Shipping Notifications: Increase Customer Satisfaction

Shipping notifications are also called delivery notifications or shipment notifications. After purchasing, customers always care about order status; shipping notifications help to decrease such worries.  With them, merchants can cut down on costly and time-consuming inbound inquiries. Additionally, customers would be more satisfied and enjoy their time purchasing.

What is A Shipping Notification?

A shipping notification is also called a delivery notification. Shipping notifications are messages sent from merchants to customers to keep them informed about the status of their package delivery. 

A shipment notification includes order details, a tracking number, an estimated delivery date, delivery notifications, and more.

  • Tracking number: Consumers track the package’s location on a tracking page by using a tracking number. 
  • Estimated delivery date: Merchants can provide an estimated delivery date according to the carriers’ information. But sometimes delivery exceptions happen.  Then, shipping exception notifications should be sent to customers, making them aware of the changes in delivery dates while giving them a sense of security. 
  • Delivery notifications: In the post-purchase process, send delivery notifications to inform customers about package locations in real time. 

The Importance of Shipping Notifications

  • Give Full Visibility

Shipment notifications offer customers complete visibility. They provide live updates and locations, enabling customers to know the status of their orders.  From the time the package is sent out, updates continue until the package arrives at its destination. This visibility empowers merchants, lowering support costs by removing “Where’s my order?” inquiries.

  • Improve Brand Reputation

Shipment notifications help improve your brands. They give customers an immersive brand experience at every step. If customers place a high value on your brand, it will result in the following purchases and draw in more shoppers.

  • Reduce Customer’s Anxiety

There are frequent occurrences of package loss and theft. So customers always worry about their packages. Shipping notifications deliver real-time push notifications to help customers know about the status of their package.

  • Build Good Relationships

Shipment notifications provide order details, real-time update data, delivery alerts, and more. They create a lasting impression that makes customers trust you. Long-term trust promotes a good relationship between customers and you.

Modes of Notification Delivery

During peak season, there are too many orders for you to communicate timely. So, it’s quite significant to find the proper communication method.


Email, a great way to communicate with your customers, has been used for years.   During the delivery, you can send order updates,  potential delays, and solutions to customers ahead of time via email. Send emails to provide order updates.


SMS is the most used communication tool, as 3.32 billion people own smartphones. It is fast and efficient to provide dynamic, real-time updates.

Mobile Applications

Once a package starts shipping, merchants can use the mobile application to push shipping notices and automate the estimated delivery date displayed. Pop-ups of delivery alerts increase the exposure of your delivery information. Besides, in the generation interface of orders, you can automate the latest estimated delivery date.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction through Shipping Notifications

Shipment notifications provide several functions to optimize the process. Here are seven tips for you to enhance customer satisfaction through shipping notifications.

Timely and Accurate Notifications

Shipment notifications can offer real-time order updates via emails, SMS, and mobile applications. So customers don’t have to waste time finding out their package locations. Meanwhile, delivery notifications can be updated in real-time based on the package shipment. The goal is to ensure the accuracy of the delivery date.

Clear and Detailed Tracking Information

A tracking notification is an alert. It can track any device’s activity. Shipment notification offers order details, tracking numbers, package location, estimated delivery dates, and more. Customers can learn more about their package details.

Personalized Communication

Customers want product recommendations to save time searching for products. You can use existing orders from customers to recommend products.  For example, if a customer buys a laptop from your store, you can send a notification to recommend accessories such as a mouse, a keyboard, or anything else that the customer may need. Creating personalized communication improves product cross-selling while increasing customer satisfaction.

Proactive Problem Management

Shipping notifications offer proactive problem management, where you can proactively inquire about customer satisfaction after completing the order. If there is any need for returns, you can handle them in time to improve process efficiency.

Consistent Brand Voice

It is necessary to integrate all the information into the notification shipping system, which can combine various messages to send the latest order status to customers. So it will result in higher levels of customer satisfaction. Based on this, it is great to establish a more trusting line of communication.

Use of Multiple Channels

Whether in the off-season or peak season, you can choose several channels to send notifications. According to different groups, you should use email, SMS, or mobile applications. It can achieve high accuracy and timeliness.

Feedback Opportunity

Feedback can help you better understand customer’s needs. Shipping notifications give them feedback opportunities. You can use these suggestions to improve customer satisfaction.

Branding Strategies in Shipping Notifications

A brand’s reputation can make or break one’s business. Shipment notifications offer customers an immersive brand experience after purchasing, which helps you enhance brands and foster loyal customers. In online businesses, shipping notifications are becoming a trending marketing tool due to their effectiveness and simplicity.

There are several measures to make shipping notifications mainstream. For instance, you can create gift cards that offer discounts on future purchases and give them to both new and existing customers. Discounts encourage new customers to make other purchases. And existing customers will introduce their family or friends to consume here. This attracts all ages of customers to make purchases. Establishing good relationships gains greater competitiveness in the market.


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Build a community
Refer a friend
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Popup, Email, etc

Send Automated Shipping Notifications with ParcelPanel Order Tracking

Shipment notifications play a massive role in business. They should be a part of your brand’s customer support. You can rely on ParcelPanel to send shipping notifications to your customers.

ParcelPanel is a post-purchase tool that allows merchants to provide proactive and timely shipping notifications. With ParcelPanel, you can send shipping notifications to customers, keeping them informed of delivery notifications through personalized email notifications. Getting customers to know about the latest package shipping status enhances your brand visibility, improves the customer post-purchase experience, and drives more repeat sales. ParcelPanel has four other features, all-in-one tracking, branded tracking pages, smart analytics, and seamless integrations.

  • Automated tracking: Save time by providing real-time sync and timely tracking.
  • Branded tracking pages: Bring customers back by providing 3.7X lookups per order.
  • Smart analytics: Get powerful insights into your shipping and upsell performance.
  • Seamless integrations: Take the guesswork out of integrations and pass the savings on to you.

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Shipment notifications provide real-time order updates that can reduce costly and time-consuming incoming inquiries. You should try to meet the expectations of customers and draw in new ones.

Due to the growing demands of customers, you must optimize shipping notifications continuously. Therefore, conducting market research is what you need to do. Besides, updating the needs of different customer groups in time is an effective method. Do you feel tempted after reading this article? Take action right now!


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