Last Mile Delivery Tracking: Increasing Customer Satisfaction?

Real-time tracking is a huge win for trust, with 55% of customers valuing it. But it’s still rare to find this clarity at the last mile. Often, customers feel a disconnect as their package gets closer, leading to trust and satisfaction taking a hit.

Here’s the good news: You can change this. Implementing last-mile delivery tracking keeps your customers clued in right up to their doorstep. We’re going to explore various last-mile tracking methods and the essentials of a great system. Want to up your delivery game and build customer loyalty? Let’s get started.

What is Last Mile Delivery Tracking? 

Last-mile delivery kicks off when a product leaves a distribution center and reaches your doorstep. This part of the journey, often complex and pricey, isn’t just a big company thing. Every local delivery, from the smallest parcel to larger items, is a last-mile or final-mile delivery.

Small delivery companies with their fleets, like larger last-mile carriers, run into this too. Their go-to solution? Stepping up their game with last-mile tracking. It’s about having clear visibility of your products at every step. No matter the size of your operation, leveraging last-mile solutions for tracking can make a big difference. 

Any delivery company can improve its service and understanding of last-mile delivery with the right tracking technology.

How Does Last-Mile Delivery Tracking Work?

Now that you’ve learned the definition of last-mile carrier tracking, let’s take a look at the processes behind this technology:

Streamlining with Last-Mile Tracking Software

Last-mile tracking software like ParcelPanel does a great job of consolidating orders and deliveries into one place. This saves time, as operators don’t have to juggle multiple platforms or reach out to different delivery providers to get package updates. A centralized, user-friendly dashboard displays all the information, making the tracking process smooth and efficient.

Real-Time Updates Keep Everyone Posted

The tracking technology offers real-time updates to the company and the customer. Whether it’s an email, a text, or an SMS, customers get the latest on their delivery. This keeps everyone informed and takes the guesswork out of the delivery process.  Even if there’s a delay, like being stuck in traffic, customers appreciate being in the know.

Additionally, GPS technology in last-mile delivery software enables Shopify merchants to offer a live view of the parcel’s journey. This means customers can track its exact location at any moment.

Direct Communication in Last-Mile Delivery Tracking

Last-mile delivery tracking also enables customers to directly connect with delivery personnel. This cuts out the need for brands to relay messages. Customers know the best drop-off spots or gate codes, and sharing this information directly ensures nothing gets lost in translation.

Offer Proof of Delivery 

The delivery driver arrives, places the parcel at the door, and leaves. Job done? Not really. The customer’s journey ends when they know their package has arrived. That’s why Proof of Delivery (POD) is key—it rounds off the experience on a positive note. 

Porch pirates — individuals who steal packages from doorsteps — are a real problem. Customers want to grab their parcels fast, especially in spots that aren’t too secure. Consider sending customers a quick snap of the package at the door—it’s a perfect way to give them a heads-up and prevent claims later on.

Benefits of Last-Mile Delivery Tracking for Businesses

Last-mile delivery tracking brings several advantages for e-commerce businesses.

Reduces Delivery Anxiety

After clicking ‘purchase, ‘ customers often wonder about the whereabouts of their order. With last-mile tracking, they get live updates about their package’s journey from dispatch to doorstep. This constant information flow reduces anxiety about delivery times and locations.

Minimizes Delivery Disputes

Misunderstandings about deliveries can lead to disputes and chargebacks. But if you have last-mile tracking, your customers have less room to question. They see their package moving, reducing the chances of disputes and keeping your finances smoother.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Late or lost deliveries can quickly tarnish a brand’s reputation. Implementing last-mile tracking allows you to monitor and manage deliveries actively. In case of a delay, you can offer customers a discount or other compensation to satisfy them.

Reduces WISMO Inquiries

Customer support teams frequently field questions about order statuses. Introducing last-mile tracking shifts this burden. Customers can easily track their orders, leading to fewer inquiries and a more focused, efficient customer service team.

Brings Customers Back

You can keep customers coming back with last-mile delivery tracking. That’s because it provides a memorable post-purchase experience where customers feel involved and informed every step of the way. This level of engagement fosters trust and encourages them to return for their future needs.

Transform Your Last-Mile Delivery Tracking with ParcelPanel

Last-mile tracking software like ParcelPanel can help you meet these expectations. With ParcelPanel, you can increase customer satisfaction via:

  • All-in-One Tracking: ParcelPanel syncs with over 1180 carriers, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Customers get all their delivery statuses in one place, regardless of the provider-selected logistics company.
  • Shipping Notifications: The software provides multiple notification triggers to keep customers updated during the last mile. You can configure alerts for both yourself and customers, including notifications when orders are out for delivery and have been delivered. This feature helps you proactively manage exception orders before customers raise concerns.
  • Branded Tracking: ParcelPanel offers a consistent brand experience by incorporating your logo and other assets on the tracking page. You can also use this page to engage customers with AI-powered or personalized recommendations.
  • Estimated Delivery Date: By providing an estimated delivery time, ParcelPanel significantly improves customer satisfaction. Customers feel more at ease when they know when to expect their orders.

ParcelPanel is the end-to-end solution for companies prioritizing last-mile delivery tracking. With 42+ integrations and support for various business apps, the software makes it easy to integrate comprehensive delivery tracking into your business model. Companies both big and small can use ParcelPanel to enhance their customer satisfaction and build a stronger, more positive perception of their brand.

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Final Words

The delivery experience during the last mile can make or break your relationship with customers. This crucial phase is when customer expectations are at their highest, so you can’t afford any slip-ups. 

The good news is that last-mile tracking apps like ParcelPanel enable Shopify merchants to provide end-to-end delivery tracking. Integrating them into your tech stack means you can offer consistent, transparent updates to your customers.

For more e-commerce services and tools, give Channelwill a visit. From marketing automation to 24/7 support, the platform offers an all-in-one solution to help grow your brand.

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