How to realize Shopify exchange in Your store? [2024]


With the rise of e-commerce, the exchange system has become more and more important. A reliable and convenient exchange system will help you solve various post-selling problems, such as wrong size, shipping damages, and so on. The post will show you detailed information on the Shopify exchange function and help you find the most effective way to enhance your exchange efficiency.

Why is Shopify Exchange Necessary?

There are many problems when customers buy products online. For instance, customers may choose the wrong size or the wrong color. On this occasion, they usually try to refund or exchange. To improve the efficiency of the Shopify exchange process, we need a reliable and convenient exchange function.

Furthermore, compared with traditional brick-and-mortar shops, online stores have a higher return rate. Returns will increase labor and shipping costs, which affect profits. The exchange function can help the sellers maintain profitability and stability.

Building a convenient exchange system is a sensible choice. One side helps the sellers increase customer satisfaction; the other protects their turnover. As a result, the exchange function is necessary for your online business.

Why is the Exchange Function Beneficial?  

Protecting Sales

Exchanges play a vital role in protecting the sales and revenue of online shops, which enables sellers to have a sustainable and stable profit model.

Compared to refunds, exchanges reduce a range of costs associated with returning merchandise, repackaging, restocking shelves, and so on. It enables sellers to manage their inventory more efficiently, reducing the burden of inventory management and operating costs. Customers prefer to choose an online shop that provides convenient exchange services, which helps sellers increase their shop sales.

Building Customer Loyalty 

A flexible exchange service not only plays a key role in resolving return problems but is also an effective way for sellers to build customer loyalty.

When solving post-purchase issues, sellers should provide flexible exchange services to create a positive image for their online stores and enhance customer satisfaction. Besides, positive word of mouth can help sellers expand their customer bases. Regular customers tend to share positive shopping experiences and recommend them to their friends and family. 

At this point, the exchange service helps to build long-term customer relationships.


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Common Shopify Exchange Forms

On Shopify, there are three common exchange forms, which include product exchanges, store credit/points, and gift cards. Each form is suitable for different situations and customer needs. Here are some common forms of exchange for your reference:

Product Exchange

Product exchange is one of the most common forms of exchange. It means that customers can replace their original product with another product in the same category or at a lower price.

When customers worry about the size or model of a product, product exchange is the ideal solution. It enables customers to purchase products without hesitation, which is good for improving shopping flexibility and customer satisfaction. However, sellers need to pay attention to the extra costs and risk of abuse of this service. Only in this way can sellers maintain customer satisfaction and profitability.

Store Credit & Points

Shop credits or points allow customers to return their products under certain conditions. The customers receive them for future purchases. This form of exchange can retain the selling profit while stimulating customers to shop again, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. It also should be noted that sellers need to remind customers to use their credit to encourage shopping.

Gift Cards

Proving gift cards are a flexible form of exchange. Unlike store credit or points, gift cards are recognized as a form of cash. You can use it in the online shop without shipping restrictions. Meanwhile, it is transferable, and customers can transfer them to others, thus attracting new customers to the online stores. Gift cards increase sales and brand awareness. On top of that, they can serve as a promotional tool to attract purchases.

The Process of Product Exchanges on Shopify

Exchange and return on the Shopify store is a straightforward process.

The following are three key steps to exchange products on Shopify:

Step 1: Login

Access your Shopify store by logging in with your credentials.

Step 2: Check “Orders”

In the ‘Orders’ section, select the relevant customer orders that need to be exchanged, and click the ‘Refund Order’ option.

Step 3: Edit

Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to enter the number that requires exchange. For those products that need to be returned, you need to click ‘Restock’. Then enable ‘Issue Store Credit’ to continue the refund process and check the negotiated refund amount in the ‘Refund Payment’ window.

When your customers choose to exchange different products, you can collect the extra amount at checkout or return it to the original payment method. After completing the above steps, you can click ‘Done’ and start a new order for the exchanged products. Within the ‘Payment’ tab, select ‘Store Credit’ and finish the process by clicking ‘Complete Order.’

Although Shopify’s return and exchange process is simple, it isn’t efficient and difficult to track order status. For example, Shopify’s return and exchange process requires manual operation step by step, which will increase time and labor costs. Additionally, Shopify has limitations on refund time and charges a high transaction fee for sellers. To optimize it, you need a Shopify return processing app that can achieve efficient return and exchange management.

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Use ParcelPanel Returns & Exchange to Make Product Exchanges

ParcelPanel Returns is a Shopify returns processing app. It can provide a wide range of functions you need to simplify the exchange and return process on Shopify. 

Parcel Panel Returns supports multiple languages ​​and allows users to create custom web pages. Merchants can change settings, edit rules, and centralize return management through this plugin. It also offers a variety of return options, including eco-friendly options.

Moreover, the self-service return center simplifies the exchanges and returns process. It can manage returns with a 24/7 portal. With powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, users can check an overview of return requests in a custom time range. It is beneficial for merchants to manage and track their returns process.

ParcelPanel Returns offers automated email notifications, which can inform customers of the return process at every step via email. Even more to the point, it provides various email templates for merchants to edit the content according to your needs.

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Efficient Shopify exchange is beneficial to both Shopify merchants and customers, as it helps optimize merchants’ cost efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. As a powerful product return and exchange app on Shopify, ParcelPanel Returns can help you improve your exchange service efficiency. By choosing it on Shopify, you can save on operation costs and build up customer loyalty to achieve a win-win situation—good for the sellers and customers. 

What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to choose ParcelPanel Returns to improve your Shopify exchange service! 

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