Is Shopify Better Than Etsy In 2024?

Choosing between Etsy and Shopify is like wading through a sea of opinions because of all the opinions online. As search engines yield 10 million results with “Shopify vs. Etsy,” the debate is slightly ambiguous. Being on Etsy will give immediate access to a market as well as a relatively straightforward setup and provide a suitable option for those who are just beginning e-commerce. On the contrary, the storefront model of Shopify makes it possible to create and fine-tune the brand’s web store, which results in broader scope and flexibility.

This is where we’ll figure out the reasons that prompt you to choose to begin with one over the other. We’ll investigate the different factors that determine whether to use Etsy vs. Shopify, as well as look at their benefits and drawbacks.

is shopify better than etsy

Features of Shopify and Etsy

E-commerce Platform

Shopify is a full-fledged e-commerce platform where you can and masterfully build your online store with ease. Through Shopify’s user-friendly interface and tools, users can effortlessly set up their stores without the need for complicated technical knowledge.


 One of Shopify’s liveliest features is its ability to customise widely. Users can adapt their storefront style according to their branding, as they can choose from different templates, colours, and arrangements. Moreover, users are able to post new product listings, put items into categories, and modify options and settings to tailor their shop to their customers.

Payment Integration

Shopify provides effortless connectivity with various payment gateway channels, giving customers and merchants an opportunity for smooth and safe transactions. Be it credit card payments, PayPal, or other alternative ways in general; the Shopify website gives customers a choice as well as a convenience so that they can use any of the possible available payment modes.


 Shopify’s tiered plans allow small startups to build a presence and scale up to big enterprises. With time, businesses keep evolving, and on that journey, Shopify offers flexibility to its customers so they can upgrade their plans and access additional features and resources if needed. This scalability factor enables merchants to respond smoothly to market shifts and thus exploit any commercial opportunity.

Marketing Tools

 Shopify comes up with all marketing-oriented instruments for brand establishments and website visits. Marketing activities like e-mail and coupon are important and SEO and Shopify features, which are built to make interactions with shoppers and target them, are efficient ones. 


Shopify provides tons of useful statistics and reports that becomes feasible to be analyzed and used as a guideline for Shopify shop owners to enhance their improvement journey. Merchants can trace how much they sold, eye-balling the customers’ conduct, and looking at the ratios, all to obtain the right data that can aid the decision-making process. Shopify’s merchants have access to all the features regarding analytics to assist them in devising and resolving their plan for the online store development as well as the sales generation.

Online Marketplace

 Etsy, a leading online marketplace, is globally recognized for selling handmade, vintage, and unique merchandise. It is like the centre that houses sellers and buyers worldwide, giving them a broad choice of products that suit almost all tastes and preferences.

Focused Niche

 Etsy focuses on a niche market that is enthusiastic about handmade, unique goods. The selection of handcrafted goods creates a friendly and narrow group of people who appreciate the quality and charming appearance of those items.

Listing and Fees

 The Etsy vendor lists their products with a high fee charged on the per listing basis and a commission on each sale, which is paid to the site. This direct pricing method cuts the sales process down, making it easy, and the sellers will be able to see what is going on.

Built-in Audience

Etsy’s key feature is a customer base already in the millions whom the site facilitates to gain quickly. Sellers save on putting in an extensive marketing process as they already have their target audience on Alibaba.

Community Support

 Etsy maintains the place for the seller by offering services such as the place for the community, resources, and education. Such mentorship is paramount to helping the neophytes go through the platform, master the best regulation and even make it in their Etsy adventure.

Handmade Focus

 Through its focus on one-of-a-kind handmade products, Etsy is the place where artists and artisans can sell their work and get recognized. This emphasis helps sellers to be distinct from all other producers and reach a worldwide audience looking for products of unique creators.

Differences Between Shopify and Etsy

Shopify and Etsy, both being giants in the e-commerce market, are hard to overlook.

Nevertheless, they operate in a similar but very different capacity.

There are two main differences between Shopify and Etsy to be aware of:

Types Of Products You Can Sell

With Shopify, you will be able to sell everything that is not forbidden in your country, no matter what it is.

By contrast, Etsy only lets you sell certain types of products:

It is a one-of-a-kind item, handmade by you.

Vintage items (items that are already at least 20 years old in the market).

The category of art supplies includes tools, substances used for the work (ingredients or elements) or other components whose function is to contribute to the creation of an item/occasion.

The thing about the internet is that it allows you to reach wealth despite the expenses.

Therefore, if there are items that are not allowed on Etsy, then typically, Shopify (or any other e-commerce platform) is more suitable.

If your business is making those types of products, then either site will be just fine, but Etsy will have an extra plus of an established audience that loves articles like it explicitly.

Etsy has a cap on what goods it permits if you opt for its ‘Pattern’ product.

How you can sell your merchandise

Shopify is a well-known website builder that lets you create your shop online, just like the 4.8 million stores that use it.

Etsy is a given web store that is already existing and popular (actually, the latest stats suggest that about 7.4 million merchants and 95 million users operate across it).

Selling on Shopify resembles getting a place where to put up your shop. And selling on Etsy is equal to selling your goods in a supermarket.

With Shopify, you’ll have plenty of work to configure things as desired. This includes finding and attracting customers. 

On the other side, you’ll also get the freedom to make everything your own.

For example, you can control: For example, you can control:

1. the domain name of your virtual store

2. What is your brand’s appearance going to look like?

3. How do you design your store and appeal to your customers?

4. List the methods you use to advertise your items.

Etsy already brings customers into the framework and the competitors as well.

Applying the metaphor of a supermarket, a store on Etsy is having limited shelf space in an aisle. Many customers may walk by it, but would they stop at one of your items or grab any of your competitors’?

8 Things Shopify Can Do vs Etsy

Find out what arguably actual Shopify benefits are against Etsy. Shopify’s diversity goes beyond simply enabling you to create your online store.  You can take advantage of its unlimited customization options and integrated marketing tools. This gives your business an edge in the e-commerce arena.

Create Your Online Store: Create Your Online Store

Through Shopify, you can craft and personalise the look of your online store. It expresses your brand’s individuality. But, Etsy here offers you a ready-made marketplace. Here you can enlist your products alongside others.

Extensive Customization Options

Shopify has many features that help you design your storefront, add product listings. It also adjusts your settings to match your brand image and taste. Etsy, for its part, has few customization options for specific shops inside its market.

Complete Control Over Brand Presentation

On Shopify, you control your brand’s presentation to customers. This includes branding, appearance, sales methods, and even your custom domain name.  On Etsy, brand differentiation is limited. It’s mainly represented by a shop banner, profile, and product listings. 

Flexible Sales Methods

Shopify lets you sell goods through various methods. These methods include traditional e-commerce, drop shipping, and subscriptions. Etsy, but, is an online marketplace. It supports conventional e-commerce sales. 

Access to Shopify App Store

Shopify provides access to over 2000 apps and integrations in its App Store. These tools enhance store effectiveness and productivity. The Etsy App does not feature a similar app store function.

Integrated Marketing Tools

Shopify has inbuilt marketing tools, email marketing, promotional codes, and SEO. Merchant can use these to promote their shops and drive traffic. Etsy relies more on its marketplace exposure for seller promotion.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Shopify grants you access to the analytics and reporting tools. These let you gauge your sales, watch customer behaviour, and make data-based decisions. Etsy provides less analytics compared to Shopify.

Can you sell your Shopify products on Etsy?

Though, you can get your products produced or found at shopify, you can also sell them at Etsy. However, the fact is it is more or less manual work, there is no automation integration to cushion the whole process. Here’s how you can do it:

Create Your Products on Shopify

The first step will be to create a Shopify store, which will be the main platform where customers will be able to purchase our products. A dedicated product page will be created by featuring title, listing, description, image, and pricing sections.

Download Product CSV File

To submit your Shopify product to the marketplace use CSV format to export it. The purpose of this document is to give one the information on everything that our products have to offer.

Prepare Product Listings on Etsy

Sign in to your Etsy account and click on ‘Add a new listing’ to find the screen. Specify essential details for each product: title, description, category, price, and delivery arrangements. 

Upload Product Images

Upload product images to Etsy that match synonyms on Shopify. Communications should include information on image quality and resolution to respect Etsy’s guidelines.

Import Product CSV File to Etsy

Etsy provides a bulk listing tool. It allows you to import text records to generate product listings from CSV files. Use this tool to upload the CSV file that you have exported from Shopify.  Map its fields to match Etsy’s listing requirements.

Review and Publish Listings

After importing data, review each listing to ensure it’s complete and accurate. After that Adjust as needed, then publish listings to your Etsy store

Sync Inventory and Orders

Integration of Shopify and Etsy is not direct. Hence, you will need to do inventory levels updating and order managing on each portfolio.

What’s Next?

Should you opt for Shopify or Etsy to run your business? Which one is best? It depends on the company you are operating.

Shopify helps e-commerce businesses develop brands. It allows them to design their online stores based on their preferences. Etsy suits entrepreneurs needing minimal adjustments before listing products. It is perfect for the sellers of handcrafted arts and crafts who sell once in a while.

The difference lies in Shopify enabling traders to create modern, scalable stores. It offers advanced selling and marketing tools. Etsy doesn’t offer the same level of luxurious features. 

But, with a relevant strategy, both of the platforms would work out for your goal achievement.

So, make a quick move!

It’s the moment to get going!

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