How to Cancel an Etsy Order: 5 Easy Steps for Buyers & Sellers

Headquartered in New York, Etsy is an increasingly popular e-commerce platform focused on handmade, vintage, and unique products.

The platform offers an online place where people fond of vintage treasures can communicate and exchange collections. However, order canceling is a common phenomenon, like on other e-commerce platforms. Managing Etsy order cancellations is a must-learn skill for both sellers and buyers.

Today, we will discover the ins and outs of how to cancel an Etsy order. We also provide sellers with some strategies to retain customers when they choose to cancel their orders.

How to cancel an Etsy order? (for sellers) 

As a seller, you can cancel orders on Etsy through the Etsy Seller Dashboard. 

Step 1: Login and navigate to “Shop Manage” 

After logging in, click “You” in the top-right corner and select “Shop Manage” in the dropdown menu. 

Step 2: Locate all orders

In the “Shop Manage” section, click the “Orders” tab to view all of your orders. 

Step 3: Locate the order you want to cancel

Locate the order you intend to cancel, and you will see a “Manage Order” button.

Step 4: Click “Cancel Order” and give a reason

Click it and select “Cancel Order”. Etsy requires you to give a prompt reason for canceling, and you can choose the most fitting one in the dropdown menu. 

Step 5: Confirm cancellation

After reviewing the details, you confirm the cancellation by clicking the “Cancel Order” button.

The previous steps guarantee that you cancel an order on Etsy as a seller. The platform will notify the corresponding customer about your cancellation. However, there are a few more recommended steps.

First, though the Etsy platform will inform customers when their orders are canceled, sellers are advised to proactively reach out to their buyers, explain the situation, and offer any necessary assistance. 

This gesture lets the consumers know that order cancellations are not purposely done and that you are willing to make up for them, which helps leave a good impression and build trust and relationships.

Second, if the buyers have already paid for the products, do not forget to give them a refund. You can follow Etsy’s refund process based on your shop’s policies and the cases’ realities. 

It is worth noting that Etsy has specific guidelines and regulations regarding order cancellations and refunds. Make sure to review the platform’s Seller Policy and transparently communicate with your customers throughout the whole cancellation and refund process.

If any problems occur during your communication with your buyers in the process of cancellations and refunds, you can contact Etsy Seller Support for help. 

In addition, keep in mind that rules and regulations are subject to changes. Therefore, it is vital that you always refer to the latest versions.

How to cancel an Etsy order? (for buyers)

If you buy something on the Etsy platform and want to cancel the order, here is a step-by-step tutorial guide.

Step 1: Login and click your profile picture

Log in to your buyer account and click your profile picture in the top-right corner. 

Step 2: Locate the order you want to cancel

In the dropdown menu, click the “Purchases and Reviews” button and find the order you want to cancel. 

Step 3: Click “Cancel This Order” and give a reason

You can see a “Cancel This Order” option within the order details. Click it, and the Etsy platform will require you to type a reason for doing so. 

Step 4: Confirm cancellation

After reviewing the cancellation details, you can confirm the act by clicking “Cancel Order.”

Till now, you have completed the whole process of Etsy order cancellation. However, you are advised to do the following things.

First, it is a good practice to reach out to your seller and explain what happened. This can be done through Etsy Conversations.

Second, if you already paid for the products, do not forget to get your money back by getting a refund. Normally, the seller will initiate the refund process based on the shop’s policies and the platform’s regulations. 

It is worth noting that there are specific conditions under which a buyer can cancel an order. Such conditions vary depending on shop policies. Therefore, if an order is marked as shipped or complete, you may need to negotiate with the seller for a refund or other solutions.

How to cancel an order as a buyer on Etsy without an account?

If you made a purchase on Etsy as a guest and want to cancel that order, here are the steps.

Step 1: Find the order confirmation email

You need to find the order confirmation email you receive after placing that order. The email contains important information regarding the cancellation and refund. 

Step 2: Follow cancellation guidelines

If cancellation guidelines are provided in the email, you can just follow them to complete the cancellation.

However, if no instructions are included in the email, you can directly contact the seller and explain the situation. Then, the seller may require you to provide relation information, such as name, purchase date, order number, etc. 

Step 3: Get a refund (if applicable)

If you have already made a payment, do not forget to initiate the refund process. Some sellers may have specific refund guidelines for guest orders.

It is worth noting that you should always check the cancellation and refund policies before placing any orders. Also, you can check the conditions for additional guidance during the cancellation and refund process.

If you encounter any problems when canceling an Etsy order without an account, you can always contact Etsy Customer Support for assistance.

How to save your customers when they cancel their orders?

As a seller on Etsy, properly managing cancellations and refunds is vital for creating satisfactory customer experiences. Here are some strategies to save your customers when they cancel their orders.

1. Always be understanding and courteous

During the conversation, it is advised that you keep a positive tone, check the reasons, and reply promptly. Such gestures contribute to excellent customer service.

2. Offer assistance and solutions

For example, if the customer is not happy about the size or color of the product, you can suggest other products to retain this customer.

3. Ask for feedback from customers who cancel their orders

Apart from the reasons they write as per the platform’s requirements, you can directly reach out to them and ask if they can provide any feedback. 

If they cancel the orders due to reasons unrelated to your store and products, they may be willing to write you positive feedback. Such positive feedback, even in cancellation cases, contributes to a good reputation.

4. Consider offering coupons or discounts

Such a goodwill gesture encourages customers to return to your store and place an order next time.

It is worth noting that during the process of cancellations and possible refunds, all the communication is conducted transparently. 

One way of doing this is taking full advantage of Etsy Conversations (formerly known as Etsy Messages). Such a platform ensures conversations between the seller and buyer are clean and open.

How to cancel an order after shipping?

how to cancel an order on etsy

Etsy order cancellations after shipment are more complex. This section discusses such cases for sellers and buyers, respectively.

1. For the sellers

If you are the seller, try contacting your customer the second you decide to cancel the order. Explain what happened, apologize for any inconvenience caused, and offer a solution. 

Possible solutions include offering coupons or discounts. After the buyer agrees to cancel the order, you may provide your customer with a return shipping label to send the item back to you once they receive it. 

Remember to discuss details of an Etsy canceled order refund with your customer, such as delivery fees.

2. For the buyers

If you are the buyer, the first steps are the same: reach out to your seller as soon as possible, explain your situation, apologize for that, and lay out your solution. 

If the seller agrees to cancel your order, you should be prepared to pay some costs, such as packaging and delivery fees. 

During the refund process, it is advised that you act cooperatively and understandingly. Politeness is never wrong.

Under both circumstances, both the seller and the buyer are suggested to communicate on the Etsy Conversations platform for transparency. 

Also, they should reflect on their cancellations and refunds to make more informed decisions in future transactions.

Etsy Cancellation Policy

Can you cancel an Etsy order? I believe you can answer that question after reading the previous content. This section will discuss Etsy cancellation policies. As a significant player in the e-commerce field, Etsy offers detailed cancellation guidelines and regulations for both sellers and buyers. Here are some critical points in the Etsy Cancellation Policy.

1. The buyer can request to cancel an order within 24 hours after making the purchase.

2. The seller is encouraged to deal with a cancellation request as soon as possible. They can accept or reject it but should always promptly respond to a customer’s needs.

3. Etsy emphasizes clean and open discussions regarding cancellations and refunds. Therefore, it is recommended that all communication during the cancellation and refund process is done through Etsy Conversations.

4. Cancellations and refunds may vary according to specific conditions of Etsy shops. Therefore, it is advised that the seller clearly outlines cancellation and refund policies on the website and that the buyer reads them before placing any order.

What’s Next?

Life is unpredictable. Order cancellations and refunds happen a lot during our online shopping journeys. Today, we covered how to cancel an order on Etsy, both as the seller and the buyer. Hopefully, this informative tutorial can pop up in your mind next time you need to cancel an Etsy order or make a refund.

Another popular e-commerce shopping platform is Shopify, which offers built-in features designed for cancellations and refunds. Besides, you can always turn to third-party applications for help. Channelwill, an e-commerce solution provider, helps online business owners build a strong presence, increase conversions, and raise revenue.


1. Why can’t I cancel an Etsy order?

Whether a buyer can cancel an order on Etsy or not depends on several factors.

For one thing, each Etsy shop may have its own policies regarding cancellations and refunds. You may find such information on the home page or product pages.

For another, order status affects Etsy order cancellation. If your item has already been shipped, it is less likely that you can cancel the order. However, you can always try reaching out to the seller to negotiate.

2. Can you cancel an order without a refund on Etsy?

Order cancellations are typically tied to refunds on Etsy. When the buyer or the seller cancels an order, the platform assumes the transaction is terminated. If the buyer already pays, the refund is part of the cancellation process.

Etsy spares no effort to streamline cancellations and refunds. If you encounter such cases, always remember to adhere to its guidelines and regulations.

3. Does canceling an order on Etsy hurt the seller?

The answer is affirmative. Canceling an order on Etsy may have a negative influence on the seller.

Part of the harm is refund and transaction fees. When the buyer cancels an order, Etsy typically initiates a refund process for the buyer to receive the payment. A transaction fee may be charged during such a process and the original sale.

Also, if a store has too many cancellations over a short period of time, its trust with customers may be damaged. Consumers may find this online shop unreliable, which leads to a bad reputation.

4. What happens if a seller doesn’t refund on Etsy?

If an order cancellation occurs on Etsy and the seller doesn’t refund it, the buyer may get unsatisfied, and there may be consequences for the seller.

One of the possible consequences is that the seller may get negative feedback. While the buyer who cancels the order cannot leave a review, they can still write feedback. Negative feedback often leads to a negative reputation. An even worse consequence is that the seller’s account may be suspended. Breaking Etsy regulations by refusing to give refunds could lead to account suspension or other penalties.

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