Top 10 Best Shopify Delivery Date Apps [manually tested]

Looking for a delivery date app to solve your delivery problem? Shopify offers a platform for merchants to quickly develop their businesses. With the help of e-commerce solutions, product sourcing, sales, payments, and marketing can all be handled efficiently. And prompt delivery is not an issue anymore with Shopify’s delivery date apps.

Like other Shopify apps on the market, delivery date apps one-up your store’s appeal. With automated delivery date and time features, these apps take your sales to the next level and build customer trust. Moreover, delivery date apps help to keep track of deliveries, ensuring consistent and timely deliveries.

We have searched for the 10 best Shopify delivery date apps to save you time. With them, you can make sure that your customers receive their orders at their convenience. What’s more, your customers can define their desired delivery date and time from the shop’s available delivery dates prior to checkout. Not only do these features improve customer satisfaction, but also attract more repeat customers.

Top 10 Best Shopify Delivery Date Apps

We used the following criteria to access and compare each app when manually testing them. After some comparison and contrast, we put together our list of the top 10 delivery date apps:

  • Ease of Use: Apps with user-friendly dashboards are easy to install and set up.
  • Features: We looked for apps that offer a versatile range of delivery date features, like delivery date information in multiple languages, displaying estimated delivery dates even before an order is placed, etc.
  • Pricing: We compared the range of features and ease of use against the cost of each app.
  • Integrations: Apps that seamlessly integrated with other Shopify apps, like Order Printer and Google Calendar, Etranslate, etc., caught our eye.
  • Customer Reviews: We looked into what real users say about each app, and compared their reviews.

1. Estimated Delivery Date ‑ ETA

Estimated Delivery Date ‑ ETA

Customer Rating: 4.7/5 (over 219 reviews)

Key Features

Want to tell your customers when they’ll get the order even before they place an order? You can do all of this and more with Estimated Delivery Date! It offers region-specific ETA messages, and the delivery information appears right beside the add-to-cart button. Pretty nifty, right?

  • Delivery message on product page, checkout page, etc
  • Blockout weekly days, holidays, and cut-off days
  • Customize delivery messages to your brand’s voice
  • Configure to create different ETA for specific products
  • Estimated delivery date based on visitor GeoIP

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  1. Supportive Customer Service
  2. Country-wise customized ETA messages.
  3. Zero theme modification with this app
  4. Easy to install and use
  1. New product syncing issues
  2. Glitches cause ETAs to disappear from stores

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

It works great with Etranslate to offer multi-language support to any online store. Plus, this app integrates well with Parcel Panel, Shopify’s No. 1 order tracking app.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan with 100 product limits and email support
  • Premium at $3.99/month and 25% off with $39.5 yearly with 1000 product limits and email support
  • Pro at $79.9/year with unlimited products and email priority support. If you prefer monthly, go for $7.99/month

2. Estimated Delivery Date & Time

Estimated Delivery Date & Time

Customer Rating: 4.8/5 (over 220 reviews)

Key Features

Are you a customer who wishes to know exactly when your package will arrive? Enter: Estimated Delivery Date & Time. Acting like your personal customer support, this app shows clear delivery details on all site pages like product page, cart page, checkout page, etc. It customizes delivery messages according to zip code, vendor, location, etc.

  • Chats with your customers in their own language (hello, multi-language support! )
  • Gives specific heads-up based on zip code, who’s sending it, stock status… and more
  • Has a cool dashboard showing all the behind-the-scenes magic, like how many are engaged and the time you saved
  • Set holidays, lead days, and even fancy countdown timers

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
  1. Easy to navigate interface
  2. Supportive customer service
  3. Delivery details on product pages, carts page, etc
  4. Customize according to your design
  1. Expansive paid plans
  2. Installation Issues and slow load times

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

Buckle up! This app is in perfect harmony with Online Shop 2.0. It’s like adding turbo boosters to your store’s performance and sprinkling in a pinch of customization magic.

Pricing Plans

Dip your toes in with a 7-day Free Trial.

  • Basic Plan: 500 views every month for just $1.99; snag it for $21.99 annually, saving 8%!
  • Standard Plan: 2000 views at $4.99/month, and if yearly commitment is your jam, you save 17% with $49.99
  • Premium Plan: Go big with unlimited views at $9.99/month or $99.99 yearly

3. Estimated Delivery Date ‑ Plus

Estimated Delivery Date ‑ Plus

Customer Rating: 4.9/5 (over 556 reviews)

Key Features

The app aims to build trust among users and increase sales conversion rates. Its clear delivery dates reduce the worries of customers, helping online shops display delivery dates on multiple pages and ensuring a positive shipping experience for international clients. The multi-language and built-in translation features also help meet the needs of clients worldwide.

  • Fully customizable based on your design and shop style
  • A multi-language feature to support customers internationally
  • Displays the estimated delivery date on the cart page, product page, etc
  • Delivery dates according to the customer’s time zone

Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
1. Great customizable toolbar2. Amazing configuration support3. Estimated Delivery date calculator

4. Diverse features on free plan

1. Slow and unclear response2. Takes too much time to load

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

Estimated Delivery Date Plus links with Online Store 2.0 and offers clear estimated delivery dates to improve customers’ experiences. With this integration, shop owners can display delivery dates on product pages and other pages efficiently.

Pricing Plans

  • Free plan with 100 product limits and email support
  • Basic plan at $4.98/month with 1000 products and email priority support
  • Pro plan at $8.98 monthly with unlimited products, and email priority support

4. Bird Pickup + Delivery Date

Bird Pickup + Delivery Date

Customer Rating: 5/5 (over 106 reviews)

Key Features

Birdchime is perfect if you run a bakery, grocery store, flower shop, or restaurant and want to deliver time-sensitive items. Its easy-to-use dashboard makes management effortless. And it offers translation features, too. Moreover, customers can choose between in-store pickup, local delivery, or shipment.

  • Date and time picker for online stores
  • Diable delivery dates on holidays, etc
  • Set specific block-out days, lead times, and cut-off times
  • Calendar widget in multiple languages

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
  1. Flexible Delivery Schedules
  2. Responsive customer support
  3. Google Calendar integration
  4. Customizable with any shop design
  1. Inconvenience with frequent system updates
  2. Request for feature modification

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

This Delivery Date app works seamlessly with multiple Shopify apps like Order Printer, Shopify POS, Checkout, Online Store 2.0, Google Calendar, zip code validation, Mobile screen, etc. A powerhouse delivery app, I tell you!

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan with 12 orders/month
  • Pro Plan at $12.99 monthly with 3 locations, order tagging, etc
  • Premium Plan at $24.99 with 20 locations and Google Calendar integration, etc
  • Enterprise at $99.99 per month with a whopping 100 locations and many features.

Want to try it out before committing? Give the 7-day free trial a try.

5. Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup

Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup

Customer Rating: 4.9/5 (over 663 reviews)

Key Features

Our Order Delivery Date and Time app doesn’t just deliver; it delights! Let your customers play around with a calendar, picking their preferred delivery date and time for each item. They can also select how they want their things delivered—local, in-store, etc. you name it. Especially if you’re into the food or flower business, this is like the cherry on top!

  • We have security codes in place for fraudsters
  • Get a taste of home with our localized delivery dates and times
  • Help your users set their clocks right with easy order scheduling
  • Spot those clear delivery details right on the product page

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
1. Tailor those delivery dates for specific goodies.2. Navigating? It’s as easy as pie!3. Got issues? Our tech gurus are on it. 1. Has pesky delivery cut-off glitches!2. Little hiccups with the cart functionality

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

Guess what? Stellar Delivery Date and Pickup plays well with other cool Shopify apps like Order Printer, Google Calendar, Hulk Product Options, Order Limits MinMaxi, iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell, and hey, even Mobile App Builder Hulk.

Pricing Plans

Try it before you buy it: Grab our 14-day free trial!

  • Single Location: Just $12.99/month for one spot, unlimited orders
  • Store PickUp: Feeling expansive? $19.99/month lets you be at 3 places
  • Product Delivery: At $12.99/month, schedule products to your heart’s content

6. NearBuy Local Delivery Date

NearBuy Local Delivery Date

Customer Rating: 4.4/5 (over 98 reviews)

Key Features

Want an app designed for local deliveries, pickup and shipments? Well, NearBuy does just that and more. This app makes managing your operations a breeze. Imagine having every location with its own working calendar and rules. And guess what? It even lets you dive deep with advanced features like setting business hours and mastering your delivery zones. Cool, right?

  • Add locations with just two clicks
  • Multiple delivery and pickup spots
  • Set working hours for each spot
  • Super flexible configurations to fit your business vibe

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
1. Quick Customer Service2. Easy-to-use interface3. Scheduled delivery dates

4. Diverse configuration options

1. Check out hiccups2. No order limit feature

Pricing Plans

Hold onto your hats because it’s free!

7. Omega Estimated Delivery Date

Omega Estimated Delivery Date

Customer Rating: 4.9/5 (over 175 reviews)

Key Features

What makes the Omega Estimated Delivery Date app impressive is its clear delivery details and shipment information for customers. It also adds a sense of urgency through countdown timers and allows total customization for different store styles and sales strategies.

  • Displays the estimated delivery dates of the orders
  • Marks weekly and public holidays off
  • Countdown timer to show the deadline for a purchase
  • Option to customize the delivery message
  • Calculates shipping dates for specific orders

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
1. User-friendly interface2. Fully customizable with site design3. Friendly & Quick Support 1. Bugs may arise2. Does not save changes

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

The Omega Estimated Delivery Date app works with Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 to enhance its capabilities and performance and build customer trust.

Pricing Plans

  • Free plan or try the 7-day free trial
  • Paid Plan: $4.99 per month or $49.99 yearly with a discount of 17%

8. DingDoong: Local Delivery Date

DingDoong: Local Delivery Date

Customer Rating: 4.9/5 (over 169 reviews)

Key Features

The app has flexible rules that allow users to choose delivery dates directly on the cart and product pages. Its customized shipping rates enable businesses to maximize earnings and customer satisfaction. The app continues to add new features that make it preferable for restaurants, food, and apparel, like Google syncing, etc.

  • Customizable delivery date and time
  • Adjust delivery parameters for particular products
  • Postal code restrictions
  • Define blackout periods for certain items and available dates
  • Google syncing and customized shipping rates

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
1. Best scheduled delivery or pickup2. Responsive customer support3. Diverse Customization with site design

4. Postal code or area restriction

1. Technical issues not fixed on time

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

DingDoong Local Delivery Date app works with Shopify POS, Online Store 2.0, POS, Google Calendar, Mobile screen, Pickup, and Local delivery to uplift online sales experiences.

Pricing Plans

  • 7-day free trial
  • Basic plan at $6.49 monthly or $64.90 yearly
  • Growth plan at $ 12.95 per month or $ 129.50 per year
  • Professional plan at $14.95 monthly or $149.50 annually

9. Plex: Delivery Dates

Plex: Delivery Dates

Customer Rating: 4.6/5 (over 86 reviews)

Key Features

The individualized ETAs and projected delivery dates on all product pages make Plex Delivery Dates a definite hit. You can also set up or update all your products at the same time. Moreover, you can configure different delivery dates for different products. Plex makes the ordering system transparent, and you don’t need to know any coding to set this app up.

  • Estimated delivery dates with “if order today” messages
  • Customize the app to your store’s design and style
  • Realistic delivery estimate and countdown timer
  • Days settings like holidays, etc

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
  1. Easy to use and install
  2. Accurate and reliable estimates
  3. Customize to your brand and design
  4. Multi-language support
  1. No support for different time zones
  2. Sometimes, gives inaccurate delivery times

Integrated with Other Popular Shopify Apps

Plex: Delivery Date works great with Themes 2.0, and it meets Shopify’s high standards of speed and ease of use and gives value to merchants. Moreover, you can use it directly from Shopify admin.

Pricing Plans

  • 14-day Free Trial to check out the goods
  • $3.99 monthly with unlimited views, countdown timer, global customization, and so much more

10. Delivery Timer: Order Timeline

Delivery Timer: Order Timeline

Customer Rating: 4.8/5 (over 87 reviews)

Key Features

The Delivery Timer app improves the store’s conversion rates with scheduled delivery dates and times. Moreover, this app makes buying easier and gives customers a clear timeline until the order is received. Furthermore, customers can customize delivery dates and receive clear delivery information on different pages.

  • Beautiful “get it by” countdown and timer
  • Create custom rules for products with varying lead times
  • Adjust delivery time estimates based on costumer’s location
  • Clear shipping and delivery information

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
1. Custom rules for specific products2. Fast customer service3. Easy to use and install

4. Great customer reviews

1. Complex setup and displays inaccurate time2. No yearly subscription option

Pricing Plans

Free Usage tier with 500 monthly views limit

Usage Tier 1 at $ 7.99 per month with up to 10,000 views

Usage Tier 2 at $ 14.99 monthly with up to 25,000 views

Usage Tier 3 at $ 19.99 per month with up to 50,000 views


Shopify has altered the online business field, and any online retailer must monitor delivery times. It’s difficult to keep track of all your orders’ delivery dates without delivery date software, which can make or break a business.

Want to optimize and streamline the delivery and scheduling process? Pick the best Shopify delivery date app that aligns with your vision!

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