15 Best Products to Sell on Shopify in 2024 [Guide]

$6.3 trillion. That’s the valuation the global e-commerce market is forecast to reach in 2024. And Shopify is going to be a key driver in this expansive growth. After all, Shopify is the largest platform provider to the top 1 million e-commerce sites—21% of these sites rely on Shopify to power their operations. So find out the best products to sell on Shopify here!

Best  Products to Sell Online

Shopify provides all the tools for e-commerce growth. However, the key to success lies in product selection.

TL;DR: You need to find the best products to sell on Shopify to be successful. 

Why Product Selection Matters

Choosing the right product is crucial for Shopify’s success. It involves finding Shopify-trending products and showcasing them. Stores that do that draw customers naturally—without doing a lot of marketing.

But keep in mind: fierce competition surrounds Shopify’s top products. This means your store needs something special, something different, to stand out. 

Speaking of something different, 2024’s best Shopify products were eco-friendly goods, tech gadgets, and home fitness.

In 2024? These trends will shift. Expect more demand for biodegradable products. Technologies like AI and VR will penetrate tech. And home fitness will be more personalized and interconnected than ever before.

All that implies is that you’ll have to stay agile and flexible, i.e., adapt your product selection based on evolving trends. That’s how you’ll stay profitable and competitive next year.  

Criteria for Product Selection

It can be tricky to find the best products to sell on Shopify. But we’ve developed a methodology that helps merchants find winning products. Basically, our criteria include:

1. Analyzing Customer Preferences

What products are the talk of the town? What is everyone queuing up for online? The answers can give you an idea of what to sell. Additionally, you can use forums and resources like Reddit Shut Up and Take My Money, and The Consumer Goods Forum to get product ideas. 

2. Leverage Market Research Tools

Heard about Google Trends and Keyword Planner, but never used them? Now it’s time that you start. These tools provide insight into what people are searching for online. Analyze their data to get up to speed with customer needs. 

3. Prioritize Customer Feedback

Customer feedback tells you what resonates and what doesn’t. Gather feedback to tweak,  change, and evolve. You can easily monitor reviews, comments, and responses with tools like Agorapulse and Hootsuite.

4. Strike The Right Balance Between Quality and Quantity

Sure, sell what’s popular. But sell what’s good too. Remember those fidget spinners? They were all the rage, but then quickly faded away. It’s a classic example of a trend that didn’t last. So, when choosing products, think about longevity. Because you want to stock items that are not just a hit today but will also be sought after tomorrow.

5. Consider Emerging Trends

Start thinking bigger to find products that will sell well. Ask yourself how new tech trends shape what people want. Say, smart homes are the rage. What complements that? Find those products to stay ahead of everyone else. A quick tip: Watch tech forums. Follow the Kickstarter pages. What you find in these places could be your next bestseller on Shopify.

Top 15 Product Categories for 2024

Now for the exciting part. Below are the 15 best products to sell on Shopify in 2024. As a reminder, these products were selected based on the above criteria. This means two things: good profits and cost-effective sourcing. With that, here’s what you should consider selling:

1. Dog Toys

Market forecast: $13 billion valuation by 2030

Competition level: Medium

Toys have stepped beyond the kids’ playroom. Now, dog toys are grabbing the spotlight. Surprisingly, not many online retailers have jumped on this bandwagon. The reason? Less competition and a bigger chance to make your mark.

Quality is your ticket to success in this niche. It’s what will make dog owners come back for more. And remember, the dog toy market is vast. It pays to niche down and differentiate.

Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for finding niche ideas in the dog toy category. Just type in “dog toys” and see what comes up. Toy poms, teacup poodles, snuffle mats—the list goes on. This is where your journey in the pet toy market begins.

2. Purses and Bags

Market forecast: $77.8 billion valuation by 2030

Competition level: High

Purses and bags are next on our list of Shopify trending products. This niche is booming, but you’ll have to tread carefully, as it’s easy to spread yourself thin.

You can start with a few items, like custom women’s purses or designer wallets for men. For creation, print-on-demand platforms like Printful can help. You design, and they handle production. Easy. Or, source ready-made purses from wholesale sites like Thomasnet.

Remember, great photos sell products. Make sure your purses and handbags look irresistible in pictures. That’s your key to great sales.

3. Car and Bike Accessories

Market forecast: $821.7 billion valuation by 2030

Competition level: Medium

Car and bike accessories are a great niche for a Shopify dropshipping business. Why? Because the products are usually lightweight. Floor mats, plate frames, bumper stickers – you can get all these via China ePacket shipping.

Then there’s the demand. Car owners and Cyclists are always on the lookout for gear that makes their ride better. Things like repair kits, exhaust pipes, helmets, and floor mats are in high demand.

Why is this niche a smart move for Shopify? Simple. People love to personalize their vehicles. They want to stand out, add a personal touch, or boost their vehicle’s performance. That’s why car and bike accessories are some of the hottest items to sell.

4. Cabinet Handles

 Market forecast: $18.89 billion valuation by 2032

Competition level: Low

Lately, retailers have been stocking up on cabinet knobs, latches, and handles. And why not? Every home requires them, whether it’s a new build or a quick spruce-up.

But here’s the real deal: this niche is perfect for expanding your range. Selling cabinet knobs? Think bigger. Add in drawers, interior finishes, and shelves. Material-wise, you’ve got loads of choices. Plastics, metals, glass, brass, iron, steel—mix it up.

Everyone’s after something different. Some want their cabinet hardware fancy, while others like it simple. But one thing is for sure: cabinet handles are one of the most high-demand products to sell. 

5. Shoes and Sneakers

Market forecast: 472.59 billion by 2028.

Competition: Medium

Shoes and sneakers? They’re big on Shopify in 2024, no doubt about it.

These items are a daily must-have. People buy them to walk, play, commute, etc.

When starting a shoe business, make sure to focus on a specific niche. This could be anything—athletic sneakers for kids, elegant heels for women, or classic leather shoes for men.

Really get to know this niche. It’s key to making your mark in a competitive market.

6. Tabletop Games

Market forecast: $48.69 billion by 2028

Competition: Low

Back in the day, our board game choices were pretty limited. We had the classics: Sorry!, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit. That was pretty much it.

Now, it’s a whole new range of tabletop board games. We’ve got Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic. And then there are miniature wargames like Warlords Bolt Action. These games are massive now.

For sourcing, there are a couple of routes you could take. You can partner with small game designers who are looking for a platform to sell their games. Or, look at wholesale options and find games that are already popular and get them in bulk.

If you’re feeling creative, you can even try designing my own game. It’s a big task, but with platforms like Kickstarter, it’s more doable than ever. This way, you can bring something new to the market.

7. Digital Products

Market forecast: $203.6 billion by 2028

Competition: High

The trend of selling digital products on Shopify is picking up pace. These items appeal to customers for their instant accessibility post-purchase. Think about the range of options here; it’s quite broad. 

Popular categories include online services, digital art, videos, and audio clips. What’s special about these items is that people can consume them right away. They just need to click and download the file.

In 2024, consider incorporating these digital offerings into your Shopify store. They can diversify your product ranges and attract a wider audience. Plus, they’re easy to manage on the logistics front: Just create, list, and sell – no shipping or inventory purchase required.

8. Wigs and Hair Extensions

Market forecast: $15.7 billion by 2032

Competition: Medium

Women’s focus on appearance is never-ending. And hair is a major part of that. You’ll rarely find a woman without a stylish hairdo.

So if you haven’t yet, consider selling wigs and hair extensions. These products have endless potential and are easy to stock and drop ship. 

The challenge in this niche is to find the right suppliers. You want vendors that sell the best, but don’t charge prices that drain your budget.

A solution is to source products wholesale via sites like AliExpress, Made in China. Or, for a different approach, you can source from Vietnamese hair distributors.

This approach covers your bases. Quality wigs, competitive prices, and a range of styles.

9. Candles

Market forecast: $11.76 billion by 2030

Competition: High

Next on our list of trending products to sell is candles.  

And here’s why you shouldn’t be surprised: Candles have become key home decor items. They set the mood and create a relaxing ambiance.

And guess what? They’re predicted to be a hit next Valentine’s Day.

When starting a candle business, first do market research to find your target audience. Then, think about your candle line. Maybe go for scented candles, soy-based candles, or even themed candles—think seasonal or holiday themes.

10. Smartphone Accessories

Market forecast: $413.2 billion by 2030

Competition: High

Smartphones are a big deal these days. 

And naturally, smartphone accessories are seeing an uptick in demand. These little extras have gone from being luxuries to everyday essentials for people worldwide.

But it’s a huge, huge market. With lots of competition. If you want to carve a space, consider using personalization. Custom cases, unique chargers, earbuds—the options are vast.

So, if you’re stuck on what to sell, maybe give smartphone accessories a shot. Offer that personal touch. Because people love stuff that’s made just for them, you’re likely to get sales and drive loyalty.


Easy to customize your brand loyalty program

Build a community
Refer a friend
Rewards, Referral
Popup, Email, etc

11. Rugs and Doormats

Market forecast: $12.47 billion by 2032

Competition: Medium

Home decor is about that quirky touch nowadays. Like those sarcastic doormats. They’re not just for wiping shoes anymore. They’re a way to make a statement, give visitors a chuckle, or maybe even make the delivery guy pause for a second.

And then there are rugs. They’re seeing a big surge in popularity, probably because traditional carpets are less in vogue these days.

You might think, “What’s new in rugs?” Well, here’s something: washable rugs. They hit the market, and suddenly everyone wants one. These items are super-practical, and you can easily wash and dry them in a standard washer. 

So, if you’re thinking about what to sell on Shopify, consider these home decor items. Sarcastic doormats, and washable rugs add personality to a space. And that’s exactly what people are looking for right now.

12. Vegan Products

Market forecast: $32.48 billion by 2031

Competition: Medium

Veganism is more than a trend now; it’s a whole lifestyle choice. People are into it for health, the environment, and animal rights. So, selling vegan products on Shopify is a smart decision for an aspiring entrepreneur.

But why is veganism trending? It goes beyond diet. Think vegan leather bags, cruelty-free cosmetics, and plant-based protein powders. This stuff is in demand.

Stocking vegan items in your store is like saying, “Hey, I care about these things too.” It resonates with customers big time.

When it comes to product options, vegan skincare, ethical fashion, and eco-friendly home goods are some excellent options to consider.

13. Kids’ Clothing

Market forecast: $318.34 billion by 2030

Competition: High

Kids’ wear is always in demand. And right now, baby shirts are a hot item.

Why are they trending? Well, new parents always want the best for their little ones. Comfort, style, quality—baby shirts tick all these boxes.

Plus, with TikTok and Instagram, cute baby outfits are more visible than ever. Everyone loves a stylish baby.

So, if you’re thinking about what to sell, consider stocking up on some baby shirts.

They’re practical, trendy, and have a growing market.

14. Home Fitness

Market forecast: $8.5 billion

Competition: Medium

With more time at home and gyms feeling like a question mark, home exercise gear is booming.

Sure, Peloton’s exercise bike got everyone talking. But that’s just the start. We’ve got Tonal changing up weightlifting, Mirror transforming living rooms into class studios, FightCamp for boxing fans, and CLMBR for climbing enthusiasts. Even treadmills are getting smarter.

Plus, the home workout market has room for the smaller stuff too. Resistance bands, dumbbells, jump ropes, pull-up bars—they’re perfect for people wanting to stay fit. And perfect for you to dropship.

15. Men’s Grooming

Market forecast: $110 billion by 2030.

Competition: Medium

Move aside women’s beauty. Men’s grooming is stepping into the spotlight.

Mustache waxing, beard care—these products aren’t just afterthoughts anymore. They’re style statements, especially in trendy cities.

Take a brand like ‘GroomEase’. They spotted the rise in men’s grooming and dove right in. And having a founder who’s a beard enthusiast himself? That’s a bonus.

So, for your Shopify store, consider men’s grooming products. Beard oils, styling waxes, and maybe even skincare specifically for men. This market is on the upswing.

How to Market These Products 

After adding trending products to your store, you need to market them. Because even though the items are in high demand, people don’t know that they’re available in your store. Here are some things you can do:

1. Leverage SEO

First, optimize your Shopify store for search engines. This involves integrating relevant keywords in product descriptions, FAQs, and other relevant pages. Plus, remember to optimize the images on your site—they play a key role in getting your site indexed in SERPs.

Are you losing traffic to competitors because of poor SEO? We automate the majority of SEO work for you, helping you identify and resolve errors quickly.

2. Do Social Media Marketing

When selling trending products, you can use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to promote them visually. Use high-quality images and engaging stories to show your products fit into the lifestyle of your target audience. Sharing interactive content—like polls and Q&A sessions—can also help drive engagement.

3. Run Targeted Ads 

Segmentation is what allows merchants to tailor ads to their audience. Segment your audience based on interests, behaviors, and demographics. Proper segmentation makes it easy to personalize ads and tailor content to each audience demographic.

4. Consider Influencer Partnerships

Influencers can show your products in a good light. But you don’t want to work with just anyone—you want a creative partner who resonates with your brand values. These are individuals who provide authentic endorsements and reach a broader audience.

Pro tip: work with micro-influencers, as they are more likely to hear your offers.

5. Invest in Email marketing

Send out emails about new products. It’s a good, direct way to reach your audience. Add pictures and links back to your store. You can also segment your email list to offer personalized recommendations based on past purchases or browsing history.

Case Studies 


Best products to sell online

Blu Kicks hit the ground running with their comfy wool sneakers. Soon, everyone’ll be talking about their product. Bloggers rave, and the press follows. Boom! These sneakers brought Allbirds’ name to everyone’s lips.

Kurly Klips

Best products to sell online

Lana Boone and Kurly Klips hit it big. They targeted a niche: curly clip-ins for afro-textured hair. The result? A unique, loved product. They leveraged influencers and aced the marketing. Kurly Klips became more than a brand—it became the go-to for quality and style. This success story shows the power of a trending product aligned with savvy business strategies.


There you have it—the 15 best products to sell on Shopify in 2024. Every item on this list is a potential hit, from hair products to the latest sneaker design. So it’s wise to add them to your inventory.  But keep an eye on trends, as they’re always changing. Source, adapt, and get ready to sell!


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