the shopping experience by keeping customers updated but also directly contributes to increasing sales, as it capitalises on the high demand during the holiday season.

4. Request a Quote Hide Price B2B

The ‘Request a Quote Hidden Price B2B’ app is ideal for B2B customers, especially during the holiday season. It simplifies and streamlines the process of requesting quotations and managing pricing details. This ensures smoother business transactions, which is really vital during the busy Christmas period. The software maintains efficient processing of quotations or price management over the holiday period; even during periods of high demand when everyone is on holiday, uninterrupted service is still maintained. This efficiency will allow you to relieve stress during the high-pressure holiday season and maintain customers more effectively.

5. ParcelPanel tracking your gifts 

ParcelPanel is a tool for tracking parcels that keeps users up-to-date with the status of their logistics and informs them of the location of their parcels on a regular basis. With ParcelPanel, merchants can keep an eye on where their shipments are being delivered to, whether they are arriving on time, and whether they can gain favourable feedback from consumers for their on-time delivery. After multiple uses, merchants can also learn about the delivery speeds of different couriers and make appropriate choices. Such a tool will give merchants a greater sense of control over their products.


christmas marketing ideas

1. How do you market at Christmas?

To effectively market at Christmas, you should craft campaigns that capture the holiday spirit. Utilise holiday-themed visuals and narratives in your content to evoke warmth and cheer. Promotions should be tailored to the season, featuring special discounts or festive bundles that appeal to the gift-giving nature of the holiday. Engage with customers through personalised communication, utilising email, social media, and in-store experiences to create a cohesive and immersive festive atmosphere that encourages them to choose your brand for their holiday shopping.

2. How do you attract customers for Christmas?

To attract customers for Christmas, enhance your store’s appeal with exclusive holiday deals that offer real value. Create personalized shopping experiences that cater to individual customer preferences and highlight unique, holiday-themed products that serve as ideal gifts. Use festive branding and targeted marketing to showcase these special items, making them irresistible. By doing so, you’ll not only draw in shoppers looking for the perfect holiday gift but also create memorable experiences that encourage repeat business.

3. What is the 12 Days of Christmas marketing strategy?

The ’12 Days of Christmas’ marketing strategy is an engaging way to captivate customers, where a unique deal is featured each day, creating anticipation and a reason for shoppers to engage with your brand repeatedly. This approach not only fosters daily interaction but also capitalizes on the festive momentum, encouraging customers to take advantage of limited-time offers while they last, thus driving continuous traffic and sales during the lead-up to Christmas.

4. How do I advertise my business for Christmas?

Advertise your business for Christmas by crafting themed email campaigns that capture the festive spirit, orchestrating social media activities that engage and excite your audience, and organizing festive events that spotlight your seasonal specials. Elevate your brand’s holiday presence by highlighting unique offers and creating content that resonates with the joyous mood of the season, enticing customers to celebrate with your products and services.

5. What is the famous Christmas market?

When it comes to offline Christmas markets, there are loads of markets in the world. Many big cities will set up Christmas markets with city or national characteristics; for example, there is “Winter Wonderland” in London, which is full of the elegance and joy of the south of England; Edinburgh’s Christmas market is full of Scottish style, which contains many special products from Scotland. Online Christmas markets are usually found in different social media areas, where there are posts, gifts, and lively discussions full of Christmas spirit.


As Christmas approaches, the competition between businesses intensifies a lot. We’ve listed 35 Christmas campaign ideas in this post, some of which can also be used for other festivals, to help businesses or brands gain momentum over the festive period.

During the Christmas period, people are likely to be sympathetic and confident in brands. That’s why you should take the last opportunity to capitalise on the last big sales boost of the year.

This article also lists five very useful platforms, all of which we heartily endorse. Tru’t and ParcelPanel, in particular, are both excellent for businesses. They can help businesses make a big push for efficiency at the busiest time of the year, as well as reassure both merchants and consumers with trusted product quality.

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