Silvercut Achieves 370% Post-Purchase Engagement & 400% ROI with ParcelPanel

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Founded in Sweden in 2019 by the visionary Emil Norlander, Silvercut has quickly risen to prominence as a cherished personalized jewelry brand. Specializing in creating lifelike pet replicas as necklaces, keychains, bracelets, and rings, Silvercut offers pet lovers a unique way to keep their furry friends close. Dedicated to quality, all pieces are handcrafted, designed to last a lifetime, and priced affordably.

Brand Overview

  • Name: Silvercut
  • Industry: Fashion & Jewelry
  • Platform: Shopify Plus
  • Headquarters: Sweden
  • Established: 2019
  • Team Size: 2-10
  • Shopify Activation: August 2020
  • Delivery Network: 20+ carriers, shipping to over 60 countries
  • Key Integration: Klaviyo


The pandemic era saw a surge in pet adoptions globally, significantly boosting demand for Silvercut’s personalized jewelry. However, this period also spotlighted supply chain vulnerabilities, leading to delays and a surge in WISMO (Where Is My Order?) inquiries, challenging the brand’s capacity to maintain its renowned customer service levels.

Strategic Response

Recognizing the critical need to enhance transparency and customer communication, Silvercut embarked on finding a robust order tracking solution. Essential criteria included custom shipment status updates, estimated time of arrival (ETA) display, seamless email notifications, and effective upselling mechanisms, all while maintaining brand consistency and enabling efficient backend operations.

Solution: Embracing ParcelPanel

Silvercut selected ParcelPanel for its comprehensive feature set that addressed both essential needs and desirable extras. ParcelPanel’s solution streamlined the onboarding process, allowing Silvercut to offer detailed production updates, estimated delivery times, and personalized product recommendations, significantly enhancing the customer’s post-purchase experience.


  • Engagement Surge: Silvercut observed a 370% increase in customer engagement, with customers checking their order status an average of 3.7 times.
  • Workload Reduction: Over 5,000 hours were saved in customer service workload, even during peak seasons, thanks to ParcelPanel’s self-service tracking.
  • ROI Boost: Every dollar invested in ParcelPanel returned fourfold, thanks to strategic product recommendations.
  • Reputation Enhancement: Trustpilot ratings climbed to 4.5 stars, and social media followers surpassed 190K, underlining Silvercut’s growing popularity.

Future Outlook

With ParcelPanel’s insights, Silvercut plans to refine production processes and solidify partnerships with top-performing couriers. The brand is committed to continuously improving the post-purchase experience, ensuring Silvercut remains at the heart of memorable moments for pet lovers worldwide.


Silvercut’s journey with ParcelPanel underscores the brand’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. By leveraging ParcelPanel’s capabilities, Silvercut not only resolved immediate challenges but also positioned itself for sustainable growth and enhanced customer loyalty, proving that thoughtful engagement and efficiency are key to thriving in the competitive landscape of personalized jewelry.

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