Leah Gems achieved a staggering 80% traffic growth And 30%+ sales revenue in 6 months using SEOAnt

Products Used

Industry: Fashion & Retail/ Online Boutique

Platform & Agency: Basic Shopify 

Challenge:  To improve website speed, increase store traffic, and drive more sales

Solution: Used the rich feature set of SEOAnt to identify and rectify various SEO issues and improve the overall visibility of Leah Gems. 

Results:  Achieved significant cost savings, enhanced SEO site score, and experienced staggering traffic growth in a brief period. Saw a 30% increase in sales revenue in 6 months.

Leah Gems: Bringing fashion to your doorsteps

Leah Gems is a leading online boutique offering a wide selection of high-quality fashion and lifestyle products. It caters to modern, chic online shoppers looking for a seamless shopping experience. With a keen eye for trends and a strong commitment to quality, Leah Gems always keeps the customer at the center of all its decision-making. 

Leah Gems also recognizes the importance of SEO in today’s electronic space. With fierce competition in the e-commerce industry, they understand that visibility is key to attracting and retaining customers. By adopting the powerful Shopify-based SEO optimization tool SEOAnt, Leah Gems aims to enhance its online presence and improve its search engine rankings. 

Challenges: Stumbling blocks in their online growth

Before partnering with SEOAnt, Leah Gems encountered multifaceted challenges revolving around visibility, traffic, website speed, and sales. The boutique’s visibility challenge stemmed from the saturation of the e-commerce market. They needed to move to the top of the search results to beat their competition.

Similarly, the need to enhance website speed was primarily due to offering a better customer experience. Slow website speed resulted in a poorer user experience, which repealed their prospective customers.

Lastly, there was a need to bolster store traffic, mainly to improve their chances of conversion and augment their sales numbers.

Overcoming these challenges was the need of the hour for Leah Gems, as most of their competitors had already cemented their place at the top of search results. The only way to achieve sustained revenue generation and growth was by dethroning these competitors and taking their spot. Additionally, with consumer expectations for seamless online experiences continually rising, addressing these challenges was important to avoid losing market share.

Solution: SEOAnt helped Leah Gems march ahead in the online fashion race 

In an attempt to find a solution to all their pressing challenges in one go, Leah Gems turned to SEOAnt, an all-in-one SEO optimizing tool with a robust set of features. Here are some of the top features of SEOAnt used by Leah Gems: 

  • Bulk Edit Meta Tags: SEOAnt enabled Leah Gems to optimize their meta descriptions and titles across their extensive product catalog in one go. This enhanced their search engine visibility without the need for manual intervention.
  • On-page SEO scans: Identify several on-page SEO issues and rectify them systematically. For instance, it improved the store’s website speed, leading to better user experience and increased traffic.
  • Image Compression: Improve website performance by reducing image load times. SEOAnt also saved costs associated with server bandwidth and helped Leah Gems experience increased conversions through decreased bounce rates.
  • AMP: Reduce page loading time and create responsive pages, catering to the growing number of mobile users. The improved visibility contributed to increased sales by capturing a broader audience.
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis: SEOAnt generated valuable insights into competitor strategies, enabling Leah Gems to refine its keyword targeting and content optimization efforts.
  • Keyword Ranking Monitoring: Leah Gems became agile in their SEO strategy as SEOAnt constantly monitored their keyword rank. This led to sustained visibility for Leahs Gems as they achieved excellent sales growth while saving costs and time associated with manual tracking.

Results: Leah Gems attained all-round growth

By effectively utilizing SEOAnt, Leah Gems achieved remarkable results that propelled its online presence to new heights, resulting in tangible improvements across various metrics:

  • 80% Improvement in SEO Site Score: The SEO Site Score of Leah Gems surged by over 80%. It signified a substantial improvement in overall search engine friendliness and visibility of their website.  
  • SEO Issues Found and Fixed: SEOAnt’s in-depth analysis uncovered 8,387 SEO issues plaguing Leah Gem’s website. SEOAnt also successfully solved 3785 of these issues. It ultimately contributed to an overall improvement in Leah Gem’s online visibility and search engine rankings.
  • 378 Hours Saved: By leveraging SEOAnt’s automation features and bulk editing capabilities, Leah Gems saved approximately 378 hours in SEO optimization, which freed up valuable resources reallocated to other crucial aspects of the business.
  • Cost Savings Amounting to $906: These savings come from the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform in streamlining SEO tasks, reducing the need for extensive manual labor and expensive outsourcing.
  • 80% Traffic Growth: An astounding growth rate of over 80% in traffic was realized by partnering with SEOAnt. This surge in traffic not only translated into increased brand awareness but also resulted in a substantial boost in sales and revenue.
  • Boost sales by $7000: A sharp uptick in sales was achieved, amounting to approximately $7000 due to better brand visibility and more footfall to the online store. 

The road ahead for Leah Gems with SEOAnt

With SEOAnt as its close ally, Leah Gems envisions a strong shift in its growth trajectory. They plan to delve deeper into data-driven insights, refining their SEO strategies to resonate even more profoundly with their audience. By harnessing SEOAnt’s arsenal of features, Leah Gems plans to establish deeper connections with its customers, ultimately realizing its mission of delivering unparalleled value in the e-commerce space. 

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