Myvpro Saw a 30%+ Increase in Repeat Purchase Rate with Loloyal,, And ParcelPanel Returns

Products Used

Industry: E-cigarette

Platform & Agency: Shopify

Challenge: Increase revenue by improving engagement and conversion rates.

Solution: Utilize loyalty programs, reviews, and returns management apps that seamlessly integrate with the Myvpro platform.

Results: 47,000 new sales were generated, and 73,520 loyal members were registered.


Myvpro is a leading e-cigarette online retailer that offers an impressive and comprehensive selection of vape devices and accessories. The company caters to both beginner and advanced vaping enthusiasts by providing them with everything they need to vape better. With leading brands such as Geekvape, Vaporesso, and Smok in their inventory, customers can enjoy the best and latest from their preferred brands.

As a leading online store selling e-cigarettes that hosts a pick-up location in Illinois, Myvpro has to attract and manage online and foot traffic, orders, and returns while offering its customers exceptional shopping experiences. Managing such traffic and data can be tricky, even for a fully staffed sales team. So, the company needed to solve the challenge of its tech stack to conveniently and effectively manage customer data using streamlined processes.


  • The company needed to foster loyal customers and increase CLV.
  • They needed streamlined processes to collect and display reviews to improve engagement rates.
  • The company needed a solution to automate and streamline its return management to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Like any other e-commerce store, the core goal of Myvpro is to increase sales and cultivate a loyal and committed customer base. The company already had a relatively significant customer base; however, it was mainly made up of one-time shoppers. Myvpro needed to turn their one-time buyers into loyal customers by delivering personalized and engaging shopping experiences coupled with reliable post-purchase experiences. Unfortunately, the company’s disjointed tech stack made it hard to collect, manage, and leverage customer data to boost engagement rates and improve sales.

Due to the PACT Act, Myvpro needed help in its shipping and returns division. The act made it difficult for certain shipping couriers, like USPS to deliver e-cigarettes and vaping accessories. The company, therefore, had to find other shipping couriers. During the changes, Myvpro ensured customer shipping and return needs were not significantly affected. Thus, Roy Ren, the company’s executive officer, sought a return management method that could allow them to solve their engagement and shipping issues in one place.


The team determined they would require at least two strategies: one for loyalty and reviews and another for returns management. They began by identifying their primary pain points and comparing them against the features of various Shopify managers. 

Initially, the team outlined the goals they aimed to achieve with the managers, which included:

  • Create a rewards program – Following inspiration from major industry brands, the company has observed the effectiveness of rewards and incentives in encouraging repeat purchases.
  • Create subscription and referral programs – Understanding the value of subscription and referral models in enhancing customer retention rates and creating brand loyalty, the team introduced these programs. This has led to growth in their customer base with more actively participating in the programs and referring others to the brand.
  • Establish an effective way to collect and display reviews—The company recognized the importance of customer reviews in attracting new leads and sought to leverage these reviews effectively. This approach enhances the company’s credibility and provides valuable insights for potential customers, ultimately driving conversion rates and fostering customer trust.
  • Set up a reliable return and exchange portal— With a convenient way to process returns and exchanges, the company sought to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. This initiative also aimed to reduce the barriers to purchasing, as customers would feel more confident in their ability to return or exchange products if needed.

With clear goals, the teams sought solutions that would meet their specific needs. However, the solutions for creating the necessary programs were just the first step. They also needed these to seamlessly integrate to create a unified tech stack that could comprehensively use all available data without loss. This unified approach would be effective in helping the company improve revenue growth sustainably.

The ParcelPanel Returns and Exchange app from Channelwill provides Myvpro with a powerful return and exchange management panel, meeting their need for streamlined returns and exchanges. Loloyal offers the ability to build attractive point rewards and loyalty programs, meeting their need for a robust loyalty program. allows the company to collect reviews from multiple platforms, meeting their need for comprehensive review collection. Additionally, both Loloyal and Trustoo support Klaviyo integration for engaging marketing campaigns, meeting their need for integrated marketing solutions.


“The PACT Act and subsequent loss of our major carrier really affected our shipping. At the time, our engagement and conversion rates were also not impressive. But now that we have a better-integrated tech stack, we can focus on our customers and give them the shopping experience they deserve. I also like the fact that we can incentivize customers to leave reviews and refer friends using reward points from loyalty. Our engagement rates have never been higher.” Hailie Upton, customer service representative.

Since installing Channelwill’s Loloyal,, and ParcelPanel Returns & Exchange apps, Myvpro has seen improvements in almost all their KPIs. Some of the company’s achievements after installing the apps include:

  • 73,520 loyal members – Myvpro saw over 3,000 members register to the loyalty and reward program only four days after launching the program.
  • 30%+ increase in repeat sales – In the first month after implementing the review and loyalty programs, the company saw a considerable increase in repeat shoppers, which brought about a 52% increase in average order value from registered members.
  • 181%+ review conversion – the incentive to leave a review coupled with a seamless returns policy encouraged customers to genuinely and favorably rate the company on different platforms.
  • 14,522,846 points earned – Myvpro customers engaged well with the reward and VIP tier loyalty programs, which resulted in a 48%+ redemption rate boost.
  • $35,000+ retention revenue – The loyalty and review program apps allowed the company to retain and expand customers. Overall, Myvpro has had 47,000 additional sales since implementing the programs.

Future: Myvpro Vows to Continue Focusing on Customer Shopping Experience

With the improvement in revenue and engagement rates, Myvpro aims to continue giving their customers stellar shopping and customer support experiences. The company’s new objective is to become the best e-cig company in the region by continuously providing the best and latest vapes and vaping accessories at a competitive price. For this reason, the company recently removed adult signature fees across its entire store.

“The numbers are promising, and we don’t want to stop now. We’re currently looking at new loyalty and review programs to encourage customers further to engage with the platform. We also found that adding coupons to the loyalty programs is a great way to increase sales. Roy Ren, Chief Executive Officer.

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